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Guest post by Mike Butler

Residents of the small Coromandel town of Pauanui are upset that the beachfront strip of land that encircles their town has been offered as part of a settlement to local treaty claimants, Ngati Hei. Pauanui, located just over 40km south of Whitianga, is a popular destination for Auckland holidaymakers in the summer, when the town’s population swells from 740 to 15,000.

The Pauanui Ratepayer and Residents Association said that government treaty negotiator Mike Dreaver, with co-operation from the Thames Coromandel District Council, had offered Ngati Hei sites including the entire Pauanui beachfront reserve and Estuary reserve, effectively “ring fencing” Pauanui from the water.

Pauanui properties there with views of the ocean regularly sell for over $1-million. The reserve would have little commercial value to Ngati Hei unless reserve status is revoked, which may be done by the government of the day.

Should reserves status be revoked, owners of million dollar beach front Pauanui properties face the prospect of having large houses built between them and the sea, blocking ocean views and eroding their property values.

“The entire process was carried out without any public consultation of stakeholders,” a statement from the Pauanui Ratepayer association said. “Other than public knowledge that in general terms treaty settlement negotiations were being carried out, the only specific document we located was a list of several hundred sites identified as suitable for settlement purposes published in 2011.”(1)

Ngati Hei claims to have lived in the area for 1000 years and keep alive the memory of massacres of their forebears in the early 1800s by Nga Puhi. The Ngati Hei Trust Board represents an estimated 350 members.(2)

Two pages on the tribe’s website devoted to “land struggles” don’t say that their forebears sold the land, preferring to characterise their land history as of “loss and confiscation for hundreds of years. However, Henry Hansen Turton’s record shows more than 60 land sales deeds for Coromandel.(3)

The Agreement in Principal between Ngati Hei, as part of the Hauraki Collective, and the Crown implies land sales by forebears as the main issue in complaints about the Native Land Court, individualisation of title, pre-1840 purchases and the pre-emption waiver that allowed direct negotiations between Maori vendors and non-Maori buyers.

The Pauanui ratepayer association wrote to Prime Minister John Key expressing concern that these reserves will pass from crown to private ownership, pointing out that Pauanui has no great cultural or historical significance, and stressing that giving away the reserves would have a huge impact on a large number of affected third parties.

A group including representatives from the Pauanui ratepayer association met Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson, Coromandel MP Scott Simpson and Thames-Coromandel Mayor Glenn Leach on Friday, January 3. Pauanui representatives put forward 15 questions while arguing that reserves must remain in Crown ownership. The Government was expected to report back within 15 days.

At the meeting and in a subsequent press release, Finlayson said that “this settlement has nothing to do with the foreshore and seabed.” However, Clause 11e of the agreement in principle notes that the Hauraki Collective also seeks that the historical account includes a statement saying “the Crown unilaterally suspended the rule of law when inconvenient foreshore and seabed decisions were made by the judiciary.”

The ratepayers group stressed that Pauanui property owners have a reasonable expectation that the reserves around their town (shown as Crown reserves in original advertising material) would remain in Crown hands and the use and enjoyment of these would remain unchanged.

“This is an issue that affects all property owners,” the Pauanui group said, “with ramifications for all communities with Crown owned property.”

They are considering a national advertising and awareness campaign, lobbying of MPs, withholding rates, and possibly a class action. Waitara, where 769 leasehold sections are under offer to Te Ati Awa, is another area where a treaty settlement is affecting ratepayers.(4)

Dreaver, who was happy to negotiate away beach front reserves in a treaty settlement, last year was named the top-earning treaty negotiator, earning $1.5-million in fees since 2008.(5)

1. “Ngati Hei and the Crown – Agreement in Principle Equivalent – July 2011.”
2. Ngati Hei home page,
3. Maori Deeds of Land Sales in the North Island of New Zealand, Vol 1.
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50 thoughts on “Pauanui Opposes Reserve Giveaway

  1. They need to be exposed across N Z for what is going on and there will be worst to come before the election

    1. Sad but true Donald.

      By the way did anyone hear Winston say the other day on radio that he would have difficulty joining with National in a coalition because John Key has been responsible for introducing apartheid in this country? That’s the first time I’ve heard a politician mention that word. Let’s hope it is mentioned often leading up to the election. Maybe then the Sheeple will actually sit up and take note for once.

      1. I hope so Helen, because sometimes the despair I feel for the future of our country becomes overwhelming! *sigh*

      2. The majority of NZ see the huge payouts going out as discrimatory against the non-maori population. Would be great if Winston Peters and 14allNZ have detailed discussions and see if common ground indeed exists. Election year in on us; is there going to be public meetings by 14ALLNZ?

