Mana Wants Low Interest Loans For Maori


(My comments in Red)

The Mana party is promising to give Maori no deposit, low interest
home loans funded from the Government’s coffers Taxpayers. And Looky here, our old friend, Mana’s Ikaroa-Rawhiti candidate Te Hamua Nikora and leader Hone Harawira made the
announcement in policy announced in Pomare this morning. They said
Maori it’s not because they are Maori, all low income people are in the same boat were being driven out of the market by property developers and
foreign owners who were driving up prices. Maori Low income families were left
renting substandard accommodation, they said.

“[Our] loan scheme will encourage Maori to become homeowners and not
just renters of dumps owned by property developers,” Chances are they weren’t dumps till they got ratbag tenants into them! Nikora said. The scheme was similar to the Maori Affairs Housing Scheme that was canned in 1989. Only Maori first-home buyers would be eligible, Maori privilege alive and well he said.

It would be run through Te Puni Korkiri to “cut out banks and their
mean-spirited attitude to Maori” ? huh? Oh yeah, the meany banks expected to be paid back and wouldn’t loan to people who could not do so. No deposit would be needed and low
interest rates would be charged. Up to $200,000 could be borrowed to
buy a house or build, he said. Up to $200,000? These guys have no idea what a house costs these days. You can’t even build a landlords dump for that! Oh well, I guess we should be glad they are not going to be too generous with taxpayers money! Mana is looking to reintroduce Maori apprenticeships to help with the building. Can we all guess who will pay for that too? The scheme had not been costed, and Harawira said he had not spoken to other parties about
getting support. “The issue isn’t about cost; it’s about priorities.”

The Government was willing to give money and assistance to rich people
who did not need it, like Treaty Claimants, he said. He said it could build quality houses
for $200,000. Good luck on that one “Not something big and flash, but something comfortable
…. That’s the thing about Maori; we do have land,” he said. Mana also
pledged to build 10,000 state houses a year, now who do you suppose will get priority for renting those? starting with 500 in Ikaroa-Rawhiti, the electorate where a by-election will take place next week.

Harawira said it was “not just unethical, it’s immoral” I agree, they should be for everyone, regardless of race,  that people were being kicked out of state houses, including in the Pomare area of Lower Hutt where the announcement was made. Oh, he didn’t mean what I hoped he meant. He said he would not get arrested again in Pomare. Didn’t like prison food, “One arrest in each electoral term is enough.” Harawira was arrested while protesting about state house redevelopment in Glenn Innes, Auckland. He intends to represent himself in court next
month and said his trial was a political statement about the housing
situation in New Zealand.

43 thoughts on “Mana Wants Low Interest Loans for Maori

  1. New Zealand is for all people and all people should be treated equally, none of this discriminatory nonsense that some want.

  2. Once again Mr Harawira makes some racist comments,he just cant help himself,why does he not approach his Kaumatua and iwi and ask them if they would like to front with the funds needed to introduce this scheme.After all they have billions of tax payer funds in their coffers due to all the treaty settlements that have been paid out to them so far,or have those funds been invested in making sure the kids are not going to school hungry. I also wonder what the results would be if the pakeha…. European people of this country who are on low income and find them selves renting low class rentals would be entitled to the same scheme.Once again we are seeing one law for Maori at the tax payers expense and one law for the rest of the population and god help anyone who disagrees with the scheme,as if you are against it you will be called racist.

  3. Hone is a racist loony-tune, hopefully this will never get off the ground. Why does the MSM keep giving this guy column space? He’s a fruit cake.

  4. I also see the Mana party have been hard out campaigning around Hawkes Bay over the past few days being the Tamatea roundabout yesterday and today the Stortford roudabout,freedom of speech is great and good on them,but my wife definitely did not appreciate having a Mana party flag waved over the windscreen of her car as she tried to get through the round about.Cant wait to see 1Law4All flags flying and being waved around the streets and out in the public arena.Is it just a coincidence over the past few weeks 1law4all is growing in strength and we are starting to see the likes of the Mana party out in force.

