purple_dot_caveat_sWhen reading the item below, be aware that the Auckland Council now asserts that the purple dots do not relate to the size of the area. They claim that the dots on the map merely show where the site is situated and that they do not correspond to precise measurements. Interestingly, the council has indicated that it is considering reducing the size of the buffer zone, down from 50 metres. That notion may be a red herring or possibly a sop to reduce the heat the Council is getting from alarmed ratepayers. If the foregoing is true, it doesn’t deal with the undemocratic, racial bias of the issue though. All it does is reduce the number of ratepayers who would be mired in such racial bureaucracy and possibly see their house values collapse, along with their property rights subjugated.

Most of the maps showing the Auckland Unitary Plan’s [AUP] purple dot pestilence are drawn from the Auckland Council web site. The scale is such that it’s hard to get a proper appreciation of those dots. When they are seen for what they are, it is indeed alarming. To demonstrate just how big the so-called “Sites of Value to Mana Whenua” really are and to give the plague of purple dots some realistic and tangible perspective that’s more easily grasped, the map was enlarged and, using the scale provided . . .

A purple dot is 3.2 hectares or 7.96 acres. Looking at one example in Papatoetoe, a ‘dot’ that big takes in at least 44 residential properties and their associated roading and reserve areas.

purple dot

If the additional “anything within 50 metres” buffer is added to the existing 200 metre diameter of a purple dot, it jumps in size to 7.17 Ha or 17.7 acres, doubling the number of residential properties which are affected, to approximately 88.

Some ‘dots’ overlap, some encompass water and some are not in residential areas. However, if the 3600 number of purple dots was halved to roughly allow for that, that would mean 1800 x 88 houses = 158,400 residences affected in the AUP area.

From what can be seen in the AUP maps, a purple dot (sounds tiny, doesn’t it?), when located on a residential area near the coast, would take in 15-25 houses/sections with an equivalent sized chunk of beach, roading, reserves and adjacent sea. (The “within 50 metres buffer” proximity add-on would change those estimates.)

purple dot 2

For Aucklanders, that’s a nasty rash of purple dots to find a cure for.

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15 thoughts on “When is a Dot Not a Dot? – When it’s Over 3 Hectares! (8 acres)

  1. Yes it has scary implications that may not affect you and me but could have serious and socially disruptive repercussions for upcoming generations. By then the current breed of political and Maori leaders will have retired with their handsome nest eggs and foreign knighthoods.

    I muse that both native and western thinking is wrong – I don’t think we really own the land, just the opposite, the land owns us. The fabrication of property laws covering rates (taxes) on ownership is more about establishing income to provide amenities which many Maori think they are entitled to by divine right.

    Interestingly, I was listening to a Maori woman being interviewed on Katherine Ryan’s National Program this morning and she was talking about “the loss of her traditional lifestyle”. Of course, my reaction to that would be that no Maoris are living the traditional lifestyle that they claim they were living in the past – indeed, if history has any credibility, I doubt they would want to, especially woman. It would be about as sensible as you and I living the lifestyle of our 17th century west European ancestors!

    It also seems to me that with the small number of discontented Maori that reject the current NZ social model, they could easily form isolated communes on the thousands of hectares of land that is exclusively reserved for them and erect massive walls, just like the Israelis have done, to keep us degenerate non-Maori out and avoid all contact with us! Wouldn’t that be nice?

    Thank goodness most Maori are sensible!

    1. Yes Ted, there’s no logic or consistency here as Part Maori could return to their traditional Stone Age cultural ways quite easily I imagine at Lake Waikaremoana (spelling?) where they’ve been given ‘a State Within a State’.

      They can leave behind things foreign to ‘their ways’ that were ‘forced’ on them by Colonists at a one way gate entry into ‘their’ land at the Lake: vis. clothing, money, firearms, introduced processed food, animals, forests, and birds, have no written language, no Western health system knowledge, no formal education system, no technological knowledge including power generation and the use of the wheel . . . the list goes on and on.

      I know this issue where “that’s not the Maori way of doing things” is a recurrent thread that we all know, but it keeps being dragged up by PC Activists/Iwi Leaders and angers me every time I hear it said… just as apologies from the Crown fair pi## me off.

      Have you ever heard a ‘thank you’ from Maoridom for the ways and technology that Colonists brought to NZ that mainly advanced their conditions of life, work and play from the 1800’s?

      In what way specifically do the traditional ways of Maori in the 1800’s enhance NZ in the 21st Century?

      If part Maori want to keep some of their traditional ways and thinking,(some of which have been rewritten & repackaged to ‘validate’ claims to TOW Committee) this is understandable.
      But as most also want to retain the ways and knowledge of the 21st century, that adherence of ‘traditional ways’ should not be FORCED on all NZers in all walks of life on a daily basis.

      We all know this and we’re mostly letting it happen, I am guilty of this as well, but I don’t know what will cause us to be actively political even if it involves breaking the law?

      How much of NZ’s sovereignty, resources, identity, Constitution . . . must be given away before we’ll take action?

      (For many, he necessity of earning a living & raising children leaves scant time for political activity – this we know . . .

  2. What you are doing wrong is to assume that these ‘dots’ reflect any sort of reality. They have been invented to force the acceptance of having some legitimate input into the planning process. It simply isn’t there. These areas have been created by a few people around a table trying to pull the wool over the eyes of other people charged with taking on the meaning to the dots. Get it right – there is nothing of any significance in these dots. Nothing – nada!

  3. The methods used by the Auckland Council in their planning must be exposed for their inaccuracy, inefficiency, and the distortions they create, that allows the Council to achieve some goals the public are unaware of. These methods would not be acceptable in any efficient organisation and are seen as being used for some dubious purposes.

  4. typical of councils… huh…wonder how many millions of rate payers dollars it cost to come up with this?
    I bet if you did some further investigations it would be horrifying still these councils dont have to be held account for thier actions and spending so what the hell i say with sarcasm

  5. Yes, definitely more of the same ol’,same ol’ Mythical and Spiritual propaganda. The hoodwinking at work here again , and the usual 80/20 of 100% Rule, ie Go for 100% of total B/S , make a very loud noise of protest using exaggerated and fabricated TOWaitangi interpritations……then “settle” for hundreds of millions. Very very simple modus operandi 🙂

    fabricated TOWaitangi

  6. We are all New Zealanders there should be no race based exemptions regardless who they are stop this nonsense & treat us all alike

  7. The Council (Watercare) uses the word assumption when talking about wastewater. They assume that 80% of water imported to your section is returned to them for processing.
    My question —– is to assume a legel term ?

  8. Once again the elite Maori are rolling out their propaganda with a view to lining their own pockets for the future.How much longer is this turning New Zealand into a Maoridom country going to go on. If we don`t wake up soon to this creeping takeover by elite Maori we will have apartheid in this country. It is partially here now. Wake up New Zealanders.

    1. apartied is alive and kicking already robert,it doesn’t matter which sector you look into whether it be education,health,welfare,justice system,you name it,we have it.Two sets of rules and regulations…one for whites and one for blacks.What a racist country we are

  9. We have had enough of these radical proposals. If the council agrees to anything like this they should first take it to a binding referendum and I thing we know what the answer will be.

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