Despite the nay-saying tales which you might’ve heard about it never happening, 1Law4All is now a registered political party! See the registration information listed on the Electoral Commission web site, here.

Did you hear that the Maori Party objected to the 1Law4All logo on the grounds that the graphical depiction of the concept of one law for all was offensive? The Electoral Commission, it seems, did not agree.

Here’s the text of the Maori Party objection:

“Our objection to this logo is that it is offensive to both Maori and non-Maori New Zealanders who respect the Treaty of Waitangi, because it is based on a political ideology which falsely proposes the abrogation of the law that relates to indigenous rights and property.”

“A further objection is that the logo is misleading. It is misleading to give the electorate the impression that the Treaty and indigenous law can be nullified, by a majority vote, and to assume that Maori enjoy some special privilege at law to the detriment of other New Zealand citizens.”

Below is a copy of the media release sent out by the Electoral Commission. I wonder if the media, who have pretty much ignored us so far, will actually print it:


54 thoughts on “We Did It!!

  1. Go for gold. I am so sick of this maori privilege bullshit. And when are they going to learn they are not indigenous. I think it wrong John Key could go and sign over NZ to maori based on the lie they are native. Even in the treaty they lie, fooling the English into thinking they were native.

  2. Heart felt congrats to one law for all.Perhaps there is sanity and spiritual puretry after all. Can’t wait to give you my party vote. One small step, big things have little beginnings.
    Well done.

  3. Yes we achieved this and a good feeling to win this battle.

    Am hugely disappointed 1law4all won’t be on the ballot paper come election day.
    BUT Never-the-less my appreciation goes out to you, a small dedicated group that make up the Board, along with other significant people for ‘giving it all’ with such few resources.

  4. Well done guys. The objection from the Maori Party, while completely predictable, illustrates very clearly that they do NOT believe in the law being equal for all people, and that one racial (actually part-racial) group should be favoured over others in law.

  5. Congratulations 1law4all.

    Your short political life has already paid dividends by giving the Maori Party the opportunity to make it abundantly clear they are a racist party while 1law4all are a democratic party.

    Well done!

  6. First big milestone as been achieved; now need the publicity via media articles, interviews radio & TV. Be great to see Campbell Live run an interview with Tom J. Well done 1Law4All

  7. Very very well done!
    There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.
    (cant remember who said that)

  8. The Treaty expressly says that all have equal rights as British subjects.

    I find it unbelievable that some people promote racial (i.e. Maori supremacy) in the 21st century.
    And it is not just Maori who are pushing this.

    There is a huge problem in that nearly all statutes, regulations etc now have some (usually vague) wording that gives Maori extra rights and only someone experienced in law making will have the knowledge to locate these so we can get rid of them. Removing the “principles” and “partnership” BS is only a very small tip of a very very large iceberg. And with both Labour and National trying to buy Maori votes it will be hard to get these carefully inserted bits of legislation removed.

    Off topic but notice the comment by the chief Crown negotiator for Tamaki Makaurau, Michael Dreaver, described the land transfer of most of the volcanic cones in Auckland to Iwi, as a “downpayment” that preceded Treaty claims from individual iwi and hapu, which were still in progress.


    Bill Mockridge

  9. excellent news..maori arrived here just as we did…..they deserve nothing more or less than us, their demands are getting out of hand.

  10. Really good news. At last we are in a position to voice our concerns. The proof will be in the people giving their party vote to us at the coming election. I was concerned at the comment made that there were only 500 signed up members who wished to receive news from this website.We need to spread the word and show these politicians who is in charge and what decisions we the voters want them to make on our behalf.Early days but at least now we can go forward and return this country to democracy and sanity. Well Done 1law4all.
    Roger Murray.

  11. Hear, hear to all the comments above. Well done. A brilliant achievement. I had thought from comments you made on a post I read last night that you weren’t going to make it so I was going to throw my support in with the Conservatives. Carol said above that you won’t be on the ballot paper. Have I read this wrongly? Please clarify. As you are on the Electoral Commission’s website surely you will be on the ballot papers.

    1. Yes, I am confused too Helen. From reading what 1Law4All wrote we took it that although the party was now registered (which is fantastic as it’ll open doors to funding the 2017 election I understand) there wasn’t the resources to stand this election (shortage of people power & finances.)

