Ballot Paper SpoofThe situation re the steady advancement of Maori privilege seems to be as bad, if not worse, after the election than before it. One of Ngai Tahu’s Board members, Tutehounuku (“Nuk”) Korako, is a new List M.P. for National. Watch how fast he will be promoted. Every bit as fast as the utterly incompetent Hekia Parata – also a List M.P. because no electorate will vote her in. With this character and Whinlayson, Ngai Tahu’s ex-lawyer (but don’t count on the “ex”), the interests of that greedy tribe will be pushed at every opportunity and no doubt more and more public resources will be transferred to it, requiring more and more money from taxpayers and/or more borrowings to fund the consequential government deficit.

National will continue to bow to the Maori Party’s ever increasing demands. Key has given the powerful and big budget Te Puni Kokiri (Ministry of Maori Affairs) to Flavell of the Maori Party even though that party got only 2 seats with just 31,849 (1.32%) of the votes. The first thing that Flavell said in public was that he will be pushing for a big increase in expenditure for the racist Whanau Ora programme, which is effectively a means for Maori to govern themselves in matters of health, education, social services, etc., quite apart from the rest of society. Whanau Ora is one of the greater forces in creating an apartheid society as it pushes Maori health, etc., into the hands of inept and incompetent tribal organisations that are publicly funded but not subject to the same financial accounting as other government bodies. Of course, it is racist to ever question “the Maori way,” whereby they just write “koha” for any unauthorised expenditure. These organisations milk the public purse but deliver very little, and what they do deliver is tainted by racism.

After two terms, National scored a large vote which, combined with what is and will continue to be for the next three years an effectively self-destructing Labour Party, is not good for democracy as it means that at the next election there will be little chance of close contests in electorates to put National M.P.s on their toes. They can afford to be as arrogant as they like with the NZ Electorate.

So, with Labour effectively out of the picture until well after the next election, if not forever, how will 1Law4All stop the juggernaut of apartheid ruining this wonderful country? What is certain is that it will not be stopped by either New Zealand First or the Conservatives.

For many years it has been the NZ First’s party policy that the Maori seats in parliament must go. Then, a few weeks before the election, this policy changed to letting the Maoris (and them only) decide whether the seats should be abolished. And we all know what they would say – at least the minority who actually vote and they are under the influence of the tribal elite, which has a vested interest in retaining these racist seats.

Peering through the haze, there has always been a strong Maori presence in NZ First but, under the influence of Tracey Martin M.P. and her extended family, several of whom have key positions in NZ First, there has been a shift in emphasis towards obliging the tribal elite, which seems to have infiltrated the party. Perhaps it was that influence that caused Dr. Hugh Barr, co-founder of Coastal Coalition and an outspoken opponent of the transfer of the foreshore and seabed to coastal tribes under the Marine and Coastal Area Act, to be bumped down the NZ First List from No. 10 to No. 20 shortly before the Election.

Peters might huff and puff in public, saying what he thinks voters want to hear, but it appears that he has lost control of his Party and it would be folly to think that the principle of One Law For All would be advanced by NZ First. Therefore, the sad conclusion is that, despite NZ First’s oft-repeated rhetoric on the principle of One Law For All, genuine supporters of that principle can not rely on NZ First, which under the new order backtracked on the Maori seats and demoted Hugh Barr for obvious reasons.

The Conservatives contested the 2011 election and got about 2.6% of the vote – not bad considering that the Party was put together only a few months earlier. It is only natural that they thought that they would build on that figure and achieve over 5% (120,000 party votes) in 2014.

Over the last three years Colin Craig has travelled the country, addressing virtually every Grey Power and Probus club and has put millions of his own money into the Party. Fair enough. They were expected to get over the 5%. They put everything – and that means EVERYTHING – they ever had or are ever likely to have into the 2013 election and yet got only 95,598 (4.0%) Party votes – a long way short of the required 120,000.

If, after all this effort, that is all they can get, then they will not get more votes in 2017. In other words, they have had their chance and failed. At the next election quite a few of those who voted Conservative this time will likely not do so again as it will be seen as a wasted vote. They will never cross that threshold of 120,0000. It seems that even the Conservatives believe this and that would explain why Garth McVicar, their highest polling candidate (in Napier) has, in the words of Wellington’s Dominion of 28th November, 2014, “decided to leave the Conservative Party and return to the Sensible Sentencing Trust”, which he founded.

A strange thing is that quite a few big drinking and even liberal people said that they voted Conservative, seen by many as a party of wowsers and religious types. Why did these people vote for a party which, in normal circumstances would not be the type of party they would support?

For voters, was it a process of elimination? They’ve never voted Labour, they don’t like National, they don’t trust Peters and that only left the Conservatives. If that’s the case, that doesn’t provide the Conservatives much hope for a strong support basis as next time such disenchanted floating voters will be looking for the next BIG NEW THING. Maybe 1Law4All? Back in the 1978 election, Social Credit got 16.1% of the votes – not necessarily because people believed in their policies, but because they were not enamoured of National or Labour.

By 2017 Colin Craig will be old hat – just like NZ First which recently had its 25th anniversary – and will join Social Credit to be considered a part of NZ’s political history. The 1Law4All line to Conservative Party voters should be: why not try something new instead of voting for a party that will never get 5% of the party votes.