  5. I agree completely. Trouble is that Maoridom will see your comments as being racist, and not in the constructed way they were written

  6. Well well well. Hone has just put down in writing what exactly 1LAW4ALL is talking about.Not that Mana has any clout, but it does show what a racist bunch of vermin that needs to be excluded. So, nothing about needy….just a money grab for Maori only huh?

    Pacific islanders be warned….Hone wants to exclude everyone except for Maori. Then…. one day if 1LAW4ALL doesnt put a stop to this, it will be reduced from Maori to Iwi…then back to tribal conflicts to get the money off the working people.

    Put an end to this and spread the word about 1LAW4ALL. Stop the apartheid and separatism.

  7. I wonder just what vocal gymnastics John Minto and Matt McCarten would would have to go through to avoid being labelled racist over a policy like this! I have no doubt that they would try but I would certainly love to watch/listen to it! At the TV announcement they were nowhere to be seen.

  8. Hone Harawira, You are not speaking for all Maori,and you are only interested in the MONEY for your self so you can scam hard working kiwis out of their dough. Hone Get a real job and stop craping on all kiwis ,you bludging arse#*&e

  9. Advance NZ. Beware however of the direction. Backwards toward tribalism will have an unfortunate outcome at best. God defend our free land. Barry

  10. Now don’t get me wrong!!! But isn’t their a LAW in this country making it ILLEGAL to give only employ only a certain RACE of people? Wounder how Aunty Susan will approach this? Or mmmm is this different? Oh its only Hone/John Hadfield Harawera blowing ass again? Mmmmm let him off AGAIN.He cannot be RACIST as he’s Moari!!! It’s different, You no! Their the SUPPRESSED ones,never had a chance since they were HELPED by THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED IN THEIR SHORT HISTORY Was the English or the FRENCH whom they were going to have a very very short history. If it wasn’t for the cheifs that signed the TRUE TIRITI and not the FALSE TREATY, then it would have been a short history. Thank god for them it was the English.
    Oh my god i’m sick and tired of this REVERSE racist bullshit, and would love to lodge a complaint to the race relations council and see how it will be taken by the puppet, race relations head Susan Devoy

  11. Ron, you are right.But as we see, anyone who challenges it is a racist. In NZ, you can recruit staff according to race…as long as it is Maori and you can recruit sports people according to race. 1LAW4ALL will fix that and be able to give a race relations conciliator the balls to stand up them also.

    Mandela must hate Maori.

  12. So, What is racistism/discrimination?
    What is discrimination?

    Discrimination occurs when a person is treated unfairly or less favourably than another person in the same or similar circumstances. Discrimination can be direct or indirect, and generally takes the form of exclusion or rejection from something.

    The Human Rights Act 1993 protects people in New Zealand from unfair discrimination in a number of areas. It looks to protect human rights in line with United Nations conventions.

    When does the Human Rights Act apply and what does it cover?

    The Act applies when;

    An act of discrimination occurs and
    That act of discrimination is one of the prohibited grounds of discrimination specified in the Act
    The Act has a number of rights and restrictions for people in a range of areas of life;

    You can read the Human Rights Act online.

    What are the prohibited grounds of discrimination?

    The Act forbids discrimination on the grounds of your;

    Colour, race, ethnic or national origin (includes your nationality or citizenship)
    Gee i qualify i’m being discriminated by the Hadfield/ Mana party. I wont get a house as i’m not moari, or a job that i’m way over qualified for.
    Tis tis Hone You just cannot help being racist can you 🙂
    Come on Race relations conciliator enough is enough from this clown

  13. Ron, take a deep breath. Your suggestion of a letter to Dame Susan is a good one, rip into it and please post the response.

  14. Walking Eagle®

    Hone Harawira , New Zealand Member of Parliament (alias John Hadfield, his true name)

    On a recent trip to the U.S.A. , Maori Party M.P. Hone Harawira (alias John Hadfield, his true name, his grandfather was a pakeha) was invited to address a major gathering of the American Indian Nations in Kitimat, B.C. Due to his recent examples of how to inflame the Maori Indigenous situation in New Zealand …

    He spoke for almost an hour, echoing his racist mother’s doomed-to-fail radical ideas for increasing any First Nation’s standard of living.

