Special General Meeting Report

The meeting was called for 7.00pm, 24 Sep 2014 at the Armitage Hotel in Tauranga.

A reasonable turnout was enjoyed and there was a lively talk on where we are right now with 1Law4All. The main business of the meeting was to elect a new Board of Directors. The Directors elected are:

  • Alastair Bourne (Tauranga)
  • Perry Spiller (Hawke’s Bay)
  • Ian Brougham (Wanganui)
  • Brenda Spiller (Hawke’s Bay)
  • Kay Beetham (Gisborne).

There were no nominations for Party Leader or President.

Perry agreed to accept a nomination and serve for a limited period till things settled down and serious matters confronting 1Law4All have been resolved. He also explained at some length the potential risks and difficulties of having both husband and wife on the Board. Members present affirmed that they were willing to accept those risks, as explained. There may be a further member from Wanganui interested in joining the Board as a co-opted Director.

Perry asked members whether or not they thought the Party had a future and – after some lively discussion – the motion was put that:

1Law4All continue as a political party.

Carried by a show of hands with two dissenting votes.

The SGM closed shortly after the vote.

The elected Board of Directors then retired to another room at the end of the public meeting to have some preliminary discussions – mainly administrative – dealing with the aftermath of the dereliction of duty and resignation of four Directors in August.

One thought on “Special General Meeting Report

  1. Fragmentation of the vote for right of centre common sense is futile. It is vital that all groups UNITE that share a basic philosophy of – one rule for all kiwi citizens, denying freehold ownership of land to those who are not – leasehold only by terms of a specific law,

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