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‘With an election looming in only a few short weeks, the only question I am compelled to ask of you is, how much longer?

How much longer must people (partly) of Maori heritage labour under the crushing burden of low expectation? How much longer do we treat them as somehow less fully-formed, less human than other citizens, paternalistically excusing their statistically lower education and health outcomes, and higher rates of crime and imprisonment on the basis of their cultural heritage; the very definition of the term “racism”?

How much longer must New Zealanders of all cultural backgrounds apologise and pay for injustices real and (increasingly often) imagined which occurred most recently – when they occurred at all – more than a century ago?

How much longer must we continue under an apartheid electoral system where people (partly) from one racial background have access to preferential electorate seats from which others are excluded?

How much longer must we put up with those disabled parking spaces of the electoral system?

How much longer must New Zealand be held hostage to a corrupt oligarchical structure of tribal supremacy epitomised by your friends the Corporate IWI?

How much longer do we tolerate that tribal hierarchy deliberately keeping their own people in poverty and misery in order to pluck the heartstrings of Liberal White Guilt in order to ensure the treasury remains open to them?

How much longer until we cease to allow Maori-only electorate representation, Maori-only health funding, Maori-only legal representation, Maori-only educational scholarships?

How much longer must we tolerate the (former) paid and trained pet of the Corporate IWI, holding ministerial responsibility for treaty settlements, a conflict of interest so massive it would at minimum raise the eyebrows of the Law Society were it to occur in the private sector?

How much longer does our society suffer under the burden of treating citizens (partly) from one cultural heritage in preference to those from all others?

How much longer before the people of New Zealand break the stranglehold the Corporate IWI and their puppets in your government have on Maori people?

How much longer before Maori people are considered fully-formed adult members of society, and afforded the same freedoms and liberties as every other citizen?

How much longer until you realise the massive leap backwards the relations between races have taken as a direct result of your government’s pandering to the interests of radical and seditious racist elements in our society?

The Gantt Guy’


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26 thoughts on “The Gantt Guy’s letter to John Key:

  1. Very well written. You should have put your name on it and I bet you don’t get a reply

  2. As can be seen by the many people of Maori descent who are decent hard working citizens getting by on their own endeavours, it just highlights how wrong all this pandering to people who have some Maori blood really is, not to mention being absolutely patronising which is insulting surely.

    It has got to stop and any special assistance needs to be on need only and not race. It’s making too many of them lazy and dependent, with no aspiration, education or work ethic.

  3. So articulate and oh so true of life in New Zealand today. How dare the Key government continue on this disastrous course of action, I thought they acted on the will of the people! All the people of this beloved country that they are he’ll bent on destroying for their own gratification. One Law for all people is the only way for survival of all New Zealanders.

  4. I also asked John Key why the maori people are not taking their claims to England as most if not all these wrongs were done when we were governed by England.
    Also in Hawaii at the moment and one of our tour drivers who is native Hawaiian said that they are lucky they are under the US through statehood otherwise they would just be another third world country, though there are a few here who say woe is us

    1. Well, Mark, if England has no money, where is ours coming from which is gifted so willingly by the government? Obvious – it just adds to the national debt (or should that be National debt) which is mainly borrowed from China!

  5. Yes good post and I agree with it.

    However, much of its force is lost because its anonymous. As I understand it much of the terror instilled by the Klu Klux Klan was that their masks hid their members’ identities. It would be a real pity if the good stuff from 1Law4all were denigrated as anonymous racism.

  6. I do hope that John Key and his party read this notice as I for one have had enough of this cultural rubbish and it is getting to the state of effecting my voting. It is an insult to me and to my intelligence but most importantly it is destroying MY country and I will be taking every opportunity I can to prevent it carrying on any longer. Look and listen to the people John Key or suffer the consequences.
    Roger Murray

  7. These comments have hit the nail on the head. I am sure that there are a lot of decent folk ,both Pakeha and Maori who have had an absolute gutsful of these greedy Maori land Grabbers. A recent case of inequality happened on the Kapiti coast in regards to land taken compulsory by Transit NZ for the building of the new motorway. A lot of ordinary folk had there land taken but a Maori woman (???) who had about a zillionth of Maori blood from about 20 generations ago went to court to stop Transit NZ from aquiring just a small portion of her Tribal land ,not the whole section and she won the case. Now transit NZ are saying that it might have to spend up to $16,000,000 to change the route for the motorway.
    Who do you reckon going to pick up the tab for the extra cost , bet it wont be Her.Guess being Maori Land was the only excuse she could offer to hold on to the land as they could’nt find any Taniwhas living at the bottom of the garden.
    If we had a fair and equitable system ,then I guess all the others that had their land taken should have been given back to them.
    The whole pandering to the Maoris is bloody disgusting.