    At the conclusion of his speech, the tribes presented Hone with a plaque inscribed with his new Indian name – “Walking Eagle”.

    The proud Hone then departed with his entourage, waving to the crowd as he left. A news reporter later asked the American Indian Chiefs how they came to select the new name given to Hone..

    They explained that “Walking Eagle” is the name given to a bird so full of shit it can no longer fly.

  15. No Ron, Hone Harawira is not a clown: he’s a half-caste Maori with rat cunning. He may not be intelligent, as we can tell from his limited and foul-mouthed vocabulary, but he knows how to work the emotions of his simple-minded followers, and is hence an ace rabble-rouser. The best way to handle his sort is to keep one’s cool and try to avoid making it personal – otherwise, one’s giving him and his supporters ammunition to fire back. By all means, write to Dame Devoy, for although you’re unlikely to get any sort of erudite opinion, it would be useful to have her written response on record, for future reference.

  16. Hone is doing the cause great service, keep him going on this path and shouting his racist diatribe. We need scum like this to wake NZ up out of their collective apathy.
    Notice no one in the media challenges any maori racist behaviour, yet on the other hand if it were reversed and it was a white politician saying the same thing, he’d be finished, ruined and branded far right, racist scum by Hone, Willie and Turia and Co.
    Dame Susan will be gone shortly as the pressure on her from corperate maori and their white sycophants will be too much to bare.
    Maori are collectively worth $40 billion and we the mostly white tax payers are still paying for everything theu desire.
    They’ve been first class citizens for the last two decades as we’ve seen in government departments. Anyone who says it’s wrong is ‘again’ ruined and branded as racist by the limp wristed white hand wringers.
    I have 3 children and told them only last week that they’d better leave this country ASAP and go to Australia or anywhere, as here you’ll always play second fiddle to a less qualified maori candidate for any job.
    With the wave of ‘non elected’ maori Statutary boards on every council in the country coming very shortly (thanks to Key and Finlayson) one can gurantee that all the top jobs will be given to maori or maori sycophants who will promote the maoriness of everything in that company and damn anyone to unemployment who disagrees. This is coming belive me!

  17. Write to Dame Susan I have
    Not this specifically more to do with discrimination generally
    She needs to get an avalanche of letters to give her some focus on where it is at

  18. That sounds very much like the USA (Clinton I think) PRIME HOME loans ,and we know what a mess that turned into

  19. Is that thing called “maoridom” all those PART-horis I see around the place, who lyingly call themselves maoris?

  20. Haha love it. Poor kid never had a chance being bought up by TITs Abused from conception to his mothers ideology and myths

  21. Harawira: “There seems to be a clear disconnect though in the way in which we understand koha.”

    Would that be the same as part-Maori having a clear disconnect in the way in which we New Zealanders understand the expression “full and final?”

  22. glad you put that link up crazy horse as i looked at that YOUTUBE clip the other night and it disgusted me to here him talking in that way,just goes to show the intelligence of Te Hauma Nikora and his views on any race except for the Maori race.Any one can comment on his site too and over the past few nights i have posted comments only to be told i am racist and a mutha f#*ka.

  23. Thanks cazyhorse you are right it was very amusing. If it wasn’t for the lack of tattoos I could have been watching Desmond Wanoa, especially with the weather update at the start.

  24. Crazyhorse. I’m not laughing at the Mana Party’s offerings. I was very saddened to hear Nikora’s rather limited interpretion of appropriate behaviour should he be elected. But then perhaps he never learnt that bullying was wrong or the meaning of democracy.

  25. Further thoughts on the Nikora video. It seems that if elected Sue Bradford will have to draft a follow up bill to the anti-smacking legislation to outlaw Mana MP’s from “smashing” other members in Parliament.

  26. That sounds about right, Nikora must have gone to the same school as Hone, 2 highly polished and articulate members of the Mana party, LOL.

