Maori Wards Repugnant to Democracy

Under the Local Government Act, passed by the Clark Labour government, every local council (including regional councils) must consider every six years the introduction of special, race based Maori wards to enable part-Maori (code for the greedy tribal elite) to be put on councils because of their race rather than anything to do with democracy.

This apartheid style law gives a privilege to New Zealanders of a certain bloodline (part-Maori) over all other New Zealanders and is a violation of the democratic principle on which New Zealand has always been based and for which thousands of our servicemen of European and Maori ancestry gave their lives in two world wars.

Why at this point in our history should part-Maoris be given a status above others in respect of council representation? A democracy ensures that all eligible voters equally elect councillors on merit. Race should never be used as a means of qualification for obtaining a council seat or anything else for that matter. A healthy, democratic society requires that all people be treated equally regardless of race, religion, gender, etc. and the Local Government Act is a violation of this important and basic principle and should be repealed. But that won’t happen so long as National and/or Labour call the shots, the words “National” and “Labour” being two sides of the same racist coin.

Maori wards should be seen for what they really are – an important step towards institutional racism and nobody wants that except, of course, the tribal elite who want to monopolise such positions.

Race based wards can not be justified by any reference to the Treaty of Waitangi or those modern-day politically expedient fabrications: “partnerships” and “principles.” There are no principles in or of the Treaty and its whole purpose was to make all New Zealanders equal. “We are now one people” said Governor Hobson to each chief as he signed. Well, we were for one and a half centuries until our two mainstream parties deserted us, each for its own crooked reasons.

Councils that have recently considered Maori wards are the Wellington Regional Council, Tauranga City Council and New Plymouth District Council. In Wellington and Tauranga the councillors took a vote and rejected this racist concept, the voting against it in Tauranga being 9-0. However, the Local Government Act allows a poll to be taken to reverse a council’s decision so long as a sufficient number of signatures on a petition request it. The cost of the council carrying out such a poll is approximately $170,000.

In Tauranga the tribal elite and some of their white lackeys are threatening to launch such a petition but that is a waste of time as any ensuing poll would be most unlikely to reverse the council’s decision. The reason why so many councillors voted against Maori wards is that they know that Maori wards are so unpopular with the ratepayers. Wherever there has been a poll the ratepayers have rejected Maori wards overwhelmingly as they believe that unelected Maori councillors, unaccountable to the ratepayers, would push for ever more rises in rates to support ever greater expenditure on part-Maori-specific projects. And we are already spending more than enough on those! One only needs to see the “wish list” of the new Auckland Super City’s Maori section (more than $240 million for new “Maori projects”) to realise what the ultimate outcome of Maori wards really is.

In both Nelson and Wairoa, polls have shown decisively that the ratepayers do NOT want these racist wards. Even in Wairoa, where part-Maoris constitute 48% of its declining population, they voted against special Maori wards and by a significant majority.

In New Plymouth the council has recently decided by a single vote (the casting vote of the new mayor, Andrew Judd) to introduce Maori wards. Signatures are currently being collected by the ratepayers to force a poll that will almost certainly throw this toxic concept out. And one hopes that – for his racist and unnecessary attack on democracy in New Plymouth – Mr. Judd will also be thrown out of office at the next council election.

However, Mayor Judd is small bikkies really; the real problem is the refusal of the government to repeal these racist provisions in the Local Government Act.

14 thoughts on “Maori Wards Repugnant to Democracy

  1. Our local council Hauraki District Council had refused to have a Maori ward and a poll was called for which resulted in some 80% of voters voting against a separate Maori representation. However with the regional council -Waikato Regional Council- they decided to have Maori wards and this was done in such a way that it became impossible to organise a poll within the time limit given. One of the councillors said in the debate that it was best not to ask voters as it was obvious what they would say! It’s an appalling situation when it I so much harder inside regional councils to organise a poll than it is in district councils. It seems obvious that this National government or any future Labour government will not change this situation without considerable pressure.

  2. EXCELLENT to see the usage of ‘part-Maori’ throughout this article as this the only accurate and truthful way to reference those that call themselves simply ‘Maori’. It always irks me that part-Maoris are more than happy to partake in and enjoy the benefits of the European house they live in, clothes they wear, cars they drive, beer they drink, food they eat, money they use, language they use, schools they use, hospitals they use etc., yet deny their European heritage and somehow see that the Europeans still ‘owe’ them something – utter and complete hypocrisy!