      3. Trouble is with Winston, he says all the right things before an election and then shuts up and does nothing more once he gets his baubles of office. I have no reason to think he’s changed.

  2. Another disgraceful act which must be opposed at every level although what good it will do is anybody’s guess given what has been going on and on so far.

    Michael Dreaver and Chris Finlayson must be stopped. Where is the Press in all of this? We need in depth investigation and the results published for all to see. There are so many completely unaware of what is going on under their noses.

    1. I believe there are some things going on, Shaun. We’ll keep you posted – specially if you are in that area and are able to help.

    2. We all need to keep asking MPs, councillors, the media to account for this corruption. The more noise we make, we greater the chance they will get the message – one day. Let’s hope there’s still some public land left by then.

  3. At long last a high profile politician has stated strong opposition to aparthied. Perhaps 1law4all should ask Winston to become the HIGH PROFILE leader we need!!

  4. Now would be a good time to get 1law4all out there to get some exposure and announce their candidates, Winston has handed us a golden opportunity to piggy back on his statements and make a play to get the message across to Joe public. Let’s not let this opportunity pass without getting our views known, we may not get another chance like this.

  5. I’m currently reading ‘Twisting the Treaty – A Tribal Grab for Wealth and Power’. This is a MUST READ for all New Zealander’s. We have been and are being hoodwinked by successive governments and it is a disgrace. Why have media not picked up on and reported the blatant lies we are being fed? All New Zealanders are being robbed and we are just letting it happen! I challenge you all to buy it, read it and spread the word! It’s election year … we need to start asking questions about the lies we are being fed!!!

    1. You are absolutely right, Maddi. Hoodwinked isn’t the half of it. Corrupt politicians are selling us all out.

      Yes, everyone MUST READ Twisting the Treaty. An excellent book with extensive research notes everywhere.

      1. I am glad to see other people are reading this excellent book.
        In this report it says there were 60 property sales by Maori to non Maori and it also says they, the local Maori were picked on by the Nga Puhi, why don’t they claim against the Nga Puhi for their treaty claims. It hasn’t got much to do with us. Anyway we didn’t have a government when the treaty was signed, we were governed from New South Wales, should claims be directed to them.

  6. If one is employed by Maori to assist with their claims then later is paid by NZ taxpayers while ‘rubber stamping’ all the secret deals, is that not a real ‘conflict of interest?
    Mr Finlayson and this government should be made to answer for the racial activities increasing in this country.

    1. Finlayson is corrupt and has a gross conflict of interest. He acted for Ngai Tahu in one of their earlier FULL AND FINAL(?) settlements. He’s now Minister for Treaty Settlements as well as being Attorney General, rubber stamping everything. He is doing deals from his office and not the Courts and on top of that he is just a list MP, having been rejected by his own electorate 2/3 times.

      If only treason was an offence these days. He and Key would certainly fit the bill for a prosecution.

  7. every time i read one of these articles,i find myself asking so many questions.Enough questions to write a book on them.All my questions all end up having the same answers.We are living in a seperatist,racist country where all these issues on land entitlement and treaty claims are all a load of rubbish.Q,When will it stop i ask myself?A, It never will as every government has not got the balls to say enough is enough,because at the same time under the MMP legislation the are all sucking up to the likes of “The Maori Party” and the “Mana Party”,who are raced based parties and thier whole focus being on so called injustices done to thier people and how the tax payers of this country can keep on paying out monies for thier injustices now and for many years to come.New Zealand is being held to ransom and until something is done to put a halt to it ,it will never end.Our children ,grandchildren,great grandchildren will be asking exactly the same quetions i ask myself.
    Winston Peters has hit the nail smack bang on the head and good on him for having the guts to stand up and at least say it on a public forum… here,here Winston you will probably be getting my vote on the shear basis of your comments at Ratana this week

    1. Many will say Winston just says what people want to hear at election time. That may be so but I sense a sea change in that I’ve never heard him come straight out and say what he’s said about Key introducing apartheid into this country and having trouble going into coalition with National because of this. I’m thinking that maybe he really has seen the light and isn’t just electioneering – or is that just wishful thinking?

      1. No Helen I think Winston will change and be more vocal as this election goes on. I think he has had enough of what is happening

  8. Winston has always said the right things at the right time but ends up having done nothing. I had hopes he would be the right man but I have now given up.Time to forget him.

