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Now, folks, this might seem like an odd request, but please bear with me.

Have a look at this video. It’s just under 7 minutes long. Especially, look at the faces of the audience towards the end. They did not like what they heard, did they?

The correspondence to the present takeover of NZ by the part-Maori apartheid proponents is glaringly obvious. But kiwis are not hearing about it, are they? Or, when they do, they’re either too busy to do anything about it, or too thick to see through the veil of deception and appreciate what’s going on! Have their BS antennae fallen off?

It’s all a matter of ‘how you package it,’ PLUS how perceptive the the NZ constituency audience is!

After you’ve watched the video and while it’s still fresh in your mind, look down at the media release that’s appended, just below.

Look very, very carefully at the parts marked in red. Look at how the deceptive trickery is carefully spun out by the clever use of ‘trigger’ words. Then move on down to one possible analysis, at the end.

Press Release – New Zealand Recreation Association

Maori and Aboriginal leaders will be among the speakers at an international Hui exploring the best models for protecting natural environments in Australia and New Zealand.


FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 2014

High-level Hui explores models for shared protection of natural environments.

Maori and Aboriginal leaders will be among the speakers at an international Hui exploring the best models for protecting natural environments in Australia and New Zealand.

The Co-governance and Co-management of Parks and Environments Hui will take place at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington on June 17 and 18. It will provide an opportunity for Indigenous groups and representatives, parks agencies, land managers, recreation consultants, business leaders and policy makers to discuss co-governance and co-management of land and marine environments.

The event has been jointly organised by Parks Forum and the New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA). It will be opened by Conservation Minister Hon Dr Nick Smith, with keynote presentations from paramount chief Sir Tumu te Heuheu T kino of Ng ti T wharetoa and Sir Mark Solomon of Ng i Tahu.

Keynote addresses will be complemented by workshops hosted by New Zealand and Australian parks organisations and Indigenous leaders, including Dr Matthew Ward, Regional Manager for Natural Resources Alinytjara Wiluara, a branch of the South Australia Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, and former M ori All Blacks coach Matt Te Pou, of Tuhoe.

NZRA Chief Executive Andrew Leslie says recent Treaty of Waitangi land settlements in New Zealand and the granting of access and land-use rights to Indigenous groups in Australia has highlighted the need for Indigenous leaders and people at all levels of parks management to share knowledge and experiences of how best to co-govern and co-manage land.

“The time is right too, for an international Hui to pool knowledge, share experiences, and talk through common challenges and models that are working well,” he says.

Parks Forum’s Chief Executive Margaret Morton says “Though the Australian experience is different from New Zealand, which has the Treaty as a guiding document, we’re interested in sharing our knowledge of taking a joint approach to protecting our natural environment.”

Australia’s 1993 Native Title Act recognises the rights of some Indigenous people to their land that come from their traditional laws and customs, including rights to live on the area, access and use the land historically occupied by Indigenous peoples.

Speakers and workshops will examine a range of outcomes including the experience of the Crown and Waikato-Tainui’s co-management of conservation resources five years on, Ngati Whatua Orakei Reserves Board’s co-governance experience 23 years on, and the current arrangements for Auckland’s new agency for co-governing and co-managing the city’s Maunga or volcanic cones.

The work undertaken to establish Wellington’s Oruaiti Reserve, formerly Point Dorset Reserve, will be the topic for another workshop. It looks at what Treaty settlement has meant for Taranaki Wh nui and council partnerships in Wellington. Oruaiti Reserve is the first of several joint management arrangements for reserves in Wellington.

The Australian perspective on joint management of parks and protected areas will be presented by traditional owners and park managers from the Northern Territory, Parks Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. The workshops and masterclasses will explore what models have worked well and identify how we can all work together more effectively to manage our natural and cultural values.

The Hui will be preceded by an optional field trip to Wellington conservation programme’s Matiu (Somes) Island and Zealandia, on Monday June 16.

Now, here’s a few clues to wise you up to what’s going on.

