Read and weep and pay till it hurts!
Full & final means nothing to the greedy,
part-Maori Iwi elite.

Details Secret As Mighty River Power Reaches Lake Taupo Deal
22 December, 2014

An agreement has been signed between Mighty River Power and Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board over the use of Taupo basin. Talks began last year after the iwi group reportedly decided it might charge the power company millions of dollars for the use of Taupo lake bed – which it owns – as a water storage facility. A partial sell-off of the company’s shares had led to the discussions, with the Government’s prospectus saying Mighty River Power could legally be charged for future, current and past water use back to 2007.

10 thoughts on “Details Secret As Mighty River Power Reaches Lake Taupo Deal

  1. It is now time to take this to the United Nations as this is a racially based fiasco. Those involved should be clearly exposed and the NZ public should be fully alerted to what is and has been going on in ‘secret deals’ involving national assets etc.

  2. It certainly needs to be taken somewhere but I’m not sure I would trust the UN. They are a dodgy outfit if ever there was one and when I remember their view on Pita Sharples jaunt to NY to sign the indigenous peoples declaration and also their stance on climate change, would they really stand against our greedy gravy trainers?

    However, the media should be exposing this for all they are worth but they too are toothless and reluctant to report the truth on these greedy people.

  3. Right on Gary.
    I for one have a gutsful of this Racist greed and our gutless politicians stand by and let it happen.
    We now have a treaty settlement minister and Attorney General who is a list MP unelected under our stupid MMP .That is not democracy.

    Greg Cuttance

  4. Findlayson and Key with his little muppet Bridges in Tauranga and the National party are fully responsible for this.Doesn’t any of this ring of the Nazi Party in 1930 on there way to power.If one loses control of energy and water we are had it.

  5. And he’s been giving away our country as if there is no tomorrow, Greg. If only treason was still a crime. He certainly fits the bill. Apart from that he is contributing towards the fraud on a grand scale. Wake up everyone. One day they will wonder how it all happened when our country becomes Third World.

  6. Its like the access fiasco to the beaches in the the start findlayson said..” no no no , there will be unlimited access to the beaches , no one shall have to pay “. Now, the greedy maori are in discussion about charging for beach access ! National party and maori…cannot be trusted.

  7. How did you find about 1law4all, I found out by a brocure in the mail box, it has changed our political thinking for good after 65 years of voting, it is a pity weren’t at the ballot box this time, what we need could be a massive mail drop starting as soon as possible, like try to hit every household no matter who, and possibly get someone like wale oil on side, as he says he plays his politics like Fijian rugby. just what we need.

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