So there it is. A National government of unpatriotic appeasers, a Labour Party with no prospect of ever being the government (and, even if they were, they’re opposed to the principle of One Law For All), a NZ First Party that has gone off the rails towards the marae and a Conservative Party that has not a hope in hell of ever getting 120,000 votes. And yet the 1Law4All issue is the most important one facing the country.

1Law4All has a little under three years to expand its membership and make its presence felt. How it does that is up to the Board and, since it’s now been purged of defeatist people with other agendas, Party members must support the Board as it focuses on the objectives of 1Law4All and being on the ballot paper in 2017.

Although 1Law4All is a one issue party but there is no reason why it can’t take on ancillary matters of equality. Such as equal access to the ocean, beaches, rivers and National Parks. In doing so, it is important to tackle local issues, as well as national. E.g. local government equality and democracy, rather than race-based positions. 1Law4All should oppose the introduction of racist and separatist “Maori wards” to the New Plymouth District Council and any others.

1Law4All should oppose Councils changing the spelling of names without a majority vote in a local referendum. E. g The change of spelling by the Wanganui District Council to Whanganui, despite the opposition of 85% of its ratepayers.

1Law4All should also oppose Ngati Porou’s huge (Marine and Coastal Area Act) foreshore and seabed claim in Poverty Bay. That’s presently being contested in the High Court by the Council of Outdoor Recreational Associations of NZ (CORANZ), led by its secretary, Dr. Hugh Barr.

19 thoughts on “Post Election Analysis

  1. Sad to hear your comments about Collin Craig and the Conservative party not having any future. I hope you are wrong and that he decides to continue the fight next election because I believe the Conservative party can get the 120,000 votes needed – he was just (deliberately?) sabotaged this time at the 11th hour by the actions of his press secretary.

  2. I was hoping that 1law4all would have been up and going for the last election so when would you suggest the battle beginning now?


  3. It seems New Zealanders are totally apathetic. I’m gutted the Conservatives didn’t make it over 5% as they ended up as the only Party pushing for racial equality under the law. If 1Law4All is to rise up, they will need a charismatic leader who will pull the people in. Colin somewhat lacked in this area. It’s a shame he couldn’t find someone more able to resonate with the people and just stayed off centre but funding it all as he did. I really don’t know how we are going to get through all the apathetic mist and wake this country up.

    1. Yes, I agree with you and on hindsight, should have taken him more seriously but most things in the media made fun of him. I ended up voting ACT as John Key’s infatuation with the Maoris is getting up my nose!

  4. I too am sad that Colin did not make it across the line
    There were a lot of strange distractions at the elections and the media have a lot to answer for a lot of it
    In the end people got gunshy I think and went with the devil they knew

  5. I am aghast at the people here who express their disappointment that Colin Craig’s Conservatives never made the cut! It was a wasted vote – which I said it would be – as it was NEVER going to fly.
    I am more concerned however that a clear mandate has been given to the narcissistic, arrogant and dismissive Key who’s totalitarian style will find no bounds!
    My anxiety has reached new levels since learning of Pharmac’s intention to seek submissions on new decision making criteria.
    Two of these new criteria raises once again the spectre of racism.
    The first of these sinister criteria is to recognize Pharmac’s obligations to the Treaty and therefore as a “Partner”, while the second addresses the “broader groups of populations” facing health disparities, including Pacific peoples!
    The mere fact that Pharmac is willing to apply mythical and distorted principles of the Treaty in delivering preferential funding and treatment to those of Maori decent is both frightening and reprehensible!!
    We should all be justifiably very worried indeed !!
    Ken R Taylor

    1. Hi Ken, I shouldn’t be shocked at this but I am! Why aren’t we stopping these race-based actions? At what point do we say that “enough is enough and this must stop now!”

      1. I keep wondering how far down the tube we actually have to get before the Sheeple wake up and start protesting. Really, the citizens of this country are so apathetic that it’s unbelievable. One day they will wake up and ask how it all happened but it will be too late. Now we find we will have to pay to visit Ninety Mile Beach. Who’s surprised? It was always going to happen but nobody did anything. I’m disgusted with the whole sorry state of affairs.

    2. I totally agree with you, Ken. I actually wrote to Pharmac on those very issues and told them what I thought. I haven’t had the decency of a reply – surprise, surprise!!

      1. Has there been anything in the newspapers about this? Should we start bombarding this travesty in letters to the local newspapers?

  6. I too voted for the Conservatives as there were no other parties that promoted ONE LAW FOR ALL,we will not know if they would have kept the promises they published, however,as a long supporter and voter of the National party am desperate to find a party that treats all NZ taxpayers on the same footing.
    Hopefully by the next election one party will emerge that will be loyal to taxpayers and promote Democracy for all, but I am not holding my breath.

  7. My wife had a two day course through the health department on the treaty of waitangi and a NZ history since then including laws passed in parliment that have been anti maori. Who can I send the transcripts to so they can be evaluated

    1. I’ve written offering my support. However, I don’t live in Rotorua so am not sure if they want people from outside their area or not. I would think they need all the support they can get.

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