1) Joint Media Release – “New Zealand Recreation Association.” Wow! They sound important, don’t they? They sound like a group that would take in hobby recreationists, like trampers, hunters, fishers, mountain climbers, river kayakers, national parks visitors, etc., don’t they? Don’t be fooled – they don’t! In reality they’re an “organisation for recreation professionals.” People who get to charge for what they do! Look at their web site. They’re a trade association! Using racially-biased agreements that make private citizen open space access into a pay-for privilege will make the recreation professionals so much more competitive, wont it? And the media release is “joint,” too. And – guess what? The other part of the joint is the Parks Forum – the NZ Recreation Assn Oz equivalent. From their web site: “Our vision is for a strong and vibrant parks industry.” Industry? I.e. both organisations are commercial rent-a-guides!

2) The hooey is “international.” Wow! That’s sounds important, right? An appeal to authority logical fallacy.

3) “best models for protecting natural environments” Sounds good, too, right? Who could disagree with that? (The unspecified best model will doubtless be iwi elite control with convenient commercial connections to the Oz Parks Forum and the NZ Recreation Assn!)

4) “High-level Hui explores models for shared protection of natural environments” The word ‘shared’ now appears, associated with ‘protection of natural environments,’ but only after a further appeal to authority logical fallacy of ‘High-level Hui.’ There will be nothing morally, ethically or democratically ‘high’ about the hooey’s hidden agenda!

5) Note that it’s a hooey, rather than a symposium, or conference or the like. Another subliminal, crafty insertion to soften readers / viewers / the media / suckers to the view that such high-powered things need to be hooeys because they’re so important.

6) “protecting natural environments in Australia and New Zealand” – Another logical fallacy. Viz. argumentum ad populum (appeal to the authority of the many). Wow! As well as being an international hooey, Australia’s singled out for special mention, so that must make it a good thing to do, right!

7) “The co-governance and co-management of Parks and Environments Hui.” Aha – now the reality of what the hooey is about becomes apparent, if the reader has not been blinded by the soothing and deceptively spun platitudes which preceded it. Later, the word ‘environments’ morphs into ‘natural environments.’

8) Then, just in case those co-words struck a nerve, a sedative / palliative is applied in this form: “The time is right too for an international Hui to pool knowledge, share experiences, and talk through common challenges and models that are working well.” What harm can there be in pooling knowledge, sharing experiences, talking through models that are working well and any challenges, right? Especially given the earlier repeated mantra of “protecting natural environments.”

9) In case you missed it, note the use of the words “natural environments.” Parks is fairly well defined. But natural environments takes in just about everything except a concrete jungle! Given what’s happened in Auckland, your backyard is in the ‘natural environment!’

10) Then, towards the end, slipped in, ever-so-sneakily, is “natural and cultural values.” What have cultural values got to do with protecting natural environments? Nothing at all. Another snake in the grass lying in wait for the casual outdoorsy types. And never forget, this born-again conservator-general BS is nothing but one of contemporary convenience. Who do they think they’re kidding? If such enviro-conservation ‘cultural values’ were of long standing, NZ would still have moas and huias, etc.

Whoever’s behind this knows what they’re about. And the person who wrote that media release really knew what they were doing. It’s very, very, very clever.

The brown-washed, brain-dead, PC media would fall for it, hook, line and sinker.

As would most of the rest of the NZ population.

That is what 1Law4All is up against.

Are they up to it? Are their members prolific enough and up to it?

If not, I don’t fancy their chances. Or New Zealand’s.


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24 thoughts on “Decoding The Lies, Spin & BS

  1. (10) Cultural values? Simple. Turia is half American. Sharples is half English. Why do they deny one half of their parental heritage? Why do they favour the other half – the part-Maori half, along with its ‘cultural values?’ Because they’re following the money, Seymour. That’s their contemporary cultural value! The collecting $$$$$$$$$ culture.

