We just received this – but somehow I don’t think the request to be a member of 1law4all is genuine, do you?

It seems that Don Brash is being blamed for starting 1law4all. Poor man, as if he doesn’t have enough of his own problems, now he has ours too! Don was born in Wanganui. He is as indigenous as the rest of us.

Sorry Don, but it really can’t be helped. Some people out there are…well what can I say…you just can’t fix stupid. And while not all stupid people are racist, racist people are all stupid, this one certainly is!

TheDonBrashLetterJune2013 001

And it also seems that the above letter writer is not the only racist person about, unless it is the same person, who stupidly thinks 1law4all is a Don Brash come back. Check out this article written by Mana Party’s Te Hamua Nikora. (Te Hamua Nikora is the MANA Party Candidate for the Ikaroa Rawhiti By-Election. He is/was a presenter for Maori TV) It states boldly, as if it is fact, rather than racist opinion, ”

1 Law 4 All is simply a party for the Klu Klux Klan that will draw out the rednecks in the middle of the night so they can burn copies of the Treaty of Waitangi”
My knowledge of the Klu Klux Klan is pretty sketchy, but I’m pretty sure they were not working to achieve one law for all!

And a Don Brash come back? Some people really should do their research before they publish their ideas, then they wouldn’t look so silly. And for shame, Voxy and Scoop published that article of his too! Don’t editors check their sources any more?

Ok, time to get serious and take my tongue out of my cheek. Once and for all – Don Brash has nothing to do with 1Law4All. As for the references to the KKK, all I can say is that any attempt by some Maori to try and liken their very fair treatment by the colonists to the plight of the African Americans is laughable.

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  1. Big pat on the back guys. You have not only have them scared, they are quaking in their boots with anxiety and paranoia. They have absolutely no clue! They know you guys have the information, the research and expertise to expose 40 yrs of lies to the nation. By the way, did they enclose cash??

    1. I don’t think so Paul, but given everything else, I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had! lol

  2. You know you are on the right track when they pull out the redneck card…fools. Im joining your fine organisation and I will place your details on our work noticeboard so other ” rednecks ” can sign up !

    1. hmmm perhaps we should wear red scarves as our uniform do you think? If that’s what they call people who want equality and democracy, then I’ll wear the name with pride!

  3. Last time they suffered anxiety like this was the decades before the 1840 treaty was signed, waiting for the time when a marauding mob of neighbouring Maori came to feast on them. Good old 1840 treaty for giving them peace.

  4. Good on you Jono. If being a red neck means equality and telling the truth, Im proud to be a red neck. Spread the word, lets expose the fools in 2014!

  5. The abusive term “redneck” seems to be widely accepted these days, even though it is, in itself, racist. So, if a redneck is a pink-skinned, racist bigot, are we entitled to call the brown-skinned version a “blackneck”? After all, what’s sauce for the goose…

  6. Jago,you say it all.I have just found myself posting a comment on the TE HAMUA NIKORA link found above.It is not surprising to see they only have one comment about this party and yet in the past hour this page alone has had 4 positive comments,to me that says it all.I knew it would not take long for the feathers to be ruffled from the opposition as they feel threatened that some true facts and figures will be exposed and for a few they are probably starting to realize that their gravy train ride is slowing down and the brakes are being applied.I am delighted by the day at the momentum this party is gaining and it is speeding up by the hour and by the day.I too am proud to be backing such a party and i am sure there will be some slander and name calling but i say BRING IT ON

  7. What would “1lawforall” view on the information provided by Wikipedia on Parihaka be and do you see anyway of the moderators of Wikipedia altering the information to more align with the article on your website concerning the subject of Parihaka.

    1. Gary, anyone can edit pages on Wikipedia. If you have a look at each section, there is an edit button. You do have to abide by their rules, which there is a link to at the bottom of the page. We could go and change it, but I’m sure it would be changed right back again. You know what they say, never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

    1. lol I think I know what you are getting at – Wanganui/Whanganui – right?
      You’re right, I’m going to edit that right now!

  8. Parihaka? Tell you what I saw on Native affairs last night. Moana Jackson insisting systemic is rampant in the NZ police. His remarks come after the latest police shooting in Taranaki. Never mind the guy let off one blast and was reloading to take another shot, apparently, the reason he was shot was because the Police minister has not officially recognised his version of Parihaka. When S Wallace was shot a few years ago by a Maori police officer, that officer was racist too apparently and angry about Parihaka. Moana Jackson has a job by the way…he teaches Treaty issues to all the police…he has a contract/obligation under the treaty of Waitangi. What Jackson is saying is, all Maori should take up arms, shoot police and keep doing so until such time his version?fantasy of what happened at the Parihaka incident is officially recognised and compensated for.

