The Review

In 2008, in return for the Maori Party’s coalition support, the National Party agreed to a $4 million “review” of New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements. A biased Constitutional Advisory Panel is due to make recommendations to the government later this year. Any changes will be made either by a vote in parliament or through a binding referendum of voters.

A Treaty Based Constitution

The likely outcome of this review is a proposal to place the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi in a written constitution based on bi-culturalism. This would mean that all Acts of Parliament would be tested against the so-called “Treaty principles”. The governance of New Zealand would be radically changed. Unelected judges could be obliged to strike down laws – despite those laws representing the will of Parliament and wider public. Under a Treaty based constitution the claims process would never end and could include private property and public resources, as well as giving those of Maori descent priority to public funding and rights to co-governance. At a stroke, those of us without Maori ancestry become second-class citizens.

Silence is consent! Please help us by writing a brief submission

A short paragraph, so long as it is in your own words , saying that you are opposed to any form of constitution based on co-governance or the “treaty principles” must be considered by the Panel as a substantive submission. You could also incorporate the wording of the Declaration of Equality – see below.

Submissions are due by 31st July 2013. Submissions can be made:

1. Online at

2. Email a submission to Write “CAP Submission” in the subject line.
3. By post to: Submissions, Secretariat, Constitutional Advisory Panel

C/o Ministry of Justice; DX SX 10088, Wellington

For further information to help you with your submission refer to which includes background information on the review and a draft submission. Also Muriel Newman’s NZCPR website which includes detailed background information:

The Declaration of Equality

We, New Zealanders of all backgrounds, having founded and developed our society in equality, fairness, and comradeship, oppose any laws which establish or promote racial distinction or division. There shall be one law for all.

· We reject any reference to the Treaty of Waitangi or its principles in any constitutional document

· We ask that such references be removed from all existing legislation

· We ask that race-based Parliamentary seats be abolished

· We ask that race-based representation on local bodies be abolished

· We ask that the Waitangi Tribunal, which has outlived its usefulness, be abolished

If you oppose laws which establish or promote racial distinction or division, please sign the on-line petition at

Join the Equal Rights movement! you can help us by forwarding this email to family, friends and colleagues. Thank you!

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