  12. Congratulations to the Board and all who signed up! Well done also to the Electoral Commission, as they must be one of the few statutory bodies which has not, so far, succumbed to the threats and bullying of the radical left and Maori.

  13. Fantastic, good to see the Maori party getting there tax payer funded knickers in a twist. I wonder how long it will take them to scream racism, (pot calling the kettle black)

  14. Listen up, you guys. Getting registered was a battle won: not the war won. If you’re a 1Law4All member, you should know that – despite all their efforts so far – the new Board has turned into wusses! Amongst the blurb that’s came out in recent days is them saying ‘we can’t do it!’


    Give up at this stage? You’re kidding us? Seems not. Booo. Even if they are short of people and money, isn’t it worth a go? And who knows what will happen if they show some grit, go and guts. I wonder how many people have been waiting in the wings, saying something like: “when you’re registered, I’ll know you’re for real and then I’ll pitch in.”

    But a couple of the party founders (John McLean and Bill Matches’ names were on the memo) have pitched in and are trying to get that decision reversed. I got an e-mail from them, about a week ago. Apparently, (so I was told) they need a tad over 300 member votes to get that stand-no-candidates decision reversed.

    So, friends and neighbours who are 1Law4All members, if you want to see 1Law4All on the ballot paper, you better hustle and get your vote in ASAP. Vote and make democracy work for you!

    If the Board still stands stubborn in the face of members’ wishes, we’ll know they’re no different to the current crop of clowns in Wellington, who simply ignore the people who pay their salaries, as we know so well.

  15. Excellent news. Without financial backing it will be hard to be heard at the 2014 election.
    However, having the logo on the ballet will raise eyebrows, prompt questions and gives a voice.
    The name and logo will be there in 2017 with awareness. I cant help but think 2017 will be too late.

  16. I think it’s time for some straight debate on strategy. This party is now registered but it’s a very short time to the election and funds are short.
    Let’s have the debate

  17. Thank you you so much for the effort. One small step for common sense and one large step of 1law4all. The Maori Party know this is a threat to their free lunch. They are self destructing anyway and the quicker the better for New Zealand.
    Now is the time for a decent political party as there is a serious lack of politicians that want to do the right thing for New Zealand.

  18. …so have the required 300 + votes for a SGM to support the motion ..” that 1Law4All submit to the Electoral Commission a Party List of at least 4 members for the 2014 election and that the full resources of the Party be committed in support….? ” Action and Walk the Talk are the Only ways Forward.

  19. Please excuse my apparent ignorance but where do we put our vote, Russell? Is this a vote before the election or did you mean vote at the election. However, will they be on the ballot paper? I’m getting confused because of different statements.

    1. I got an e-mail that was described as a memo from McLean and Matches, two of the party’s founders. That memo was pretty plain: do you want 1law4all to give it a go this election (and bugger the lack of resources), or not? It had a voting paper with it, about trying to reverse the decision to not stand candidates this year.

      I sent my vote in saying “yes!” give it a go, this election, come hell or high water. Like Paul Harris, I think it will be too late by 2017. By then, this blog might have to be in the Maori language, the way things are going.

      1. I agree Russell.
        The lack of progress, i had made my mind up for Colin Craig banking my vote as the Conservatives are the only party that shows a HINT of what 1law4all is all about.
        However, we all know how some sods roll over when pushed and i do hate wasting my vote.
        In saying that, now registration is complete, a vote for a party which is in infancy, has virtually no hope of gaining a seat is not necessarily a wasted vote but perhaps the fuel it needs for 2017, an attitude other MPs will feed off and if enough votes are cast, 1law4all will be invited to comment via media.
        United future will get maybe a couple of thousand votes and i bet your boots a graph will appear to show who got more votes than United Future.
        Its the brand (logo) which is the focus and the recognition of being a party which do vote for. Once you have these, media do take you seriously and media releases are given the light of day.

        1law4all gets my party vote.

      2. Hey Russell. Just wondering who would have been sent the same email as you? Only members? I am one and did not receive that email (that I can find). Sooooo pleased that 1Law4All is now a registerd political party. Sue

        1. My best guess is that most members would have been sent that memo. Maybe you changed your e-mail address after joining?

        2. I’m also a member and I haven’t changed my email address since joining but I didn’t get the memo either.

  20. The first Europeans visited NZ only 400 years after the first Maori – so whats the big deal?!
    Good work 1law4all – keep on keeping on!

