Why other Kiwis must stop fawning to the shrill cries of Maori

Published in the National Business Review, 14 December 2013

By Rod Vaughan

Brian McDonnell Massey
Dr Brian McDonnell


A New Zealand academic of Maori, Irish and French descent believes the pendulum has swung too far in redressing Maori grievances.

Dr Brian McDonnell, a senior lecturer in film studies at Massey University, says New Zealand’s “polite middle ground has become too fawning and the government too accommodating to the shrill cries of extremists”.

He told NBR ONLINE: “Maori people have certainly been marginalised in the past and there are specific wrongs to be righted, but it’s time to draw back to the centre.

“Thousands of people in this country left South Africa to get away from apartheid, only to find New Zealanders gagging to constitutionalise it.”

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