Democracy Concept a Revelation to Feudal Maori

Te Karere presenter and Maori language expert Scotty Morrison said he had always received criticism from kaumatua who said “we can’t understand all the new terminology you use on your news programme.” Mr Morrison said the language was evolving and gave the example of hapori to create a new word meaning democracy.

So there you have it! In traditional Maori language, there was no word for democracy. And there was no place for it in a feudal/tribal society, either.  Even though they’ve known of the English word for many years, it seems that democracy remains a new language concept in orthodox maoridom. That might explain more than a few things. And here’s another elitist’s view of that odd word.


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3 thoughts on “While 1Law4All is Trying to Save Our Democracy From Tribalists, They’ve Just Got Around to Inventing a Word For It!

  1. As Pita Sharples said on One News, “the Treaty is in our language and if it’s in our language then surely we can make it mean anything we want it to”.

    I wonder if he just admitted that the Maori language cannot be translated!

    How many know that Te Reo is a language newly invented since the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975? Prior to this the language varied in content and accent throughout the tribes, many unable to understand others, some too close to the language of those who came before.

    Yet there are still those who believe they can beat racism by attempting to counter the Treaty after a failure rate spanning 39 years.

  2. Maori themselves call these neo-linguists ‘Plastic Maori’ or ‘Tupperware Maori’ and they are not respected, or are regarded with scorn.

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