What does it take to wake people up to the racist power play threatening our country’s peace and prosperity?

Some Aucklanders have recently been shocked by the Council’s “racist” survey asking residents to rate their feelings towards ethnic groups including Pakeha, Chinese, Indian, Korean and “other Asian” people, and say whether they contributed to the economy or not… (Herald on Sunday 4/5/14).

Replace these designations with those of “Jew”, “Black” or “Homosexual” and we could be in Nazi Germany of the 1930s. Call me an alarmist, but we only have to read a bit of history to know that this is how it starts. Will some of us be forced to wear a New Zealand version of the badge of shame? Will we or our children be forced out in some way?

Innocuous Start

Our first move away from the enlightened and democratic “one law for all” creed was the push for Maori to receive extra privileges and priorities. While innocent and tolerant Kiwis thought they were giving a leg up to the underprivileged or paying for real grievances, the reality has been quite different. No matter how well off they are, people with a bit of Maori blood are increasingly entitled to unelected and unaccountable power at all levels of government, priority in healthcare, a rewritten history taught in schools and universities, and all sorts of taxpayer-funded hand-outs ranging from ipads to millions of dollars for dubious reasons and causes.

Same Terrible Result

Treating one ethnicity as privileged always means that others will be disadvantaged in some way. It starts with money, then come the law changes (as we’ve already seen in Auckland’s Unitary Plan giving unsubstantiated tribal groups unspecified, unlimited power to charge and control private properties). As night follows day, this course will gather momentum and ultimately result in misery and destruction for all.

The people pushing race-based government are either evil, selfish or simply naïve.

Auckland Council’s Unitary Plan and now this survey indicate the mindset of their dominant bureaucrats and politicians. It is too late to be afraid, it is now time to stand up to the racists throughout local and central government. We must stop our slide towards becoming a South Pacific Zimbabwe.

We Kiwis of all ethnicities simply cannot do this to our descendants. Offer your skills to 1Law4All today or do your own thing, in your own way.

Just be sure to be on the right side of history.


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27 thoughts on “Open Letter to New Zealanders

  1. Well I cannot say that I am surprised by this. Has anyone else noticed that the UN (who of all people have no cause to preach to others) have criticised NZ for our “Human Rights Violations”, and failure to treat our “indigenous people” in the right way? With that sort of backing, the purveyors of racial privilege for one of our minorities will be encouraged to further excesses.

    1. I notice the comment’indigenous people. The word indigenous
      means ‘originating or occurring naturally in a country’.
      well I am sorry to have to tell you that I was, like most other New Zealanders, born in this country. Thus I consider myself an ‘Indigenous Person’, and of course covered by the provisions of the UN’s DUNDRIP. If enough real New Zealanders made a point of stressing, vehemently, this very point, the one-sided discussion regarding ‘indigenous people’ would very soon lose its flavour.

      1. I think that it’s a point that’s been raised before. The response was that the UN uses the word/language differently.

        It’s all sleight-of-mouth, anyway. Today’s part-Maoris forebears came here in canoes. Their own tall tales and legends are unambiguous on that. So, guess what?

        Arriving here from elsewhere, be that by waka or tall ship, predicates the same thing: colonisation and colonialists.

        Indigenous my . . . . . .

      2. Well Peter, I put the term in quotes for a good reason. Human occupation of NZ is a recent phenomenon (only 7 or 800 years or so), so the descriptor ‘indigenous’ is doubtful at all; but I do agree with you that your claim to being indigenous is as valid as anyone else that was born here, especially if the same could be said of their parents. I am am immigrant (came here in 1959), and make no such claims, but I do, as a NZ citizen, feel rather aggrieved that I, and others of the non-Maori (even in part) sort are viewed as somehow ‘lesser’ in entitlements and rights than those that were here when the first European settlers came.
        If ‘indigenous’ means “first to arrive” then the vast majority of Maoridom doesn’t qualify as the Maori occupation of NZ took places in many small stages; so in essence, only the descendants of that very first exploratory group would qualify, and finding out who they were would be a task to try anyone’s patience.
        Such a determination, though, would put the cat among the pigeons I think… 🙂

        1. Hi Kathryn,
          There is evidence that New Zealand was actually colonised around 250 BC by the Greeks and when the Maori arrived here they found 3 different peoples here: white skinned very tall fair haired people with larger than theirs ears; average sized white people with dark hair and dark skinned Moriori. and do you know what they called these people? Tangatiwhenua. Talk to Maori when they have their guard down and they admit it. Read the book To the ends of the earth, three authors one whose name is Hillerman. There is archaeological evidence to support this but allot of it is hidden from the public.