    1. This is the first time I’ve heard him being so specific on racial issues though roy b, so I will be keeping my eye on him leading up to the election and an open mind. Maybe in his old age he will really want to be remembered for doing something good for his country. Maybe Nelson Mandela has inspired him and he would like to take a leaf out of his book!!?? Pigs might fly also, I guess. Time will tell.

  9. Winstone has being on a lot about separatism even Parliament before Christmas.He is certainly giving Findlayson nightmares

  10. Why has Winston come out of his cosy shell?
    Because he knows that the Conservatives have stolen his thunder.
    Colin Craig has stated his intention to abolish the Waitangi Tribunal, abolish Maori seats, and remove all race-based legislation from our laws (refer to Conservative Party website).
    Winston has had a lot of years to do something about our galloping apartheid but has occupied various government posts without making the slightest bit of difference.
    Colin Craig will stand by his principles, whereas Winston will always go with whichever flow is politically expedient (for Winston).
    It is definitely time for ethics to take precedence over personal ambitions and to restore the concept of “equal rights for all” as being senior to “indigenous rights” for a race that only exists through constant legislative re-definition.
    Maori is no longer a biological fact; it is a matter of belief that one is “Maori” ahead of all other ancestry. Thus “Maori” should now be regarded as a religion, with no more rights than any other religion.

    1. I agree with you Mitch, about what you have said about Winston now coming out of the woodwork because Colin Craig has stolen his thunder. How long has Winston been in Parliament? Why are we only now hearing about this subject from him? For several years close to each election, I’ve had my ears to the ground waiting for Winston to say something definite but, even though he has alluded to it weakly, briefly and periodically before, he is only now being very definite about it.

      It’s a bit late isn’t it. Could we trust him to follow it through if he had a chance after the election or would other baubles take precedence, leaving it pushed to one side?!!

      1. I can remember Winston saying this way back at a meeting in the late nineties so it isn’t new

  11. I can’t get my head around some people who buy land off others who once bought it off the Maori who sold it for their own reasons and later you think you now own all of what is left.Take a check of how much land was taken from Maori and how much land is owned by Maori in New Zealand today. Now if that was your land would you just give it up without a battle or are you attached to something other than what you grew up with in your beginnings.Did you always live here or just like what you see then move onto something else when you get sick of the neighbours as most do.Once youv’e made it look like another suburb of Auckland.

    1. The Maori didn’t own land, they took it by force and were kicked off it by force by another tribe who most likely ate half of them in the process.

  12. Winstone has always said the Waitangi Tribunal must go and he will not put up with sepratism.There has to be a big changes in the National Party if they want to accommodate Winstone.He said he was going to do things for Tauranga and he did more than any other M P has ever achieved.How could your Mayor up there and Councillors go along with what is the proposed settlement for Pauanui.I would have thought they were there to look after your interests

    1. Hi Glenn I guess what I’m trying to say is Its not our land so why are people trying to claim whats not theirs. If you have titles to your land would you just give it up because someone else wants it.Do people forget easily that much land has already been given years ago for many towns to get started with schools hospitals churches and then later this land is council or crown sold.Origanlly it was given as a purpose for people to enjoy life. Now they are enjoying it they think they own it.

  13. Winstone has always been critical of the Waitangi Grievance Industry for many years and also said the Tribunal must go.The trouble was every one was complacent,he has been on about separatism for a very long time and until people are affected then they wake up to what is going on

  14. Land to Maori was not realestate it was family you don’t sell out your brother or sister its future its alive.You keep this for the next generation and so forth. Some Maori have got into situations where they have done this sale bit thats their bussiness not mine. Many kiwis do the same. But if we don’t sell out we will have a New Zealand full of our own people we will be the majority vote of our own land.As it happens we have some places with other names from other countries they have their own countries do it on your own doorstep. I would like to think this is our country run by our people of New Zealand, but it is how it is.Land is important.

