Published in the National Business Review, 14 December 2013

By Rod Vaughan

Brian McDonnell Massey
Dr Brian McDonnell


A New Zealand academic of Maori, Irish and French descent believes the pendulum has swung too far in redressing Maori grievances.

Dr Brian McDonnell, a senior lecturer in film studies at Massey University, says New Zealand’s “polite middle ground has become too fawning and the government too accommodating to the shrill cries of extremists”.

He told NBR ONLINE: “Maori people have certainly been marginalised in the past and there are specific wrongs to be righted, but it’s time to draw back to the centre.

“Thousands of people in this country left South Africa to get away from apartheid, only to find New Zealanders gagging to constitutionalise it.”

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29 thoughts on “Why other Kiwis must stop fawning to the shrill cries of Maori

  1. OMG how true is this. I would put a different context on the wording here.
    “Thousands of people in this country left South Africa to get away from apartheid, only to find New Zealanders gagging to constitutionalise it.”
    I would be inclined to suggest that “Thousands of New Zealanders a likely to have it shoved down their throat’s by the current government just to appease a few Maori radicals that feel we all need to be dumbed down by a treaty that will cripple the country. When, in their eyes, will the son’s stop paying for the sins of the father.

    1. Yes, but Stuart the fathers didn’t commit any sins in most, if not all of the cases currently being looked at by the corrupt Waitangi Tribunal and paid out by our equally corrupt Minister of Treaty Settlements, when it should really be done in a proper Court of law with all sides presenting evidence. So much has been reinvented and revised to the point where it doesn’t bear any resemblance to the facts. The point we should ask is when are ‘they’ going to stop holding their hands out, inventing grievances, and join the rest of the country as New Zealanders?

      Yes, Paul, what you have said is so true. However, I won’t stop making my comments whatever they like to call me. We all know who the racists are and it’s certainly not the people like us who want equality for everyone with nothing given out based on race.

      Let’s keep saying it how it really is until they finally get the message.

  2. Excellent article. We certainly need more Dr Brian McDonnell’s to speak out. He’s said exactly what we have been saying for years.

    Sad to see the comments poo-hooing what he has said. If only they realised that anyone regardless of their ethnic make-up can be the Prime Minister if they put themselves out there and prove themselves.

    I get tired of part-Maori going on about the poor statistics for people of Maori descent. All they need to do is change their attitude for the better, work hard, aspiring to do well and above all get a good education. Then the world could be their oyster, depending on hard they go about it. Education really is the key and this needs to be driven home.

    Sir Apirana Ngata said many years ago that ‘welfare will be the downfall of my people’. He obviously knew how it would affect them and was so right. Thankfully there are already many people of Maori descent who are great citizens of this country and also Australia so it obviously can be done.

    They must stop holding their hands out and take responsibility for themselves, starting with a good education which is available to everyone so there are no excuses.

  3. To make a negative comment about Maori is racist.

    For anyone who has white skin to voice an opinion is racist.

    A white person complaining about apartheid and separatism is racist.

    To air concerns about the gradual white genocide is racist.

    To vent anguish about the life time of yourself, your family and all your friends tax payments going to fund the greed of a certain race is racist.

    Are we to accept this situation? Are we to be continually beaten down and abused for being white?

    Are we going to always be classed as 2nd class citizens, over-stayers, guest in our own country simply because we have white skin (or skin different to Maori)?

    It is not racist when Maori say it…..ONLY when a white says it.

    1. Funny that only white people can be racist eh? Although we know that Hone Harawira (for one) is an exception to the rule.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with Paul Harris. This wonderful country never had any problems until the radicals and activists started stirring and demanding more and more without bothering to work for it. I worked hard for what I now have and without any hand outs.
    Why is it that Maori are allowed a much lower pass mark in exams at university, I for one would never go to a doctor, lawyer, dentist etc who achieved their degree because of the colour of their skin rather than their academic ability.
    If anybody wishes to choose to eat crap food, drink excessively, smoke, not exercise, take drugs etc and then complains that their health and life span has been shortened because of this then they do not deserve my sympathy.

  5. The problem comes from two sources. The first is the shameless power dynamics of politics which means favors are granted on the basis of what can I gain if I grant you some meaningless favors. Secondly is the continual outpouring of horse shit from White Liberals who, in another era, would have been missionaries. These sad people gain some sort of meaning in life by inventing guilt about imagined sins against the poor colonized indigenous people. The wet left wingers practice this guilt trip and at the same time tries to degrade anyone who has a mind of their own. They have captured the education system, some of the unions and much of the civil service. The worst sin they commit is against Maori who are simply patronized and treated as intellectual inferiors who need to be protected from the colonizers.
    To reverse the process of institutionalized racism will now take generations and we have not yet reached the tipping point where sanity will start to make its way back. Worse is yet to come.