  21. Congratulations! If you are on the voting form this year you will get at least 2 more votes among the many many others that are supporting you.
    I just want us to be treated the ‘same’, in the sense that if ‘you are disabled, need extra financial support, or just need help you are able to get it, not base it on what nationality you are. And definitley the Treaty needs to be put in the History section of the Library.

  22. Well done. Hopefully now some of the thinking section of our population will get behind this party and help to put New Zealand back on the rails to become once again a true democratic country. Keep up the good work.

  23. I was told by the SGM faction that there were also a couple of candidates willing to stand this time around. If so, I say, go for it. There wont be much hope of winning this time but the profile needs raising for 2017. It’s going to be long battle anyway so just get it started. I hope The Board comes out soon with an update on their real intentions.

    1. They’ve been asking members to send in names of candidate prospects, so go for it. (if your a member of course)

  24. As expected, we get the complaint from Maori party that the concept of 1LAW4ALL takes away “their special indigenous rights” which you have even if you are 1/64 Maori or even less.

    The whole purpose of the Treaty, (actually asked for by the enlightened chiefs) was to reject the kill and be killed (and be eaten) tribal chaos that existed in New Zealand before 1840, with up to 60,000 Maori killed by Maori.

    The whole purpose of the Treaty was to install British Law and remove the total violence of Maori custom (NOT law!) and it expressly gave all people in New Zealand the same rights as British citizens. Yet the Maori party and their sympathisers want to cherry pick any bit of Maori custom, lore, U.N. proclamation, etc., that gives them special privileges.

    A good example is the now being enforced in Auckland (thanks to the Maori Statuary board) is the concept of “mana whenua” (authority over the traditionally owned tribal land) which means that Iwi have the legally enforced right to reject any resource consent on your privately owned property, which Maori SOLD, because it may offend Iwi cultural/spiritual values.

    To spell it out, this is the legally enforced imposition of culture and/or religious beliefs by Iwi onto other citizens ON THEIR OWN PRIVATE PROPERTY.

    And just to make it harder, each Iwi must be consulted separately (up to 14 for a property) and have their own different versions of the cultural/spiritual values!

    How such ideas are even allowed to see the light of day beats me.

    The problem is that even most Aucklanders are unaware of what’s going on and how bad it is.

    1LAW4ALL must alert the rest of New Zealand to the demolition of democracy that is contained in Local Body amalgamation that installs an unelected Maori statuary board giving special powers to Iwi over all other citizens.
    And we know what that’s called.
    Starts with A.

    Bill Mockridge

    1. And how easy are you finding to get that message out Mr Mockridge? I’m finding it damn near impossible. I’m greeted with rolled eyes at best and accusations of being racist at worst. What really astounds me is that the most educated, even some friends holding doctorates, are the worst at ignoring or supporting the apartheid nation we are gradually becoming. Even those that agree with me will not stand up and be counted.
      We are in for a long slow battle to get this mess turned around, but it is a battle that must be begun and won, no matter how many decades it takes. The Maori racist activists started down this road, I seem to recall since I went to school with some of them, around forty odd years ago. Look at the extreme imbalance they have achieved.
      I wonder if we can get it back to somewhere near middle balance in twenty two and a half years, or if there will even be a nation worth caring about by then.

      1. I feel your academic pain Kevin – I confronted my historian Assoc. Prof at Massey, Albany during my Post Grad; about the deafening silence from academia regarding the butchery of NZ history.
        His reply, “It’s nothing to do with us – it’s a political issue, not an academic one.”
        They can sit smugly in their ivory towers, enjoying their tenures – as long as they know the truth, well, that’s all that matters.

    2. Well said Bill. We need to wake up to the fact that New Zealanders are being raped and pillaged by a select group who have special privileges which other New Zealanders don’t have. There should be zero tolerance to favoritism!

