Posted on March 30, 2014 by Mike Butler on NZCPR
Mike Butler
An analysis of submissions to the Constitutional Advisory Panel obtained under the Official Information Act reveals an overwhelming and deep opposition to treaty politics. A fact that was obscured in the panel’s report to government. The Constitutional Advisory Panel always said its purpose was to take the nation’s pulse on constitutional matters. If the panel had reflected the wishes expressed in the 5259 written submissions, the recommendations would have been very different to the ‘massaged’ report published before Christmas 2013. I.e.

  • Maori seats in parliament should be abolished, according to 79% of respondents. 8% wanted to retain current system, 5% thought it should be decided by Maori, and 3% wanted Maori seats entrenched.
  • 70% said there should be no separate part-Maori representation in local government. 9% wanted Maori wards.
  • The Treaty of Waitangi should have no future role within New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements, according to 63%, while 16% thought it had a role.
  • Moreover, 72% did not want the treaty to be made a formal part of the constitution. 23% thought it should.
  • Part-Maori electoral participation could be improved in the same way electoral participation is encouraged for all, according to 83%.
  • A total of 66% said that New Zealand should not have a written constitution. 28% wanted a single written document.

(Abridged. Percentages have been rounded to whole numbers)
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7 thoughts on “Submissions Reveal The Constitutional Advisory Panel’s Duplicity & Spin

  1. ….Great Post Mike…Hit them Hard and Heavy..! Alienate all ‘maori seats…remove ‘Tribalism..’ Democracy will be restored to this Nation….even it means ‘blood’ in the Streets…

  2. The real problem are those people like our neighbours (two sets) who have no interest and absolutely no knowledge of what is going on. They are not unintelligent people but they just avoid politics and anything controversial. No way would they put in a submission. The panel itself had made up their minds long before they even asked for submissions and as you say would merely say that the people who oppose their point of view need education. The interesting thing to me is that after some 40 years of propaganda there are still a huge majority of people who do not believe – unlike David Cunliffe one of whose first statements was that he ‘believes’ in the Treaty.

  3. Well the Nation’s pulse has certainly spoken and I sincerely hope the powers that be take note. However, on past experience, our wishes will be swept under the carpet and ‘their’ wishes will prevail. I hope I’m wrong.

    What a corrupt body the Constitutional Advisory Panel was with racial bias so pronounced that it beggars belief. Something was very shonkey about the whole affair.

  4. These facts and a mountain of other conspiratorial decisions made on behalf of Maori should be a matter of public record, but we all know – and more particularly politicians – that the great unwashed Kiwi doesn’t give a toss! That’s the right of it!
    Unless a physical demonstration ensues and people are prepared to run the gauntlet down Queen Street and Lambton Quay, these facts will remain forever buried, which is why the likes of Finlayson can smirk with alacrity.

  5. This will never get reported in the media to the extent it needs to be. It’s up to us to write to the papers and try to get the guts of it out there to the public… I’ve already written to my local rag, I hope it gets printed but I don’t hold out much hope.

    This country is no longer a democracy and free speech if not totally muted is heavily censored, spread the word any way you can.

  6. Shaun states above – this will never get reported in the media.

    Perhaps it is time to start an action that will get their attention!

    eg first week of August everyone show they are fed up with the NZ system and unplug the telly for all of the week.
    If it works out OK then perhaps no telly at all for September, where media will bleat on mindlessly about Labour did this, National did that, but not one bit of quality substantive reporting.

    Even Roger Strong’s neighbours may do the TV protest!

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