Maori Dictionary’s author rewrites negative reference for ‘policeman’ after complaint from parent. Lee Baker saw the entry while teaching her son Alex. Photo / Christine Cornege
Lee Baker saw the entry while teaching her son Alex. Photo / Christine Cornege

Look up “policeman” in an online Maori dictionary and you used to find a suggestion that police carrying warrants should be “kicked in the backside” and thrown out.

John Moorfield, author of, admitted the sentence appealed to his warped sense of humour – but has now changed it, after a complaint.

That came from Lee Baker, who was helping her son Alex, 4, learn te reo and was surprised with what she found in the online dictionary when he asked her what the Maori word for policeman was.

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9 thoughts on “Mum Blows Whistle on te reo Tool

  1. If you google John Moorfield you will find a sickly white hand wringing liberal do gooder dripping in post colonisation guilt.

  2. I have been following your postings and have joined 1law4all because I belive in one law for all New Zealanders.
    I have found myself reading some posts and reflecting on very similar thoughts of my own, however this story whilst I agree in not a good look has little to do with 1law4all?
    I am not ante Maori but I am ante separatism.

    1. The people at 1law4all, and I believe the commentors here, are not against Maori either, but also do not like the separatism and the racist way in which our country is governed and which is getting worse. The article shows a disdain for authority which is prevelant in Maori society and that disdain, we now find, is being encouraged from a young age by learning tools like this. No wonder Maori prison statistics are through the roof, when authority and the police are portrayed in such a manner. It is these kinds of attitudes which encourage separatism. If Maori grow up thinking that they are somehow special and above the law, when the rest of us are not, it adds to their mindset of being different and apart, so I see it as very relevant.

  3. “Sometimes a Maori perspective can be different to a Pakeha perspective” Says it all really

  4. Nazism. One of the Brown Coats bringing authority and laws into disrepute. Conditioning New Zealanders for Maori Nazism.

  5. The promotion of the Maori language is all about political indoctrination. End of story.

  6. I am a mother of three and I have never ever, run down authority figures to my kids . . . EVER.

    I want my kids to feel safe – not fearful or negative towards authority figures should they ever need their help.

    I am very angry with what this idiot has done.

    This is not a joke to me because it undermines the positive perception that I have been installing in my kids towards authority figures, and undermines my parenting!

  7. Klint,glad to have you on board,you will find yourself getting immersed in the 1law4all site,i find it very informative and it is about time this country of ours had a political party of this nature.We all need to stand up and make change.

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