          1. I’ve read the same information in a number of places, Mark. I find it staggering that our history is being suppressed. It really beggars belief. Why on earth can’t we know our true history? There are some crazy people out there whose thought processes are totally unfathomable.

          2. Hi Mark,

            Moriore were not dark, you’ve been reading too much propaganda.

            Taine Ruairidh Mhor (Scottish Gaelic and phonetic, Tane Rori Mor)is their proper name and I was told at School, in Scotland, they were banished here in 1120.

            Gaelic and Maori grammar are identical, you will notice to hide identity the grammar was reversed to Moriori.

            As Maoris had no idea where they came from they were given the name Populi de Mare (Latin for “People from the sea”). This was later shortened to Mare and, thereafter, Maorified to Maori. Thus the reason they are found nowhere else on Earth.

            Tane now stands alone as God of the forest due to their woodworking skills and they carved canoes in the same manner as what Maoris call a waka. There is a cave in Wemyss (Weems), Scotland, close to where I come from with a cave drawing of such a vessel.

            Tane Ruairidh Mhor witnessed Maoris being abandoned on the shore, male only, by their Chinese slave master, Zheng He, in 1422.

            Due to Maoris mating with the Celts the mothers taught their children their culture and this is why maraes are covered in Ancient Celtic art.

        2. Should one think deeply enough, if Maoris has been able to come here under their own steam they would still have had blue water sailing vessels when the latest lot of Europeans arrived and they would also be found in other islands including Australia.

          There is a myth they navigated here by the stars but stars are not stationary, they appear to move in the same manner as the Sun because of rotation of the earth. Star navigation is, therefor, not possible without use of a time piece, unknown to Maori culture, to clarify when such and such a star is in a particular position at a given. Leading one to believe they were brought here by others.

          1. You are on the same wavelength as me in this, G Graham. I have long asked why there has never ever been any evidence of blue water wakas that would have enabled Maori to sail across those treacherous seas. They certainly couldn’t have done it in the wakas we see around the place and that have been dug up. Having been dumped here by proper sailing ships certainly makes more sense. However, they will never let us get anywhere on this one.

            Also, the Celtic culture certainly shows up in Maori culture. Maybe that is also telling us something as I’m sure the Scots didn’t learn from Maori, so ….!!??

  2. Let’s start a political party. Is there anyone in their right mind who hasn’t had enough of this persistent racist behaviour.
    If it weren’t for fear of losing votes, this would have been stopped years ago.
    I don’t see any of the existing parties standing up for ordinairy New Zealanders. Who, ironically, have always stood against racism.

    1. You what? Start a political Party? Do you know where you are when you visit this blog?

  3. The evil described is transcended by one other:


    So many good-natured and well-intentioned kiwis sleep-walking their way to civil unrest, if not civil disaster.

  4. Yes, exactly, Simple Simon. First of all they came for the Communists but I said nothing because I wasn’t a communist. Then they came for the Socialists but I said nothing because I wasn’t a Socialist. Then they came for another group but I said nothing because I wasn’t one. Then they came for me and there was no-one to say anything. That happened during WWII. Have we learned nothing?!! We are again repeating the same mistakes.

    I have been fighting this racism for nearly 20 years, have achieved absolutely zilch and it is progressing at an even more alarming rate. Wake up people. Apathy won’t save anyone. Get off your couches, take notice and speak out. A handful people can’t do it, we need masses of people. Like the legal high fiasco, the Government took absolutely no notice until people started congregating in the streets in large numbers. That’s what we have to do. That’s the only way they are going to finally listen.