  3. Here we go again!!! Stalin was right” some people are more equal than others” When are we going to come to the concept that we are all Kiwis whether Pakeha or part Maori (bear in mind that there are no full Maori left) The average NZer is tired of all this BS!! Let’s get on with life and declare everyone living in NZ has equal rights including our immigrants over the years. Statistics tell me that we have far more Chinese (Asian ) in New Zealand than part-Maori. What if they want special privileges as well?!!

  4. Advise you write the following and send to Hon. John Key.

    Hon. John Key,

    Under the official information Act please provide documented, hard evidence Maoris are indigenous to New Zealand?

    Write name.

    You will find that no Government agency can fulfil this question, I know because I tried.

  5. I absolutely agree with all of the above. I have been either calling them ‘part-Maori’ or ‘people of Maori descent’ for some time now. I smiled at David Jones’ comments because for some time now it has got to the stage where with almost everything I do, if a person of Maori descent is also partaking, I find myself thinking “now if it wasn’t for ‘us’ ‘they’ more than likely wouldn’t be doing this.” It’s shocking and sad that it’s got to the stage where I actually think like this but sadly it is often. Their greedy gravy train mentality is now making me constantly aware of race, whereas for years I never ever thought like that.

    1. Simply put, we can’t. I don’t believe that there is one single politician in this country with the fortitude to stand up and fight this juggernaut. The only thing that is going to do that job is people power. So the real question we need to ask is How do we rouse the sleeping masses?
      any ideas?

      1. I don’t have any magic bullet but I do have some ideas. Firstly I am sure that there are members of both Labour and National with doubts-on both sides so its a matter of lobbying them in every way possible and looking for those doubts. Secondly be active-read as much as you can and talk to people whenever you can. Learn the common reasons that people have been brainwashed into believing the racial superiority material being promoted in the education system and learn to counteract it in a reasoned and non-threatening way. Thirdly support those who are active and let them know that they are supported. We may be a smallish group but many of the groups of the left are tiny -how often do you have reporters asking just how many are in the organisation? Never-many of these groups have a voice far bigger than their numbers.
        Lastly when talking to people discuss how a New Zealand under the sort of apartheid system that we are currently beginning to develop will look and how horrific it will be.

        1. I agree with many of your suggestions Roger, and indeed these are things we do regularly ourselves. Lobbying politicians is a waste of time with the current system. They are too keen on keeping their jobs to rock the boat. Key is the kind of leader who won’t allow anyone to not follow the party line and I expect Labour will be the same. This is not an issue that a politician can be wishy washy on. The Conservatives had similar policies in their list this past election, but it was not publicised forcefully enough to make any difference to voters.
          The general public needs to be made aware of how they have been, and are being conned and they need to get wound up enough about it to take action. Until then there is very little anyone can do except keep plugging away trying to get the message out there.

          1. I still think its worth trying to get to talk to your MP one to one and you can easily question them in ways that make it very hard for them to not reveal at least some hint of how they really feel. Many in Labour must find it difficult to equate their concept of equality in their socialist philosophy with what is happening and while I also agree with your comments about the discipline of the party system, there are Nats who have serious doubts and it’s worth engaging with those that do. The whole topic needs to be raised to a more publicly debated level and I believe some of the ways of doing this is by getting people to imagine what will happen to this country when more of what is already happening happens – what is the end game for these Maori activists – people need to see this and see how malevolent it really is.

      2. I forgot one point if I may add to my posting. Fifthly debate and listen to the racists-hear what they say and ferret out their weaknesses. I debate often with a lefty blogger who calls himself ‘Guerrilla Surgeon’ and who defends the most blatant Maori racism by quoting obscure pieces of legislation HE claims were used in the past to discriminate against Maori. Firstly it means trying to check if those pieces of legislation even existed and secondly his case really rests on revenge. Otherwise he hides behind semantics-is race the same as ethnicity and so on. Many of the left do this and are constantly trying to redefine words to suit themselves and their cause. Think about how successful they have been – gay is a word completely changed in meaning simply because they tried to do it and it worked. Right now they are at work on the same sort of thing-always to their advantage of course.

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