      1. Just listen to the comments on National Radio this morning. The deliberate blindness or unbelievable stupidity of some of the commentators and news anchors is a sad thing to see.
        The issue is very, very simple. Any law, or the application of it, that depends in any degree upon race, is wrong, wrong wrong! Racial bias of any sort is an abomination, as the guy from the Conservative party said today very firmly, but the point was certainly lost on Guyon Espiner for one.
        The Maoris that contacted RNZ, and politicians of that stamp that were interviewed, all missed the point completely.
        Yes, our brown brethren are not doing as well as they ought, all things being equal; so it is even more surprising that they do not do well, considering all of the special treatment they get that is denied to other races. If the justice system is biased against them as claimed by Flavell today (which I doubt) then that, too, is an abomination, just as is the fact that I, as someone of Caucasian extraction, am disbarred by law from some organisations and benefits by reason of my race.
        The inability to see the racist nature of the path that NZ society is treading is genuine enough for most, I think, and that makes it all the more alarming.
        Precision in speech and thought, and a degree of objectivity is essential to a balanced use of one’s cognitive faculties, yet we are accused of “cognitive dissonance” by the likes of Espiner because we do not take on their subjective, biased and racially-based world view.
        It’s a worry, that’s for sure.
        As one individual, I do what I can to encourage those around me to think objectively about social issues that are often viewed in, and legislated for, in an atmosphere of emotional and rhetoric not conducive to the production of good, or workable law.
        I am happy to be branded a racist and part of the “redneck element” by Tariana Turia is that is the price I must pay for using my cognitive ability objectively, and believing in the basic principle of Western law which says that it must be applied equally to all.

        1. You are so right, Kathryn. They always bring up the race/redneck line when we speak the truth and protest about racial privilege. However, goodness knows why we do it because it doesn’t help those who don’t want to help themselves and there are an awful lot of those. You can keep on pouring money into thie bottomless pit but those at the bottom won’t rise up – they are too stuck in grievance mode trying to rip the taxpayer off for ever more dollars on yet another fantasy injustice. We should call an immediate halt to all race based assistance and base it on need instead.

  25. Last night I attended a meeting of a group of people who want to get some
    protection work done for safety reasons a sort of retaining wall
    The matter is subject to the normal resource consents etc
    Most of the meeting was taken up by just how much the local Iwi should be offered
    to get them onside with this Everyone there pretty much accepted that this was necesary and normal Bribe the tribe in other words Play Neville Chamberlain to their Al Capone. New Zealand today

    1. Isn’t it disgraceful, Graeme. What on earth does it achieve even having to think of paying these tribes for anything? It’s an almighty rort and my word they must be laughing at us behind their hands for being such silly little dupes. We need to call an immediate halt to everything based on race but it’s not going to happen until the masses get off their backsides and start saying ‘enough is enough’ – ‘no more’!!

  26. I am so pleased that ONE LAW4ALL is now a party.

    I am from Germany and have been living in New Zealand for six years, married to a Kiwi with three kids. While it is hard to imagine a better country to live in than New Zealand, not a single week goes by where I don’t feel frustrated by the fact that taxpayers are openly rorted by business consortium in conjunction with some corrupt or opportunist IWI leaders, to the detriment of all Kiwi’s, not the least the (real) Maori themselves, the poor devils that look like Maori, speak the language and have no money. In fact, it is in the (financial) interest of these business consortia to keep Maori majority impoverished, to have a compelling reasons to lodge ever more Tribunal Claims.

    Germany has learned it’s lesson, we have a constitution (Grundgesetz), At the very beginning, Article 3 it says:

    1) All people are the same before the law.
    2) Men and Women have equal rights. The government encourages active enforcement of equal rights of Men and Women and imposes measures to remove existing disadvantages.
    3) No-one must be disadvantaged or advantaged for reason of ethnicity, race, language, homeland, origin, believes, religious or political views. No-one must be disadvantaged because of disability.

    I agree with a previous comment, it is worth voting for ONELaw4All, even though the vote will be ‘wasted’, it will raise the profile. It is all about raising awareness, Rome was not built in one day.
    Only alternative would be to go together with NZ First and Winston Peters, who said that “People demonstrating on Waitangi Day are crapping on their heritage”, which deeply impressed me, because it says so much with little words.

    Funny enough, I was staying at the same hotel in Auckland when the Conservative Party held a public meeting on the 19th of July. I thought I might go and listen to what Colin Craig has to say. There were pamphlets pointing out the four main policies of the Conservative Party. One of them is indeed the abolishment of the Waitangi Tribunals. However, this came not up during Colin’s speech.
    I also realised that Colin’s views are a lot further to the right than National’s Policies. When asked about his stance on Gaza: “I would shoot back, wouldn’t you?” or on environmental policies: “ I would remove all red tape for farmers, so farmers should vote for me.” Great, where will we end up, New Zealand the “New Gaza”, riddeled by war with toxic wastelands. These are views that I personally don’t share, so I won’t be voting for him. Although, he does strike me as an ‘honest politician’.

