While many issues will influence your decision on Election Day (20th September 2014), we believe the entrenchment of racial bias, privilege and corruption in our government and legal system will be the most damaging to New Zealand and our way of life in the long term.

Never in the world’s history has legal racial separatism & preference led to anything other than exploitation, resentment & violence.

So how can our politicians be so stupid as to continue pushing us down this path? Short-term power? Salaries? Status? Ego? Fawning over the rich & powerful? Future money-making opportunities?

They cannot understand history or common human psychology. Perhaps they simply don’t give a damn about what our children will suffer. Public service? Yeah right.

Your Party Vote is Crucial.

Party votes determine the percentage of parliamentary seats any party can claim. So choose the candidate who works best for your electorate, but please consider carefully your choice of Party Vote.

To guide you, we have prepared a summary of where the parties stand. It’s objective, as 1Law4All’s Board comes from all political persuasions!



Political Parties

What They Say
on Racial Matters

What They Actually Do/Did Our Voting
National While in opposition, National spoke out for one standard of citizenship for all New Zealanders (“One law for all”) & on removing the Maori-only parliamentary seats. BUT since being in government, they have promoted separatism and privilege based on racial ancestry for the benefit of the tribal elite. In 2008, Key unnecessarily invited the Maori Party into coalition & radically extended legal racial separatism and privilege in NZ – more than any other government e.g. support for the UN’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples which promotes separatism; transfer of NZ’s coastline (foreshore & seabed) from public to iwi control; Maori Statutory Board’s extensive & undemocratic control of “Super Auckland”; significant transfers of government assets to iwi on spurious grounds; co-governance of public resources, etc. NO
Labour All people should have equal access to all social, economic, cultural, political and legal spheres, regardless of wealth or social position….. BUT they have promoted separatism and privilege based on selective racial ancestry….. although under Helen Clark, Labour resisted the extremes demanded by radical Maori. But who knows what Cunliffe is willing to do? NO
Greens Numerous race-based policies; no mention of equality. They promote extensive separatism and privilege based on selective racial ancestry. NO
Maori It’s all in the name! They have radically promoted separatism and privilege based on selective racial ancestry for the benefit of the tribal elite; want to take democratic power from the people by entrenching racial privilege in a new Constitution; have achieved extensive “settlements”, “co-governance” and control for the benefit of iwi corporate elite and are extending the ways & means by which other New Zealanders will be forced to keep paying out forever.  NO
NZ First Policy-making to be based on need, not race, creed or colour; the future of the Maori seats is a decision for the people.  Winston has always promoted equality when in opposition – he tends to say what we want to hear; BUT when in power, he has taken the baubles and delivered nothing (other than the “gold card”).Note: In 2006, ex-NZF MP Doug Woolerton did introduce a Private Members Bill seeking to abolish the Waitangi Tribunal. It failed to get sufficient support from other parties to pass. A prospect if in a Coalition. But would he ever make racial equality a bottom line before giving support? On past performance, this is unlikely.
ACT Equality before the law; remove all race-based appointments & ensure that the Waitangi Tribunal process ends. BUT has supported the National Coalition’s radically racist agenda. Also delivered the Super Auckland Council structure, which has resulted in unelected & unaccountable iwi elite control at Councillor level & throughout the bureaucracy (i.e. the imposition of unlimited/undefined iwi processes and taxes on private property owners in the Unitary Plan; co-governance of the Hauraki Gulf). NO
United Says very little. Has gone along with whatever is necessary to keep the coalition perks in place. NO
Conservative Wants the one electoral roll; an end to Treaty claims; removal of differential treatment based on race; a repeal of the foreshore and seabed legislation; the closing down of the Constitutional Review. Actions speak louder than words. They were the only political party (other than 1Law4All) to make a submission against the blatant racial bias of Auckland Council’s Unitary Plan. 

Otherwise yet to be proven.

Maybe, but the proof will be in the performance.
Internet Mana Extensive race-based policies include 100% of New Zealanders speaking Te Reo Māori by 2040; a new way in which political and legal power is structured in Aotearoa; “meaningful constitutional transformation”, etc. The Mana leader, Hone Harawira, is openly racist.
The Internet arm has demonstrated no principles other than self-interest.

What About 1Law4All?

Our registration as a political party has been delayed further by a Maori Party objection to the 1Law4All logo. It’s hard to fathom what grounds they might have, other than it represents a party calling for legal equality – something that is an anathema to the racist Maori Party.

But nevertheless, 1Law4All has had great difficulty in gathering resources – both financial and in terms of personnel. Too few people understand the threat as we do, or perhaps they see advantages in the wealth and power that comes with the tribal elite. Either way, they do not want to rock the boat.

So we are left with insufficient resources to credibly contest this year’s election. However, we are committed to the cause and will keep up our resistance – with your help.

URGENTLY WANTED – appropriately able people for volunteer operational roles:

• Secretary (or Treasurer)
• Database Manager
• Webmaster
• Marketing/Communications Manager
• Media Spokesperson

Participate in a campaign for change!
True democracy & racial equality is worth fighting for.

7 thoughts on “Who Will You Vote For?

  1. _____ Legalised Racism/APARTHEID is the Road New Zealand is being forced to journey…..this is NOT OUR finest Hour….

  2. You are doing a great job!! for a very worthy cause.
    Everyone wants equality, even white people. There is unfortunately a stigma attached to ‘the struggle for equality’ and that is, that you are black. Equality is exactly that, equal for everyone. Somewhere along the way the train built up so much momentum that it passed the equal mark and transformed into another beast altogether, fuelled by greed. Greed will be humanity’s downfall, everyone knows it, but the people in places of power are the greedy ones, power and greed what a combination!. What one man needs 50million dollars? (im asking you john key) I wouldn’t vote for him for that reason alone. $ doesn’t come from nowhere, it comes from other peoples pockets. im taking your advice on voting, I have no idea who has what policy on things that are important to me(the average joe) they all seem like greedy squabbling little children. If its their job to look out for the average joe i.e the majority. then the majority of us are in trouble. Which in its self makes us dumb because we have the majority, are we dumb? individually, no ,collectively, yes. Keep the ants working hard and they are too tired to complain. they know this.

  3. Only one option here.Being a 1law4all member,it’s a shame our party has so many hurdles but I do understand starting off from the grass roots all good things take time and maybe in 3yrs time 1law4all will be in a position to stand along side and be where the conservatives are at present.

  4. The sentiments and aims of 1Law4All are much the same as those of the Centre for Political Research of which I am also a member and I think co-operation between the two movements would be useful – although I have some reservations with a good number of its memberships’ far right leanings. I could see it working as one which researches and strategizes policy with the other acting as its political arm.
    In this way,we could pick fights on our own terms with those PC parasites who enable separatist ideologies. One particular issue with which I am particularly angry about is the propagandizing of our children in Schools which is contrary to the Bill of Rights and UNESCO Declaration. I have just submitted an article to Hawke’s Bay Today on this subject.

  5. i speak for us both, we will give our party vote to ilaw4all in election,and we both want this maori supremeist crap brought down to earth,i attended afuneral last week.awhite man died,his wife was a quarter maori,about 20 maoris there. they dominated the whole cerimony,strutting round glareing at everyone etc chanting etc, they spoilt the whole thing,we left early. we’ll not attend those type funerals again..

  6. my previous comments are sufficient as an example of our opinion on these matters,some maori blokes wear fijian police man type gear at funerals. god only knows who they think they are.. its all about intimidation.

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