  6. The more handouts that Maori get the less they’ll be inclined to help themselves, why should they bother?

  7. Disgusted
    My personal experience Two land claims were fraudulently set up in our area I wished to give factual historical evidence to the tribunal of 13 hearings –but because I was not maori the tribunal refused to allow me–I attended the 13 hearings and when the final decision was made some years later and the minster came up to the township in april 1992 and declared that these particular peoples who are not of the original people of this area to be awarded the claim I got up and challenged this decision asking why it went in their favour the judge replied we had to go on the evidence presented – I then asked why was this evidence not challenged –the judge replied that the minister at the time –Doug Graham — told them they were not to challenge what was put forward as evidence

  8. Well. it’s all been said before, but it’s true. If we do not draw a line under this patronage of one race to the exclusion of every other, there will be trouble.
    Sooner or later, giving one race a privileged position in a society leads to problems of a nature that we may read about in the news in other places, but that could happen so easily here.
    Pandering to the militants will only increase their greed and the number of their demands.
    We must stop it now, or we will live to bitterly regret it.

  9. “Thousands of people left South Africa to come to New Zealand to escape apartheid”…..hahaha you can’t be serious…..millions of people loved apartheid and chose to stay there and done nothing to stop it and once it was abolished, thousands of people ran to other countries including NZ to escape black rule…now they complain about “apartheid” here….we don’t need more racists here.

    1. And just look at the murderous, disease ridden economic basket-case that South Africa has become under black majority rule. May I point to the pathetic remains of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) to point out that this process is not just confined to SA…?
      You need to look at true history before you spout your distorted nonsense. Perhaps it might help if you actually talk to folk of all colours that have fled the Republic, and get some FACTS.
      The people here can THINK, not to mention be reasonably objective, which are a qualities singularly lacking in activist circles on the issue of Maori privilege in NZ.

  10. I suggest before commenting on this pathetic tread that an in depth understanding of Te Tirity o Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi) needs to be established. The Treay was written by the Pakeha not the Maori, all Maori ask is for Pakeha to abide by what is recognised as a binding agreement. mauri ora!!!!!

    1. Actually Barben, we understand Te Tirity o Waitangi very very well. It is (some) Maori who keep reinterpreting the meaning and intent of the words of the Treaty. We will happily honour the Treaty as it is written, but not the re-written or false version, and with the meanings as they were written and meant at the time. The first article, for example, says that Maori cede, (surrendered), absolute sovereingty to Queen Victoria. That’s pretty clear. No such thing as partnership or joint sovereignty – which is absolute rubbish. Another example – the third article gives Maori the SAME rights and responsibilities as british citizens. No extra rights, no special rights, the SAME rights. We are all one people. When Maori honour the Treaty themselves, then they can complain if others don’t!

      1. Hear, hear. Admin are absolutely right. The Treaty was done and dusted decades ago. The problems have now arisen because certain sectors are trying to claim that just isn’t there to claim. We should all be one and equal under the law. Privilege based on race is racist.

      2. Queen Victoria sent William Hobson to New Zealand in 1840 to draft and sign a Treaty with the Maori of New Zealand. Before he left England he was briefed by Secretary of State for the Colonies, Lord Normanby in England and by Governor Gipps in Australia as to what the British Government’s Colonial Office required which was – a cession of Sovereignty, absolute control over all land matters and the authority to impose law, order equality and protection on both Māori and non-Māori. On his arrival back to New Zealand Hobson conscripted some initial notes as a foundation of the Treaty. Hobson became ill and the notes were given to Busby, now the ex-Resident, to complete. Busby, who had no understanding of the instructions given to Hobson by Lord Normanby in England and by Governor Gipps in Australia, considered Hobson’s notes insufficient and drafted a Treaty himself.
        “Tiriti/Treaty” was prepared in just a few days, it was written on the 4th February 1840 by James Busby. On the 5th the Treaty was translated to Māori by Missionary Henry Williams and his son Edward.
        From a Maori perspective, the Maori Treaty text presents a serious problem. The text fails to clearly explain the cession of ‘sovereignty” in Article I. It did not explain “Kawanatanga”, nor did the chiefs understand the intended meaning. The Maori version of the text gave the chiefs the impression that Article II is more important than Article I when this is not the case in the English version.
        From the British point of view, Hobson thought he had secured “the full and clear recognition of the sovereign rights of Her Majesty”. He could not have made a greater mistake because the chiefs thought that they had secured their chiefly status – Rangatiratanga by signing the “Tiriti”. Transliteration is the key issue, Henry Williams and his son Edward got it wrong by conveniently leaving out the word “Mana”which translates to Sovereignty, had Mana been used the treaty would not have signed.The Williams were rewarding with thousands of acres of Maori land as payment for their roles.

