Another grab at more wealth and power by the Maori Party, and another attempt to drive more wedges between Maori and other New Zealanders.

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Treaty clause ‘to improve State services’

Maori Party, Fuseworks June 25, 2013, 5:31 pm

The Maori Party wants the State Sector Act, the Crown Entities Act and the Public Finance Act to have clauses reflecting the fact that the Treaty of Waitangi is the basis of New Zealand’s constitution.

“The State Sector and Public Finance Reform Bill will amend all three Acts, and the Māori Party will be proposing a Supplementary Order Paper to introduce a Treaty clause before the new Bill is passed,” said Māori Party MP for Waiariki Te Ururoa Flavell.

“The aim of the Treaty clause is to empower the Government to make sure that public services meet the needs of all citizens equally, as was envisaged when the Treaty was signed,” said Mr Flavell.

“Despite many attempts over generations to ‘close the gaps’, there are still serious disparities in the outcomes for Māori from their dealings with the government, compared with other citizens,” he said.

“Our SOP will require chief executives of government agencies to make specific Statements of Intent, and to report back on how their operations have been planned and implemented to ensure equitable access by all New Zealanders.

“It will also empower (but not oblige) the government to direct all government entities to support better outcomes for Māori and across all ethnic groups.

“We have written to the Minister of State Services to say that we see a real opportunity to embrace the Treaty at the forefront of state services, but that we cannot support the Bill in its current form,” said Mr Flavell.

“We hope that our SOP will support the strong submissions from the Public Service Association along the same lines, and we hope to work with the union as we advance this proposal.”

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  1. Long past time that all such clauses mentioning the TOW were removed. Mr Favell also has a private members bill that would mean that all Maori are automatically placed on the Maori roll at age 18 and they would then have to actually make the effort to be removed and placed on the general roll.Just more divisive law that the Maori Party want to have enacted.

  2. Flavell’s utter lack of ethical appreciation is breathtaking. He rightly says that the state should dispense its services to all citizens on the basis of need, but then invokes the Treaty as a means of addressing this. The Treaty is irrelevant here; indeed, because it differentiates between Maori and “the rest” (the latter represented by the Crown, presumably)it is actively divisive. If all people in New Zealand are treated with true equality, as individuals (and not en masse, as Maori would have it)then there is no necessity to include any reference to the Treaty in any legislation such as this. The fact that Flavell refers to “… Maori and across all ethnic groups…” is clearly indicative of his elitist racism, whereby he regards Maori as being somehow apart from, rather than part of, the general population of this country. It reminds one of Animal Farm, doesn’t it?

  3. He makes a very valid point! “The aim of the Treaty clause is to empower the Government to make sure that public services meet the needs of all citizens equally, as was envisaged when the Treaty was signed,”. I totally agree with this sentiment – as he says, Govt should treat everyone equally. He goes on to to specify every race is treated equally. Good man – the first sensible thing to come out of that party. Is this the first sign that the race based Party will closing down and its membership transferred to 1law4all?

  4. “Despite many attempts over generations to ‘close the gaps’, there are still serious disparities in the outcomes for Māori from their dealings with the government, compared with other citizens,” he said.
    Mr Flavell speaks the truth here at least. There certainly are disparities between the way Maori and the rest of New Zealand are treated by government. The reality is that it is the rest of New Zealand that is getting the short end of the stick, but I don’t think that’s the way he meant it!

  5. I think this shows are very important aspect of the treaty. If it is implemented into a useful tool for Maori in the constitution, Flavells desire to add new bits and pieces at will to the treaty is horrifying.

    They claim the document is a living treaty and can change at will. This means the constitution can also change at anytime with a few strokes of the pen to the treaty to suit the needs of Maori Nazis.

    1. Should they ever be in the position you can be assured that the Maori Party will be supported in everything they do by the Greens. If you doubt it, read the letter in the latest LISTENER from Catherine Delahunty whose letter even includes a varioation on ‘you are who/what you eat’. This seems to me to be a very confused person as to race and ethnicity and the place of those in a democracy.

  6. I’m a little suspicious, David: Flavell is totally focussed on TOW and Maori, not all citizens. He goes on to write about equality of “outcomes” so if you have got educated, worked hard and are now reaping the rewards, you are doing better out of the system so the system should compensate me (that is me who might have been sitting on my chuff, rubbishing western values and not achieving a great deal).

  7. “Equality of outcome” is a term that is used often by those who seek advantage and is totally unequitable and unachievable.
    Outcomes are made up of many individual measures
    Talent, attitude, opportunity, Work ethic to name just a few
    A person who doesnt have a good number of these will never have the outcomes of someone who does and so then can claim more advantages etc Neverending

  8. “Equality of outcomes” is such a wonderful phase. Just imagine: after implementation:

    * Everyone would pass out dux of the school.

    * Every competitor would win the race.

    * Every candidate would win the election.

    * Every pupil would get an exam pass mark of 100%.

    * Every entry in Lotto would win the first prize.

    What a crock of **** from these people. Equality of opportunity is a noble aspiration. Far too worthy for these nutty people’s nefarious notions.

  9. Meet the needs and deliver outcomes equally! Really David! Hitler purported to be giving that a go. Deliver the basics equally and the challenge for all is to achieve the outcomes desired. It’s going to take effort and a change of mindset for outcomes to alter, particularly for those accustomed to trying to live off the teat of the state. ONE RULE, EQUAL FOR ALL CITIZENS

  10. The way in which every year we are paying out billions of dollars to the treaty claims we will not have any state owned enterprises to worry about as this national govt is in the process of selling them off to keep enough funds in the coffers for more treaty payouts.As a country we are borrowing millions of dollars every week and now selling off SOE’s.We are in self destruct mode and in the not too distant future bankrupt,wonder what the Maori Party will do then when the funds are all dried up.maybe hop back in their Waka in paddle back to Japan or China or where ever they really originated from and start the treaty process all over again.

  11. You got that right Fonz….like every other form of collectivism it is a quest for wealth unearned… the ethos of those who produce nothimg but theories and hot air….ie parasites.

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