  27. Crazyhorse. Everyone needs to see that video. Everyone needs post that link on your FB. Tell all international friends to watch it so they can see Maoridom how they really are. Point out to them that this is how they react to a new party on the horizon that wants equality and end separatism.

    Have to say also after watching it, Ill SMASH YOU. Typical violence from Maoridom. Not poverty, health or employment issues…just a nasty violent race.

  28. Graeme. Wow, everyone needs to post that on facebook so that they can see the true Maori. Could you post the link on here? It sounds like to me that he has threatened kidnapping, extortion and blackmail. Wonder if the police will take action against him and General admiral field marshall uncle John?

  29. That Desmond Wanoa is typical of what we are dealing with, a (part) maori who scribbles on his face then starts talking about taking over and issuing arrest warrants for anyone he does not like, mind you i’m not against arresting Chris Finlayson, put him in a cell with Twisting The Treaty until he can see the damage he has done with his use of bogus history to settle bogus TOW claims.

  30. Thanks Graeme. I posted it and what a response I got from abroad. Wow…is that what Maori are really like? Have to say yes…Im afraid so. Also, got asked if it was an optical illusion…..does his bottom lip get fatter as his rambling goes on. LOL

  31. Graeme. About that video you shared with us. Looks like vivid marker aye? lol . Funny thing is, he has made himself unemployable, not just by his looks, but by the way he cant even grasp the english language. Furthermore, he blames his situation on everyone who is not Maori. Never mind employing the guy…would you want to work with him, could you stand getting out of bed in the morning knowing he was a workmate???

  32. And admin, please put these videos on your facebook so we can share….share with the WORLD exactly what Maori are like. I also put out a challenge…who would work along side with that guy? Who would employ him? Who would even socialise with him? Is he a representation of Maori? Is his sort the type of person you think of when you think of Maori? So… is it a case of being…..unfavourable to Maori or is it just a case of….judging them as Rockapes such as this guy, Harawira and the rest of them? Are the spokespeople for Maori making them all look….thick? Should Maori be distancing themselves from the Neanderthal Maori?

    1. Peter L,EXACTLY,and along with this clip the clip of the self proclaimed Tama Iti,shooting at the NZ flag along with him turning to the crowd and waving his bare behind in all its glory.Along with these clips we should also post the carry ons every year at Waitangi. It is suppose to be a day for every NZ er to come together as one and yet every year it becomes like a kindergarten playground fiasco.
      I am currently thinking along the lines of purchasing a Maori Sovereignty flag,actually a few flags and burning them and posting it on you tube just to see the response i get,if it is good for the goose..but hey i will not stoop down to the same level as these dare i say it racist indigenous kiwi’s.
      It is great to see every night when i read the comments on 1law4all website the momentum is growing and the wheels are in place to get this train moving and i hope this train encounters the Mana Party train coming towards us so we can front these issues head on!

  33. Anyone who is reading this page please look up you tube and put in Desmond Wanoa and take a good look at some of his sites.This is what this country is coming too.If it was me as using threatening language as he does and comments like he does i can guarantee i would arrested within a week,this is racism at it’s finest and just goes to show what the Mana Party is going along with.TYPICAL

  34. So John Hadfeild thinks that the NZ Govt should help to house Maori based on racial privilege? Why can’t Maori fund that themselves?
    I’ve read that the Maori assets, received from on going settlements and investments, now total in excess of 36 billion dollars and there’s 400,000 people claiming to be Maori. I’m not very good at maths, so correct me if I’m wrong, but that means the share for every one of them is $90,000. So for every Maori household of say, four people, then they have a racial head start of $360,000 per household. You might not buy much house in Auckland for that but you can get a wonderful home elsewhere.
    And still the rest of NZ is expected to give them more. Why are Maori not asking the big question? Where has the money gone and just who are the beneficiaries?
    By making claims, that they are unable to take care of themselves (the majority of every other race can) they do themselves a great disservice. They intimate that somehow they must be unequal in intelligence or some other way. Well I have a few part Maori friends and associates and I don’t think so.

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