  11. For a country to survive and not to descend into chaos everyone needs to be treated equally under the law. For two long now we have let government create laws that undermine the unity of NZ. This is election year and this ‘party’ needs to move forward. Everyone needs to realise that the most laws here are not equal. Not just between Maori and others, but also between the sexes and between employer/employee etc. What we have seen over the years is the hijacking of government by minority parties with little or no respect for the people, who push their own petty policies for the advantage of the few. It’s time for the people speak out, to take back control of government. The people are not stupid, they know what is right and wrong and we don’t need petty civil servants posing as leaders to tell us what to do.

  12. It can be seen that the Treaty`s true intention was to make provision for organized settlement in New Zealand. Māori were drawn in to an agreement by a culture that had no intention of keeping to the terms and conditions of that agreement. The English sent a non- law educated person in the form of self-promoted Governor of New Zealand William Hobson to draft an important document that was translated wrongly for reasons only known to Missionary Henry Williams and his son Edward.

    1. Not at all Mr Howard, just busy with other life matters. Your statements are incorrect on a number of things, and you make a lot of assumptions which cannot be proven. You cannot prove, for example, or even claim to know, what was in the mind of the Maori chiefs who signed the Treaty at the time. And even if you think they didn’t know what it meant at the time – they certainly did by the time they reaffirmed their loyalty to British soveriegnty at the Kohimarama Conference 20 years later.

      1. Admin is absolutely correct. Barben, if you read the comments made by all the Chiefs at the Kohimarama Conference in 1860, you will see that most of them reaffirmed over and over again that Queen Victoria was the Head and they were very happy with that. So, 20 years after the signing of the Treaty they confirmed that they knew exactly what they had signed and were happy with it.

        Many of your other comments and assumptions are incorrect as well.

      2. This website is full of racist slurs. How about you and I chat face to face? No hiding behind a computer screen. Oh and dont forget to bring that chip on your shoulder too.

        1. By ‘racist slurs’ I take it you mean ‘facts you don’t like’. The rest of your comment can’t be directed at me because I don’t have a chip on my shoulder. Either I have very badly shaped shoulders, or very slippery ones, I don’t know which, but either way I can’t even get a bra strap to stay up there. No way there are any chips up there. However, if there were chips up there, I would hope they were chips from The Coffee Club. They make the best chips ever! Have you ever tried those Mr Howard? I used to like the chips that came with fish and chips, and loved the ones that came with KFC. But now I’m a vegetarian I have to stay away from those places, sadly. But the Coffee Club chips are pretty awesome. You have to eat them immediately though. If you try and take them home the steam in the container ruins them. You have to have them very hot, fresh and plenty of salt.
          What I’m trying to say with all this seemingly irrelevant rambling is that we are all just people. We all have likes and dislikes, worries and problems. We all put our pants on one leg at a time and we all have hopes and dreams for the future. We are all human beings and that is all that should matter. I, and I think others too, are just so sick and tired of this whole issue. Why can’t everyone, no matter what race, colour, religion, whatever, just all fall into mutual respect of each others differences and get on with life together! One people. The huge melting pot and so on. We should all be looking forward to a future where everyone has equal opportunity and not striving for some to be more ‘equal’ than others – there is no peace in a future like that. The way things are going now, all we have to look forward to is bitterness, resentment and civil unrest. The further down the road of separatism we go, the more this country is screwed in every possible way.
          Consider this if you will Mr Howard. If your people get their way, and they become the rulers of this country, a country built by the hard work and broken backs of mostly colonial settlers. How do you think the other 85% of the population will feel about that? What do you suppose their reaction might be? Do you think they might decide they want back all the things that have been taken from them as your people do now? What will New Zealand look like with the positions switched, but the balance of population unchanged? Not a pretty picture is it. If things continue as they are I predict a very unhappy future for anyone who is unable to leave. It’s not what I want for our country. Is it what you want?

  13. I would be interested to learn of one racist slur above, Barben. What has been written is the unadulterated truth but it appears that the truth hurts you. Sadly you have so many gaps in your knowledge or perhaps you have grown up with the misinformation currently being taught our children.

  14. The thing is that actually it really doesn’t matter.The identifiable remnants of the cannibal races of these islands will disappear within 10 generations.The rest just get on with life ,family,learning and prosperity.

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