Harawira nephews guilty of iPod bashing

by Rob Kidd on Stuff.co.nz

Two nephews of MP Hone Harawira have been found guilty of fracturing a man’s cheek and eyesocket while drunkenly robbing him of his iPod.

Another of his nephews was acquitted on that charge, but found guilty of assaulting two witnesses to stop them informing police.

Tohora Harawira, Enesi Taito and Wikatana Popata were accused of beating up the man on a street in the Auckland suburb of Avondale, robbing him and assaulting bystanders so they would not “nark” on them.

Harawira and Taito were found guilty of a charge of aggravated robbery, while Popata was found guilty of two charges of assault.

The victim, Joseph Harper, was walking along Great North Rd on an August night in 2011.

He was listening to the band, The Arcade Fire, on his iPod, minding his business, when three men standing near a car started yelling at him and following him.

He crossed to a bus stop where people were waiting for a bus, but the men pursued him.

One of the men, who the Crown says was Harawira, punched Harper to the ground.

He said the men pulled him up off the ground and in “condescending voices as if they were speaking to a child” said “it’s all right, it’s all right, bro” as they took his iPod off him.

Crown prosecutor Robin McCoubrey said in opening that Popata approached three schoolboys who witnessed the attack and hit two of them across the face.

He said “don’t nark on us”, “don’t snitch” and “we will find you”.

One of the schoolboys who was attacked testified that the third man, Taito, was dancing around in the background encouraging the violence by saying, “Yeeeaaah”.

Harper said he took refuge in the car of a father and son who had stopped to assist.

He told the court his eyesocket was broken, a cheek fractured and he had nerve damage to his face.

McCoubrey said police located the three men soon after.

Harawira allegedly told police they had drunk several boxes of beer.

“I’m too drunk. I honestly can’t remember what’s happening,” he told police.

Harawira and Popata were remanded on bail while Taito was remanded in custody until they are sentenced in September.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Popata the same nephew who told us on TV that New Zealand will be a better country when they run it? That they will take care of us when they are in charge? Somehow I don’t think having this lot in charge would be good for running a BBQ, let alone running a country!

And then we have this incident:

Beaten boy’s emotional damage ‘horrendous’

by Ian Steward on Stuff.co.nz

A boy chased and beaten by a nephew of MP Hone Harawira was horrendously damaged, his parents say.

Mau Toa Harawira, 30, has been jailed for three years for a drunken home invasion in which he chased the 12-year-old into his house and beat him in his bedroom.

The parents of the victim told TVNZ the emotional damage to their son had been “horrendous”.

“All of a sudden a 12-year-old boy has had to grow up,” they said.

They revealed the offender’s grandmother and feared kuia Titewhai Harawira called the family of the boy to try to smooth things over.

Hone Harawira claimed to have done the same. However, the parents said that was not the case.

“If he really wanted to do it, he could’ve got hold of us but he didn’t,” the boy’s father said. “From my opinion, it was more political posturing and grandstanding than anything.”

Despite the jail term being handed down, they were not impressed.

“It’s just another Maori going into prison. Does that make me happy? No it doesn’t.”

Mau Harawira – the son of former anti-violence campaigner Hinewhare Harawira – appeared for sentence in the Auckland District Court today after pleading guilty to injuring with intent to injure and theft.

Judge David Harvey said on August 24, 2012, Harawira had been drinking at a Blockhouse Bay address before going to a nearby beach, where the 12-year-old complainant was playing with a toy.

“For some reason or another you decided he was making disparaging remarks about you …” the judge said.

“You decided to wreak your vengeance on him, a boy.”

The victim was chased from the beach into his home.

Mau Harawira entered the property through the front deck and found the boy in his bedroom. He slapped him and threw him to the ground.

He punched and kicked the boy’s head and torso as he lay on the ground, curled in the foetal position, trying to cover his head with his hands, the judge said.

The boy was dragged outside by his hair and slapped on the head several more times.

The boy was hospitalised but was not seriously hurt.

Police said Mau Harawira returned to the house and took a basket of the victim’s belongings, including a PlayStation, clothes, shoes and a “taonga”.

Judge Harvey said he was “gutless and cowardly”.

“He was in his own house, where he should be safe – he was in his own room, where he should be safe,” he said.

The judge said victim impact statements said the boy’s family were horrified at the invasion of their home.

The boy had had to “grow up too soon” because of the case.

Judge Harvey said a sentence must have a deterrent effect.

These people are not the kind of ‘leaders’ I want my grandchildren growing up under, or anywhere near either.

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13 thoughts on “Harawira nephews guilty of iPod bashing

    1. These are the people who want to run our country Jeff. These are the folk who complain about the number of Maori in our prisons, yet they go about getting themselves locked up. And all the while it’s apparently the colonialists fault that their prison numbers are so high, and demanding more taxpayers money to solve the problem. You can’t see the hypocrisy here?

  1. Harawira’s are just mindless control freak thugs.

    Even their own are scared of them if the maori guys statement on Waitangi day is anything to go by.

  2. Home invasion crimes which this is were punishable with jail terms from 10-20 years under the Crimes Act 1999,

    However these penalties were watered in down in 2002 under a Labour govt, despite a 97% vote by the public by way of referendum calling for tougher penalties for violent crime

    Since the penalties were relaxed by our so wise polies home invasion crimes have increased

  3. The Harawira clan has been bought up to believe that everybody owes them. Its their right. Also, Titewhai has taught the entire family that abuse, violence and social unrest is the best way to acquire other peoples property.

    Dont want to sound mean but man, you have to wonder about the mental stability of the MANA supporter aye?

    Did the report mention if they were wearing brown shirts at all?

  4. It will be interesting to see what sentences are handed down, although it’s hard to know what these boys were doing running around among the rest of us in the first place.

  5. Jake the Muss all over again. These thugs are becoming more brazen with there attacks on the innocent in our communities just because they can. Our beleaguered police have had all of there defences taken from the by the politically correct and the judges in the courts don’t have the guts to really deal to these thugs. I think these guys have also conducted themselves believing that they would get some political protection from their politician relatives. Uncle will get us of ah Bro.
    3 years for the criminal what a joke. For the young boy, a life sentence. seems fair to me.

  6. The frightening thing here is that these people are what (part) maori look up to, what they aspire to be, the Harawira family are all criminals, even the mother Titewhai was sentenced to 9 months for assaulting a patient in a psychiatric unit at Carrington hospital,oh and she was the head of the department, and John Hatfield alias Hone has a string of assault charges, 1 for taking a baseball bat to students at a university, and we are supposed to hold these people i high esteem F–K ME.

  7. Titewhai Harawera was jailed in 1989 for assault on a mental patient when in charge of a Maori mental health unit at Carrington Hospital in Auckland. It runs in the family.

  8. Tamati, great blog thanks, hope everyone has a look, if the average kiwi could see that and others that have been put up here and in nzcpr site we might get rid of the apathy most people seem to have.

  9. The scary part of all of this is that the MANA party in the latest by election seems to be over taking the Maori party and now we are hearing comments from Hone alias John Had field,about merging with the Maori party,i thought the Maori party booted Hone out.We,i mean 1law4all this election will gain more votes than those two parties put together i am sure of it.

  10. It would be interesting if someone could make a list of all offences, in chronological order, committed by the Harawira family and their relatives from the time of Titewhai’s jailing in 1989. Wasn’t the guy who smashed the Americas Cup tied up with them too?
    That would be an interesting subject for “Letters to the Editor” in local newspapers.

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