Ururangi Trust – a charity or a sham?

 There is a legal requirement under s41 Charities Act 2005 for registered charities to declare the income and donations within a certain period.
S41 Duty to prepare annual return
(1) Every charitable entity must ensure that, within 6 months after each balance date of the entity, an annual return that complies with subsection (2) is—
(a) completed in relation to the entity and that balance date; and
(b) dated and signed on behalf of the entity; and
(c) sent or delivered to the chief executive.
Quite straight forward. Nothing hard or difficult about that legal requirement is there?
Why then do the trustees of the Ururangi Trust
believe it is exempt from the law?

7 thoughts on “Ururangi Trust – a charity or a sham?

  1. Sounds like fraud and tax evasion to me. Still, they can always play the dumb Maori card I guess. Employees on over a $100k each…wish I was oppressed like them. Wonder if IRD will investigate or is stepping on the King of ALL MAORI to scary?

  2. This is something that the government promised to look at a couple of years ago and Peter Dunne actually campaigned on,Tainui and Ngai Tahu, are the biggest offenders, their charities, Fairy springs Rotorua, Shot over jet Queenstown, all this is available in the NZ charities register, they don’t even hide the fact,how can other businesses compete with them if the only tax they pay is gst, Tainui are swamping and hoovering up businesses in Hamilton, buying real estate all around the Waikato, pay no tax and don’t pass the dollars on to their (people)!!!, whats going on in the National government, what deal do the really have with the (part) maori party.

  3. Really Crazyhorse??? Tell you what, 2014 when 1LAW4ALL gets in, those tax evaders will be forking out millions in evaded taxes. So much, we could feed THEIR kids for years. LOL.

    The next election will be a windfall for the entire country of all races and cultures. New Zealand is a very rich nation its just that the sharks keep circling around snapping up every foothold we make. Even having to sell assets to pay them off. Maori will bankrupt this country.

    Remember guys, post links and video of these radicals on your facebook so the world can see Maori as they REALLY are.

  4. I wrote to Peter Dunne a while back asking him why Ngai Tahu did not pay Tax and G S T. His reply was a Claytons statement, I quote ” They do not pay tax because they are are a charitable trust and if they are eligible to pay G S T then they would have had to pay that. But he never said they did,
    what a bloody joke when they had made $96 million profit for the year.
    Bring on 1 LAW 4 ALL.

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