  2. The word, “Partnership” is being referred to in practically every discussion on Maori issues. So much so, that it is becoming common usage and indeed expected, such is the vigorous nature of their propaganda spin doctors.
    Conversely, we are not rising to the challenge.
    How can Maori become “Subjects” under a treaty and at the same time be partners? This makes a mockery of central and local governments in providing reserved seats on boards.
    This fundamental difference has never been legally challenged to my knowledge. Why not?

    1. I totally agree. Constantly repeating a lie eventually makes it a fact. It’s a well known propaganda technique. Yet sooooo many people fall for it. They need to be called on it constantly to remind people that it is not a fact at all.

    2. ..thanks Kenneth…as former PM David Lange stated : ” Did Queen Victoria for a moment think of forming a ‘partnership’ with a number of thumbprints and 500 people ? ” The rest is a twisting of history by a group of low-life social engineers; who stole our egalitarian Treaty of Waitangi from all the people of New Zealand ,and turned it into a document of APARTHEID……..

  3. All I can say is ‘what cultural values’. For over 30 years prior to 1840 Maori were marauding up and down the country killing and eating each other. They had absolutely no respect for anything or anyone apart from taking off others. They were cruel and barbaric – Stone Age in fact. It’s time we got rid of this ridiculous notion that Maori have a special affinity with the land and all that goes with it. We must all be treated the same under the law – no partnership, no special touchy feely cultural values, etc etc. Just all the same. Nothing else will work for our country.

    Also, like Simple Simon how does one part of their ancestry have more meaning than the other part? Oh yes, money!! Follow it. It’s amazing how it can make one part of your ancestry stand out over the rest of it. It all goes to show how inane the whole concept is.

  4. How come every newly formed political party gets media coverage and we see nothing about 1LAW4ALL?

    1. That’s a very good question Ernie. I’d be very grateful if you could contact some of them and find out. They are totally ignoring us. They do not even print media releases we send out. It’s like we are invisible to the media. It’s the kind of censorship that went on in Nazi Germany pre WWII.

    2. The clue is up there, Ernie:

      “The brown-washed, brain-dead, PC media would fall for it, hook, line and sinker.”

      It’s called group think.

      The ‘mainstream’ media have been sucked in to the vortex of lies and spin and PC claptrap such that any painful or embarrassing truth will never be seen in the ink on their pages.

      But the opposite (pro-part-Maori – anti-the-rest) is not similarly censored.

      The group discounts warnings, does not consider alternatives fully and ignores ethical and moral consequences of its actions in an unquestioning presumption of its own morality and correctness. Group members censor their own ideas willingly to help maintain an illusion of common agreement and purpose.

  5. Well, folks – here’s another humungous serving of guilt for you. It’s all your fault, you shameless scumbags.

    REPORT: Colonisation a ‘factor’ in abuse

    An inquiry has found that the cause behind the high rate of child abuse and domestic violence amongst Maori is rooted in colonisation.

    The report says Maori culture holds tamariki and wahine in high esteem. However, European colonisation taught tangata whenua new ways of privileging men – rendering women and children as possessions and contributing to male violence against them.

    The report found that Pakeha influence of encouraging rural whanau to move to the city made them feel isolated and disconnected from their culture and extended families, which resulted in breaking down their spirit and mana.

    The report advocates reconnecting Maori communities, providing them with well-funded, long-term support and rebuilding tikanga and Maori identity.

    Well-funded! By whom? You guessed it! ME and YOU!!

    OMG – cry me a river!! What have we done? Where are my sackcloth and ashes? Where do I confess? (Oh, that’s right, down at the IRD office!)

  6. Exactly, atrout. I really do wish someone could tell me about the different ‘needs’ people of Maori descent have especially as part(often the larger part) of their ancestry is non-Maori. We are all human beings and surely we all have the same needs. There is nothing stopping anyone of Maori descent getting themselves elected onto Boards, Committees etc or even becoming Mayor of towns/cities. But to have special treatment for so-called ‘Maori’ is quite beyond the pale and quite beyond my comprehension.