    1. “Land to Maori was not real estate it was family”.
      Oh, really?. Land to Maori was what you could obtain by murdering neighbouring tribes, and then defend from other invaders. It was not sacred, it was the spoils of war – acquired by superior force.
      How desperately evidence of pre-Maori inhabitants has been swept under the carpet. More than 100 sites placed under an embargo so that New Zealanders may never know the real history of their country. All “Maori land” is soaked with the blood of the Waitaha people who had arrived thousands of years before the Maori but were unfortunate enough to be a peace-abiding nation totally unequipped to defend themselves against the cannibalistic warlike invaders.
      Permit me to quote a letter that appeared in a southern newspaper, entitled “Waitaha Heritage”:
      “Through your newspaper I would like to express the following: I am Waitaha; Waitaha are Christian people; We are the First Blood; We have been here for thousands of years; We have been relentlessly torn from our land, our sacred mother Papatuanuku. We have been denounced, silenced, and ignored, first by the warrior man, then by the Crown and successive governments. This is still happening to us. We have been misrepresented and misinterpreted. Only when the truth is honoured can there be peace on earth.(sgd)Megan Armour,Oamaru.
      Therein lies your sacred Maori land – land wrested from a peace-loving race, victims of the basic ancient Maori tenet of “Might is Right”. So the Maoris fared comparatively well from the “invading” pakehas, surviving up to near the end of last century before their race became overwhelmingly diluted and pakeha ancestry became the predominant heritage.
      Choosing only a part of ones ancestry is self-delusory, and denying the truth can only place our country on the road leading back to the dark ages.
      One people, one nation, one law for all.

    2. Wow you have a very vivid imagination Lorraine,It is amazing how peoples imagination is the means to fuel the grievance industry while totally disregarding the facts about what actually happened. I hope that the conservatives get in & initiate binding citizens initiated referendums so that I can get the ball rolling to have a thorough enquiry into how the meaning of the treaty was snookered along with a totally thorough enquiry into the scam that masquerades as the Waitangi tribunal.
      Once the whole sorry chain of events is seen for what it is, any logical, clear thinking person with any reasonable amount of intelligence would have to support dumping all the crazy initiatives that have been thrust upon the nation since the treaty was re-interpreted in the seventies ( I think ) by a bunch of clever politicians that really had no idea what sort of can of worms they were opening which has slowly but surely driven a wedge between kiwis & so called maoris that think their lot in life is the fault of the oppressive white man, when really their lot in life is determined by their own attitude towards life & their lack of the will to succeed in the world as it is today.

      1. I totally agree with everything you have said, Glenn. Great to hear this from someone else, and yes, a referendum to look into the grievance industry and the correct Treaty is well overdue. The whole industry will collapse like a house of cards as it’s all built on fraud.

  15. I think of your letter and believe you are what you read.First you talk of the pre Maori as swept away, then you talk of the invaders how often has this happened in history over and over. Now you have Maori fighting back to save their own country for kiwi’s and whats left of their heritage and its not okay?What you live thru and what you read thru are two different things. Like I said, trying to point out, what is by title land these days is it not your land or mine. Or will you just give it to government who then go on to sell it to whoever whenever they feel its appropriate.Weren”t there Spanish and Dutch etc etc before as well. Now its Kiwis turn to keep this land before its gobbled up by people who tell you and I where to go.

    1. No they won’t BC. It’s all a one way street with maori ( the greedy ones that drive all the grievance claims & keep it all so that they live a lavish lifestyle along with a select few bros while joe punter maori remains forever angry with the world because he never gets anywhere ) that keep the facts well & truly hidden. Maori should be so very thankful for what the british did to stop the totally oppressed lifestyle that maori had to endure prior to their arrival. Maori will tell you that it was all chipper prior to the treaty but history tells a different story. Now they are a broken race that can only see a future where they sit around, don’t need to educate themselves because what would the honkies know, don’t need to look after or feed their kids cause the dumb honkies will & don’t need to work cause the dumb honkies will pay for that as well. it’s no wonder they are all red & angry but they are the makers of all their problems. How many billions of $ have been thrown at them without one statistic getting better in terms of things that are bad for maori & the country as a whole.
      Their culture is doomed !!!

  16. One way or another many of us are connected be it thru England or any other country as well as our own. I f we are to be the gaurdians of our own country lets try to do a better job than to let the government take all.If Ngati Hei have a title to that land is it theirs is it not. If you have a title for your land s , good for you. I hope you never have to give it up to the government.They might sell your NZ parts to make for debts they’ve occurred who really cares who buys New Zealand up. MANY KIWIS DO.I care for the future generation and I’m only a learner so what, least I try to understand the here and now and sort thru