  8. Yet another excellent post by “anonymous”. When will you people realise, that in order to be listened to and be taken seriously, you are going to have to let the people you have a problem with, at least know your name.
    Everyone has heard of Harawira and Hitler, so why shouldn’t we all know who the good guys are???

    1. I think it clearly says on the article, right at the top, that it’s been re-blogged from another blog. That blog only gives the info that I have included in this one. I don’t know the authors name anymore than you do. And it doesn’t deminish the content in my view. What it does show is that there are more people out there in NZ that feel the way we do, than we often think.

      1. Don’t sweat it, Admin. Some people have such fetishes. I wonder if such people would drop into a raging river because they didn’t know who was the author of the excellent warning sign that the road bridge had collapsed.

  9. How can we claim NZ has very little corruption when anyone with a hint of Maori heritage can milk the system with impunity.

    My parents had land taken for the war effort with no compensation but I can’t claim anything from the government because I’m white & there is no white tribunal for honkies.

    Stop this handout nonsense immediately.

    1. I’m certainly not convinced there’s little corruption in our country! I’d love to see some research on how many ex-politicians and ex-bureaucrats have received jobs, consultancy projects or directorships from organisations associated with Maori.

  10. Well knowing who ‘Admin’ is would be a start. My difficulty is understanding why people need to be anonymous? Is there an inferiority issue here or what might it otherwise be?

    1. Might be very simple, says Simon. Look back in a few other places – Admin gave her name and perhaps an explanation of the word ‘admin.’

      From what I recall, didn’t she say that the title ‘Admin’ is a pre-set by the WordPress software? Not actually a choice the admin person makes. Not sure, now.

    2. I’ve given my name before Jeremy. It’s Brenda Spiller. I have nothing to hide and if you look at the website, there is a photo with the names of the board members, so they’re not hiding either. I don’t think it’s our side of this issue you have to worry about. Worry about all the secret deals done in the beehive if you need something to be concerned about.

  11. Nothing will happen from the government until we do not vote for them, lets get rid of politicians – have real people running the country. While they need votes from the Maori Party nothing will happen.

  12. Well that’s refreshing – hello Brenda.
    It’s precisely because I am worried about the secret Beehive deals that I believe those fighting them must not be secret. The deals are one issue and their secrecy is another but I can’t see that secret people fighting secret deals is good for the truth which is what I think that we are all trying to expose.

  13. In reply to John Davison, don’t you realize that there is one law for them and one law for us.
    If you have lived in NZ long enough, you may have remembered the late Paul Holmes making a statement about Kofi Annan where he called him a “cheeky Little Darky” I remember the Race Relation conciliator, if my memory serves me correct one Joris de Bres, wanted Holmes crucified in public and Paul nearly lost his job over this statement.
    After this, Hone Hariwira called the white people “Mother Fuckers.” Did we hear any reaction from De Bres? NO – not a bloody peep. What would you say to this ?
    Maybe you would like to think about this and respond?

    1. I vaguely recall de Bres being reported in the media as glossing over hate-speech-Harawira’s comments, by saying it was honest opinion and he couldn’t do anything about it. Well, Joris, perhaps Holmes’ view was, too?

      Joris is a rabidly one-eyed racially-biased closet socialist, any way. However, something was ‘done,’ in a very minor way – until the supply of wet bus tickets was exhausted.

      Mr de Bres says, “While there is no legal sanction against racially offensive language specifically, this does not make it acceptable.”

  14. well put , but key prefers to remain in the downward spiral direction ,how else could one explain the massive corrupt handouts he allows to happen via nationals treaty minister chris finlayson

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