If you thought things were bad in New Plymouth and again in New Plymouth, plus elsewhere, they just got a whole lot worse. Rotorua Councillor Mike McVicker now stands branded as a “rogue” for standing up for democracy. What the . . . . ?

A lone voice for democracy in Rotorua. In New Plymouth, at least there were seven stalwart defenders of democracy against five craven racists. Do e-mail the magnificent seven and give them your support.

And please click here to e-mail Mike and tell him that you support him, 100%!

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Almost as bad as genocide being given the euphemism of “ethnic cleansing.”
But you and 1Law4All are not alone.
Letters to Editor Re M McVickors resignation

more letters to editor re M McVickor




Go to the Rotorua Post web site and log your vote.
Whether it’s Rotorua or New Plymouth, both are examples of why this canker must be excised before the whole of NZ becomes rotten with racial gangrene and dies.

So what can you do? Spread the word. Tell friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues.

Unless 1Law4All gets enough of the vote in the September General Election to stop this insanity, you will soon be a serf to the part-Maori tribal elite, in your own country.


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23 thoughts on “Bravery or Madness?

  1. Again this is nothing short of racist, not to mention very undemocratic. Mike McVicker needs utmost praise and support. I understand another Councillor also feels the same way. Let’s hope more come to realise how wrong the whole concept is and it is voted down. There needs to be a law against racial privilege in any way, shape or form. It’s just so wrong.

    1. I totally agree Helen, for Rotorua and New Zealand to continue down this path is dangerous, leading to inevitable civil unrest and violence. It must be stopped.

  2. I cannot believe this separatist and racist nonsense even gets the time of day. What is wrong with our elected councillors that they grovel to such depths to try and gain votes. Even mainstream maori say wtf. Please people remember those councillors in favour of these destructive antics and do not vote for them again. Shoot them if you get the chance.

  3. Western societies began to thrive when they started eliminating privilege, feudalism and economic slavery. They became enlightened, became inclusive and fair and enforced 1Law4All and democracy! So what the heck are we letting these idiotic politicians and greedy tribal leaders do? Take us all back to feudalism and destitution? Our education system is obviously lacking – no history, no human psychology, no economics. Next these fascists will be carting we dissenters off for re-education in gulags.

  4. Good on you Mike McVicker for showing some intestinal Fortitude.
    We had the same Racist Rubbish going on in the Tararua District Council.Part Maori wanting to have unelected IWI on the Council owned Parks and reserves committee. But, we are very Fortunate to have a good Mayor in Roly Ellis and a good council.The council called for submissions and got nearly 400 mostly against this Racist ,undemocratic rubbish.The council heard the submissions and it was thrown out ,but did make 2 minor concessions.
    Some of us who did make submissions have now been labelled Racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which I find unbelievable.

    1. I am not sure how you meant your last line but I am surprised that you found being labelled ‘racist’ unbelievable. This has been the standard response by Maori activists to any opposition to their activities and is intended to put us on the defensive. Unfortunately it often works. In truth Maori are subjects of the Crown as are the rest of us. They are not partners and they are not entitled to special privileges.

  5. …stay strong Mike…you are not alone..” The ‘Rule of Law’is crucial to our fast disappearing Democracy. MMP was meant to see the abolition of Maori seats…the Maori-only parties now hold the balance of power leading to an escalation of race-based laws and extremism…APARTHEID is with us…. “Revolution time is not far away…..

  6. We definitely need more Mike McVickers in this country, especially on Councils and the like. He has integrity and this is sadly lacking within our politicians and the weak Councillors who seem to make it into positions where they can make a difference. I feel he will stay strong. Which Council is going to be next in trying to bring about racial privilege, aka apartheid? On top of that there is the cost – our money I might add. And for what? What exactly are they achieving?

  7. Good on you Mike this racist nonsense has got to be stopped in some cases it has gone to far already especially with Nai Tahau in the South Island.

  8. Well done Mike. I would not be so upset if these were pure maori but most are less than half maori if it was an advantage to be white they would be claiming to be pakeha and grabing the benefits of being pakeha

  9. We haven’t had democracy since John Key promised equality and then proceeded to about-turn and grant part-Maori more and more privileges, plus more and more dollars. Yes indeed John, if folk with a bit of Irish blood were up for privileges, a large number of our so-called Maori would find those requisite drops and change allegiance in a heartbeat. At least we might then get to watch an Irish jig now and then instead of those never-ending hakas.

  10. I admire your commitment to staying with true to what is right Mike. Well done for making a stand on this undemocratic trend sweeping this country. One Law For All….surely!

  11. I have noticed that if you make only one non-PC comment on talkback radio your phone number is placed in the junk bin, if you ring thereafter you call is never answered.

    1. That could be true Mr Graham. Or maybe it only applies to people who go on and on about the same thing ad nauseam. Which brings me to: I am henceforth exercising my editorial privilege and will not be approving any more comments from you carping on about Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter. This is not to stifle free speech, as you have mentioned the QV Charter approximately 40 times so far. I think readers and commentors here have been subjected to it enough to not need any more repetitive comments from you on that particular subject.

  12. Well done Mike McVicker; be a great voice to have within 1Law4All NZ. Be great if he was at 1Law4All meetings. What a great exposure if he and 1Law4All were on Campbell Live and Q & A. Admin and the hierarchy – worth having a go to set this up?

    1. I can’t speak for 1Law4All, but I did hear that there had been some dialogue with Mike. Even before the present hoohah. I also heard (indirectly) today that Mike has been overwhelmed by the e-mails and messages of support from all over NZ. Thanks to you and other 1Law4All members. There’s talk of a referendum in Rotorua, too, I hear. I also understand that, unlike the national farces, local body referendums are binding. But I could be wrong on that.

      1. He definitely needs lots of support. I know another Councillor feels the same way but I haven’t seen his name in print yet so won’t name him. It would be good if he could enlighten other Councillors so that perhaps this can be defeated without having to go through a referendum. I’ve given Mike information on how our Council voted down Maori Wards via a poll after an overwhelming number of signatures on a petition. However, I don’t seem to think he is a member of 1Law4All. Yet anyway???

  13. mike mcvicar, you have the courage to say what thousands of others think,but hesitate to utter. Regarding the word ‘culture’, the European culture we brought to there stone age way of living not so long ago, has elevated us all to the electronic age. It is time we all were starting from an equal base in this country, but it will only happen if a few leaders with guts, lead us forward. you are one mike, thanks. Norm Mayo.

  14. Hear, hear, Norm. From where I’m sitting, people of Maori descent have gained far far more than what they think they have lost. None of today’s technology was even though of let alone here for us all in 1840, so one would think they would acknowledge their gratitude and move forward with us all together. If it hadn’t been for Britian taking over the country the odds are they would have become extinct, given all the continuous fighting, cannibalism and female infanticide. Does any know of any gratitude for that? They are certainly very quiet about it.

  15. yes Helen not even a thank you from the descendants of thousands of freed slaves who were treated like cattle a walking feast at times

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