    the old

    1. Lorraine,
      Maybe I’m missing something but you have me totally bamboozled. I guess what you are trying to say is that we shouldn’t be selling off our country to overseas interests.
      If that is so, then I doubt if anyone here will disagree with you. However, I don’t see what it has to do with the Maoris.
      Most Maori tribes have sold their land several times over, so it seems that land is only important to them when money is involved.
      Guardians of the land??? Hey, aren’t these the same guys who killed of the moas, and would have eradicated the native wood pigeons if they hadn’t been stopped?
      I can understand their anti-mining protests – “Don’t want anyone snooping around surveying our marijuana country – that’s our livelihood, man. Can’t a bro make a dishonest living these days?”
      Bring on binding referendums. Bring on equal rights for all Kiwis. But I don’t think that Winston is the man for the job. He’s had enough chances.
      We need all of this Maori bullshit abolished and I think that Colin Craig is the man to see it through. Guts, commitment and integrity.
      Has it ever crossed your mind that Colin Craig is the only politician willing to put his own money into politics, when all of the other politicians are trying to see how much they can get out of it?
      Our mess has been created by successive National and Labour governments, so let me quote Albert Einstein –
      “You cannot solve a problem with the mind that created it.
      First you must change the mind.”
      I guess it is time for a change.

    2. I assume you mean when land was confiscated by the government that you are referring to land that was taken in the 19th century ? That was so many years ago & it was in a different world which had different methods for dealing with things. Had the government at the time used the maori way of dealing with things we would not be having this debate now because they would have been slaughtered. The government of the time acting as all civilised governments did at the time did what they had to do, it was the way it was as you put it ( it is what it is )
      Anyway that has all been addressed or is being addressed so generously that maori need to get over it, it didn’t happen to anyone that is alive today, maori need to move on, but they won’t because it is far easier to hold their hand out & bleat on about how hard done by they are when really they have every opportunity to better them selves but cannot or will not because they are so caught up in the lets blame everyone else for our shortcomings thing.

      1. Well said, Glenn G. Totally agree.
        But how about all of you outspoken people sending in some letters to the editor of your local newspaper?
        This site is great, but you are only preaching to the already converted.
        Our message needs to be spread throughout NZ.
        I do my bit up North. Need some support in the rest of the country.

        1. Good on you Mitch.
          Do you think they would print what I think ? I guess I should send something in to the Herald to see if they will but where would I start ? How have you approached things with your local paper ?
          Is there a bunch of people out there that want to get together a petition calling for a stop to all of the racist crap that is going on in everything from health, education, local & central government with the thought of a referendum at the election or is it too late to get it through prior to the election ?

          1. Hi Glen G.
            Try the Auckland Sunday Star-Times for a starter.
            I’ve managed to sneak a couple of curly ones in there.
            The NZ Herald seems to be well under the control of the PC censors, but if we all keep pounding away then one day there may be a breakthrough.
            Your referendum is a good idea but will need a clued-up organiser. Any volunteers?
            The only other hope lies in the next general election.
            There are three parties with policies of abolishing racist legislation, and they are NZ First, ACT, and the Conservatives.
            Winston talks big but appears to be more interested in the survival of Winston (he has had his chances), and ACT has pretty well self-destructed.
            Smaller parties, such as 1Law4All only serve to split the voting efficacy of those wanting to end racial discrimination. No point in discussing Peter Dunne.
            For me personally it’s the Conservatives. They are being attacked by all of the other parties (including NZ First) so it is obvious that they are the ones most feared by the Old Boy network.
            Others may think differently but I have met and talked with Colin Craig and finally found an honest politician! He is willing to put his own money into politics while all of the other politicians are seeing how much they can get out of it.
            And it wouldn’t surprise me too much if I found out that John Key really is a shape-changing lizard.
            Keep sending in letters to the newspapers – the apartheid promoters will win if we don’t keep trying.

        2. Sorry Glen G, I didn’t really answer your question about how to get started. We are very lucky in the North to have a fair-minded Editor. Extra lucky because his children are part-Maori yet he still prints controversial viewpoints. (Well done, Craig Cooper).
          We have a local online newsletter, Kaipara Konnection, and they print most anything. Maybe there is one near you, say eLocal or similar. Small circulations, but every bit helps to get the truth across to Joe Apathy Kiwi.
          Letters to MP’s are a waste of time. None of them want to rock their cushy boat. We all know that the Greens, Labour and National will continue grovelling for the brown vote.
          You could try searching the web for other online news outlets – haven’t yet tried that myself.
          There is a site for starting your own petition on (with prompts) and
          Petition would have to be all-inclusive, such as: To remove all race-based legislation from NZ statutes and from local body by-laws.
          The Auckland Council is in the process of giving all of Auckland to the Maoris under the cover of the Auckland Unitary Plan. Submissions close 28th Feb. Better hurry if you wish to oppose it.
          Hope you find a willing newspaper editor.

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