  7. Don’t concern yourselves about different needs. There aren’t any. The history of this cultural duality started back in 1975 and was supported from two directions. One was the strengthening of iwi structures in support of ToW claims. This was most coordinated by TPK- the Maori development agency. Iwi groups were ‘coached’ by TPK staff on methods to build skills in negotiation with the Crown and also in rewriting history to support the actual claims. Remember that evidence given in ToW is not subject to the normal evidential process. And no appeals are possible, just counter claims. Now the second major part of the drive for acceptance of a special status for Maori came from the UN with its Indigenous peoples rights program. This was supported by wet white liberals in our Universities as an expression of their so-call cultural sensitivity. Called it totally condescending toward Maori if you like but that is what it was. In the Unis it infected the Nursing Studies early on and spread throughout almost all sectors over time. Resource Management, Social Sciences and all the rest.
    While this was carrying on in academia the private sector took it on in groups such as Transit NZ where entirely fabricated Maori Consultation Manuals were written ensuring that Iwi groups were paid well to check off and be part of every piece of dirt turned on all scales of civil engineering. This is the same process that has resulted in Iwi consultation being locked into the Resource Management process on so many private projects from carports to marinas.
    The process is now essentially support by local government staff and authenticated by central government as it passes more and more legislation building in Maori Partnerships. So it is all legal, all ‘normal’ but morally wrong and certainly of no long term benefit to Maori or NZ as a whole. Sadly most of the population doesn’t know or care. People don’t have the personal moral sense or intellectual depth to question what is essentially a nation wide apartheid culture. South Africa has done much better in race relations with much worse problems having to be resolved. Canada is beginning to slip into a real mess as their programs begin to let the First Nations People down badly. Thing can only improve via the ballot box and pressure is put on our politicians.

  8. To me it is corruption on a grand scale, atrout. It’s obvious to a blind man what is going on but it totally beggars belief that firstly the Government lets it happen and, secondly, the public don’t wise up and start protesting. Masses marching on Parliament would probably make the Government sit up and take notice. However, the longer it goes on, surely the harder it is going to be to unravel??!!

    1. It can’t be unravelled… the people have been brainwashed to the point where change will be generational.
      The politicians don’t care either. I once asked two National MPs if the Foreshore and Seabed Act was going to be passed. Both said no that it wouldn’t happened. One then said that it wouldn’t matter anyway because, given time, NZ will become Maori-ized and no one will notice. Since that time it is obvious that NZ will become multicultural and that no one will take any notice. Either way, any significant change will be very slow and not driven by any mainstream politics.

  9. It appears that New Zealand will be forever entrenched in a’twisted treaty’ APARTHEID….Martin Butler’s analysis of ‘Submissions to the ‘Constitutional Advisory Panel’ reveal a DEEP opposition to treaty politics that was obscured in the panel’s report to the government in December 2013…the Maori party has been pushing along ‘the constitutional review road’.. as a way to elevate the treaty into supreme law, which the public via their submissions have totally rejected..!!! So will the Key controlled politicians listen to the ‘People of New Zealand’ and reject any future attempts by Maori supremacists to manipulate the system to give them more and more power…????

    1. You must be away on holiday Cpt747; hasn’t the Key Government widened the claims gate; passed the Marine Act; been touring the country with a loaded Constitutional Review Panel attempting to endorse Maori sovereignty and Mayor Brown, with National’s approval, attempting to beat National’s Maori sovereignty ideals with his Auckland Unitary plan.

      Like the majority of Kiwis, when you come in to land you’ll wonder how it all happened.

  10. That is scary, Atrout. All I can say is thank goodness I won’t be around to see it happen. Thankfully all my children live in Australia apart from one, so they won’t be affected by and large. The politicians need to be burnt at the stake!!?? How can they live with themselves? Still, I’m not going to give up.

  11. As Atrout’ states ; the majority of the population has been ‘brain-washed’ over the past 20-30 years. A Democracy has to be safeguarded within each generation or it is lost.. A good dose of ‘Civil Disobedience’ by a majority of New Zealanders and installation of an ‘Act of Impeachment’ may be preferable to “burning at the stake”. A way forward seems unclear for sure. A War of many Battles will no doubt evolve.

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