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David Round’s address at the 1Law4All AGM venue.
Watch it here in 4 parts

Many thanks to our volunteer videographer.

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13 thoughts on “David Round’s Address to the crowd at the 1Law4All AGM venue

  1. I very strongly hope for all New Zealand, that the 1Law4All party does achieve all it hopes. The current situation is becoming very volatile and should NZ carry on this present way, severe social unrest and violence will occur.

  2. What a relief – I am not alone.

    Congratulations, David Round, your message needs to be heard and understand by everyone.

    It seems that the bulk of new Zealanders are content to bury their heads in the sand. Theirs is a recipe for disaster for NZ.

    Congratulations too, to OneLaw 4 All. Yours is the beacon of hope. May it never be extinguished.

  3. I completely endorse David Round’s statements and comments. If you don’t, you’re a fool. Please spread the word before our coming elections.

  4. You guys and gals are optimists! Almost half of NZ is sleep-walking their way to disaster. Most of the other half have their heads up in the clouds somewhere, too. If not up in the clouds, then somewhere worse!

    If you folks don’t get your fingers out and spread the word, there may be a 1Law4All option on the ballot paper, but what good will it do if only a few tens of thousands tick that box?

    What that WILL do – AND GET THIS FOR REAL – is that the brown-nosed will cluck smugly that they are right and 1Law4All are wrong, because (they’ll say) the election results show that the ‘racist’ views of 1Law4All have MINISCULE SUPPORT.

    Their fate – and yours – is in your hands. Sit on them and you’ll be in it. Get out and about and you might – just might – make a difference.

  5. C’mon Simon, I know you are generally for equal rights for all. Surely you can’t place the blame for apathy in everyone else’s hands but your own. That is the trademark of apathy, blaming others.

    The people connected to 1Law4All are trying to do something to turn things around. This is a big ask and requires as many hands on deck as possible, including yours.

    Instead of criticism, how about offering something constructive. Or better still, how about standing up and doing something yourself.

    If the message of 1Law4All is not heard loudly and clearly during the election campaign. DO NOT blame the people who tried to do something about it. Blame the apathetic, blame those who criticized rather than contributed.

  6. Simple Simon, what makes you think we are not ‘out there’ spreading the word? More importantly are you out there spreading the word?
    Is the above the best use of your time?
    So GET THIS FOR REAL if you don’t get out and spread the word it could mean less ticks in the box – have you thought of that?
    Nothing much is ever gained by sitting round wishing, so optimism seems like good outlook from where i sit.
    Whats more, YOU know i am not sitting on my hands, i assure you it is very difficult to type in that position.

  7. The problem here is simple. We have a small group who are a bit like the choir, singing to the congregation. There are millions of un-churched ‘out there’ who aren’t hearing the song about impending racial hellfire and apartheid damnation.

    You can’t know what I’ve done / am doing. You’ll have to take my word for it that it’s significant. But no matter what I do or you do (are you the Cannon’s Creek Andy?) our scope is generally limited to those who already have a feeling of great unease.

    The brown family gangsters have their moles and saboteurs in every strata of our society. They are well organised, well-entrenched and well-funded with taxpayers’ money. They have made it a constant practice to deride and brand as a racist, anyone who disagrees with them. My guess is that’s why so few of ‘the rest’ will stand up and be counted. If there’s one thing that makes generally fair-minded kiwis cringe, it’s being called a racist, even when that denigration is patently untrue.

    And apathy is the gaping hole in the defence lines of democracy.

    The Auckland race-based scam plan, the attempted racial rorts in Rotorua, New Plymouth, Bay of Plenty, Nelson, etc., are all evidence of what the plan is. After the rebuff of the CONstitutional Divisory PLANel, the fifth columnists and other race-based rip-off subversives have simply re-grouped and re-deployed.

    Until the great unchurched / unwashed ‘out there’ see what’s going on and treat it seriously, REALLY seriously, the rest of us here – who see through the clouds of brown-washing obfuscation and know what the real agenda is – are mostly spitting into the wind.

  8. As I could not attend the AGM, I am grateful for having the chance to see David Round’s well constructed lecture. Although it didn’t reveal anything new to some of us, it gave a fresh perspective as to how risible it is, given that some of the most militant of our brown friends’ DNA is so severely diluted!
    I also applaud Dr Round’s candour in naming and shaming those self-interested academics who knowingly enable and validate the apartheid ideology in this country. His plea for urgency in combatting this foul disease should be ignored at our peril.

  9. David thanks heaps for standing up for common sense the destruction of our democracy is alarming but worst still is the fact most NZders cant be bothered to anything about it even to the point it ok to give vast wealth to a undeserving bit Maori separatist minority who are really just bludgers of hard working NZders

    1. ..For sure Rob.. as you say ‘a maori separatist minority’.. destroying Democracy and compromising the ‘rule of law’ with the most destructive ‘criminal enterprise’ this nation has ever seen…

  10. The main problem as I see it is most citizens dont feel part of the decision making any more. Democracy has been well and truly shafted and the people disenfranchised. Until binding referenda are installed our vote means very little. How to get that ? I wish I knew.

  11. How sad. New Zealand is a beacon of light to the world not ‘in spite’ of the Treaty but ‘because’ of it. It is a living document which provides evidence that Maori (who are ‘not’ homogenous and Pakeha who are ‘not’ homogenous can live together. Do we need to wait for another two hundred years to figure this out? Just cast your eyes across the Tasman. Aboriginal people and the People of the Torres Strait are still at the place you were at in 1840. No Treaty, no recognition.Do your research, value your own judgements and for goodness sakes, liberate yourselves from the political agenda’s and influences of people who attempt to sway you from what YOU believe to be true. NZ is a beautiful and generous country.

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