    Anyway, back to OneLaw4All. I would think that the next big step after becoming officially a party is to raise awareness among Kiwi’s over the existence OneLaw4All, means getting a few percent on voting day will achieve just that, namely getting OneLaw4All in the paper, paving the way for 2017.

    Here are some FUN FACTS, that always make me smile when I think about the Treaty of Waitangi, which was signed in 1840.

    1840 was BEFORE:

    1) The flushing toilet was invented
    2) General Anaesthesia was used to perform operations (an army surgeon could amputate 150 limbs in 24 hours).
    3) Germany was founded as a nation in 1871.
    4) Bacteria were discovered.
    5) Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery in the United States in 1865.
    6) Electricity was discovered.
    7) WWI and WWII (with millions dead and displaced in Europe (no distant descandents are able lodge a claim for evens that happened in the 19th century, think of the mayhem.)
    8) Combustion engines were invented


    A direct descendant of a Maori living in 1840 (seven generations) may have as little as 0.78% genetic material of his ancestor running through his veins, making him 99.2% “KIWI”!

    Estimated 50,000 Maori were killed by Maori, others enslaved, most tribes displaced in the leadup to the Waitangi treaty. What is the total number of Maori killed by the government of the time?
    It seems to me that Maori’s got a good deal back then (in mist of history) when the Treaty was signed.

    Again, I would like to point out again that the real Maori I have met are friendly, caring, happy folk with a big heart and hard working too. These people are victims as well who need help to break the vicious cyle of poverty, no different from poor people of other ethnicties.

    Coming from abroad, I can tell you that everything Maori has always fascinated me, same like most foreigners, starting with the “Kia Ora” welcome in the Air New Zealand Jet. So let’s not get confused between WAITANGI TRIBUNAL RORT (using redicioulously stupid arguments) caused by financial opportunity (Lawyers/Tribal Leaders/Politicians) and “AWESOME” Maori Culture. You Kiwi’s need to stop the rort (by rectifying the law) not dump Maoris, for the same reason the UK will not easily dump the Royals. Cultural heritage is necessary for national identity.


    Apart from equal laws for all, another rule change could be considered. The cost of Tribunal Claims should be paid for by the claiming IWI, in case the IWI had reveived funds in the past. In other words the number of tax payer funded claims should be restricted to ONE, not ten, or whatever. Presently, the financial incentives for lawyers calling for legal action are in their millions, more so with the zero risk for loosing the case, combined with unlimited and unquestioned tax payer funding. This needs to stop.

    I would like to apologize for the longwinded contribution, just needed to be said!

  27. To Kevin, regrettably you are entirely correct. Even those who moan about Maori privilege won’t actually do anything.

    To Kathryn, Yes I thought Guyon Espiner was totally biased and unprofessional.
    I think you are referring to the interview with Jamie Whyte of the ACT party
    Why is it that immigrants who come to NZ with absolutely nothing, work hard and within even 1 generation are well established, own their own home, their kids have degrees/good jobs etc but for many Maori its not their fault that they are mired in poverty?

    It will be a long slow process, but I think (hope) that the powers over all other citizens being given to Iwi by the Auckland Council at the urging of the un-democratic Maori statuary board WILL at last ignite at least a bit of a fire to start the masses in the right direction. The brain washing and guilt imposed in the previous 40 years has had an effect and will take time to undo.

    At least the ‘race’ question seems to be on the agenda. Too often commentators and politicians won’t go there.

    Bill Mockridge

  28. To those wanting to see more action, perhaps you’d like to volunteer a much-needed skill or complete a Candidate Application Form? Obtainable from hq@1law4all.kiwi.nz.
    Note: you do have to be a NZ citizen to stand for parliament – with no nasty skeletons in your closet that would be used by the media to destroy the Party.

  29. Sick to death of maori mafia and their make-it-up-as-you-go lies and brainwashing. Here in NZ we talk about the bad effects of schoolyard bullying and workplace bullying…yet allow this bullying by maori every minute of every day to our democratic rights. Their objection to equality shows them for what they are.

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