Stating the truth has now become “racism” and / or “hate speech” in the eyes of the bullying tribal elite and those politicians like Andrew Little who sing to their tune against the rest of us.

The truths contained in this booklet are a threat to the multi-billion dollar Treaty industry which is enriching the small tribal elite without doing anything meaningful for ordinary part-Maoris. Faced with this threat to the ever-flowing taxpayer dollars into their pockets, their screams of “racism” and “hate speech” will be their only recourse since they are unable to refute the inconvenient facts contained in this booklet.

These false claims by the tribal elite are trying to overturn a way of life in which we are all New Zealanders, equal before the law and with equal representation in government.

The continuing transfer of what were once public assets like forests and the foreshore and seabed – and even state houses – to small, private tribal groups and the racist institutionalisation of a privileged status for those who happen to have been born part-Maori amount to the most radical change in our recent history and the most disastrous in its long term effects.