  9. The item that started this blog will continue and will become an outpouring – so “be prepared” as my old scouts honour taught me
    I have noticed another Barry on the blogs so please excuse me if I now change to Barryme. Today I gave a leaflet on 1law4all to an influential friend and he phoned me later to thank me for giving him an insight into the new party. I feel strongly that the party in its purist form will do very well in society to bring about equality4all
    well done and keep informing all your friends (and others)

  10. Reference to KKK just shows the IQ of people complaining. In this country, Maori are rednecks and 1law4all represents the civil rights movement – if they really want to make that comparison!

    btw I don’t know about you, but I live in New Zealand and not Aotearoa

  11. Isnt it funny David? You dare speak out about separatism and loud mouth Maori will run you down. Its always the rich ones that have been scooping the gravy for many years that are the loudest. Sarcastic laughs, sniggers, name calling, screams of racism and so on. Beauty is this time, all we have to do on election day is tick the box. 1LAW4ALL have a team of experts ready to shut down and expose those extortionist and traitors to NZ. WE GET THE LAST LAUGH!

  12. I think the momentum will really start to build once you announce a party leader and hopefully some candidates. Any progress in this direction?

  13. I am surprised that someone feels they can make a comment for the Queen using the title “owners of Aotearoa” Hope they got her permission.

    Anyone who has read history knows UK owned New Zealand as a colony since 1814. The Treaty just allows those who want to call themselves Maori (and we all know there are no full blooded Maori left in NZ) to stay in New Zealand. Without the Treaty they would be aliens in this country.

  14. Typical response from the Maori train in this country. Calling anyone with an alternative view to that of the gravy train that is mariodom names is just an attempt to shut us up. Well I say bring it on!

    Time for everyone to stand up and be counted and put a end to this crap once and for all. My membership is in the mail today.

  15. It’s always the first line of defence for part maori call anyone who doesn’t tow their line red necks and racists.
    Willie Jackson does this very well on his show. That most disgusting and racist little man,being part maori can be as racist as he wants as that is another privilege heaped on maori that us whities haven’t got. By the way where can I get a ‘onelaw4all’ sticker for my car?
    What makes me most sick of NZers is their complete lack of will even to talk about the issues of NZ especially the issues we talk about on these boards and like JA’s forum.
    Widespread Apathy is the greatest gift to corporate and radical maori and their obsequious and pusillanimous politicians and media.

  16. The problem with NZ is the media is obsequious and sycophantic to anything maori. I believe the media is now owned by maori. With near $40billion in the bank they have so much clout to be able to buy politicians and media.
    Many people have said to me how well Ngai Tahu are doing and how they’ve invested their money wisely. My response is “well anyone who’s given hundreds of millions of tax payers dollars plus vast tracts of land and properties, dairy farms and running businesses would make a profit if given the golden opportunity like Ngai Tahu”!

    1. Thanks for alerting us to Mike’s editorial, Irene. I’ve posted it here on the blog. The editorial is good, but the comments by Maori after it are very telling.
      I’m starting to think we should all start wearing a red scarf, to flaunt our red neck label with pride. If wanting fairness and equality for all is being a redneck, then I’m proudly redneck!

  17. Been getting some interesting messages from Aussie. Ex patriots have their ears pricked up by 1LAW4ALL too.

    One comment was *move over here bro, leave the Maori to it,they will eventually beg like in 1840 for you guys to come back*

    My response to that was that I cant. I have to help and make sure this country doesnt turn into a crap bucket for my grandkids. The revolution has begun.

    Interesting to note too that when Maori arrive in Aussie, reality hits them and they just become part of the human race. They dont have the *poor Maori or dependant* mentality. Only good Maori is an Aussie Maori apparently.

    Also, its been muted around town that the Maori are building marae over there….and they want funding. Apparently, NZ govt should pay so that they can show their taonga and culture. Other factions say the Aus govt should pay as Freeman was part of the british empire and was sent from Aus to assist with the treaty.

    So,Maori money grabbing isnt just isolated and a New Zealand problem….its international.

    Another interesting note. The rugby last night. Things have changed for sure. Only a few at the pub watched the haka. The haka seems to be redundant and quite a repulsive thing these days. Maori culture overload….and they want it to be compulsory. No way!

    Has anyone noticed that Maori push like buggery to have their language, culture and art used? But, if you use the language,you must pay a premium to the iwi. If you use a swirl in your company logo, it has to be approved by Maoridom….well,declined is the reality.If you make a product and give it a Maori name, Koha must cross palms.

    How long will it be before the Koro is taken off air NZ craft? Will the extortion force a change?

  18. We know we are on the right track when the racists start calling us racist names. Let 1Law4All succeed – please!! We need unity and equality under the law in this country. Obviously the racist ones will take some time to unify with the rest of us but at least let us work on getting equality for all asap.

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