  5. I am continually amazed that the people I speak to have either little knowledge of what is happening or have been so brainwashed that they simply can’t or won’t see what is happening. It doesn’t stop me but I do find it both disheartening and incredible.

    1. Join the Club, Roger. I’ve felt that way for the past 20 or so years. At least I’ve tried to do something about it, becoming very vocal, having written many letters, spoken personally to politicians here, there and everywhere – and achieved nothing. We need masses of people out there and visible, shaming the Government into doing something positive to haul this racist nonsense in and getting shot of it once and forever. Just like the people did with regard to legal highs. However, they hadn’t become as entrenched as racial privilege and that is going to be that much harder to unravel, but unravel it we must.

  6. …from the recent Blogs’ of Bruce Moon’s HONEST story of the Ngai Tahu multi-million dollar settlements via the corrupt Waitangi Tribunal. We see how the “tribe” tapped into rivers of cash.How the claimants manipulated evidence to justify compensation,is becoming old history.This should serve as a warning..LOUD and CLEAR….If New Zealanders do not wake up and take active steps to resist this onslaught coming from every “tribe” from every corner of the nation..we will be second-class citizens in a APARTHEID state…with the Treaty of Waitangi torn up in tatters into the dustbin of History”.. along with blood on the streets…. What a legacy to leave for our future generations……

  7. I really don’t know what has happened to our country. I am very saddened. I say regularly to people i converse through my work day.” this current racist separatism will end in serious life taking civil war” it may not happen in my life time but mark my words it will happen. 15% cannot continue to rort and bully the other 85%

    1. At the height of world war II the population of Germany was 90 million, only 8 million were Nazi’s….I guess there were alot of good men choosing to do nothing during the 1930’s. We see alot of similar things starting to happen here in NZ. The fight needs to start before the enemy has full control!

  8. I said right back in the 70ies where all this was going to go and I kept on saying it for years and no one would listen

  9. Yes folks it’s time to stand up and be counted, don’t be afraid to inform those that have slept thru the creeping tide of racism in this country before it’s too late, because it really is almost too late and we must do something right now. Write to your local council and your MP, let them know you’ve had enough, we’re on a very slippery slope and our elected idiots are pulling the rug from under our feet. Time to fight back or lose the battle.

    1. …Stevo, have emailed many MP’s with your concerns ..they just ignore you. 99% of elected MP’s are ‘yes’ people. The arrogant ‘non-elected’ ones do what they wish…The two head ‘Nazi pro-iwi low-life’ are Finlayson and Key. Who have both been the force behind this ‘Racism/Apartheid Road’ that all New Zealanders are being pushed down…Power to the People needs to be returned NOW…..!!

  10. Bang On! Cpt747. I have agreed 100% with every one of your comments that I have come across on these blogs. Sincerely hope we can make a positive difference come September.

  11. What about a march/marches for equal rights & an end to the treaty gravy train. If there is a big enough turnout then the politicians will take notice because there is a majority of people that have had enough & you could bet your life it would be a vote winner, the only problem will be the apathy that is predominant among us, how can we go about getting a decent turnout.

    1. Yes, Glenn. I too am with you on this and have long advocated it. I feel it is the only way to get the politicians to take notice. It has to be a real concerted effort up and down the country though. How to get the apathetic ones off their chairs and out into the open is the big question.

  12. Who is the person behind this post? Why won’t you put your name to it? I’m conscious that the KKK always operated under anonymity. The message is OK but who is giving it?
    Jeremy Laurenson

    1. Jeremy, it was written by the same person as wrote the book review. Her name is Fiona Mackenzie and she is the Treasurer of the Party. Fiona has been a long time contributor to Muriel Newman’s blog – Breaking Views.
      She does not leave her name off out of any fear of being known, but rather that she feels she is writing on behalf of the party and that the articles she writes for us are the views of all of us involved in the party. Fiona is an excellent and experienced writer and expresses our views better than most of us can individually.

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