Another Wearying & Woeful Waitangi Day



There seems to be no end to the brain- or brown-washing of NZ. It just keeps coming, like a seismic wave of thoroughly well informed self-interest, ignorance and sophistry. Read the PM’s speech excerpt below.

Ground control to PM Key: the Treaty of Waitangi contains:

NO mention of any “principles”

NO mention of a “partnership”

NO mention of “forests”

NO mention of “fisheries”


Wake up and smell the parchment, Key, Finlayson, et al. The Treaty of Waitangi is no more a living document than any other Treaty. Just read the damned two-paragraph preamble, so expeditiously overlooked most everywhere, including Te Papa, our national storehouse of treaty fabrications.

Her Majesty Victoria, Queen of England in Her gracious consideration for the chiefs and people of New Zealand, and her desire to preserve to them their land and to maintain peace and order amongst them, has been pleased to appoint an officer to treat with them for the cession of the Sovereignty of their country and of the islands adjacent to the Queen. Seeing that many of Her Majesty’s subjects have already settled in the country and are constantly arriving; And that it is desirable for their protection as well as the protection of the natives to establish a government amongst them.

Her Majesty has accordingly been pleased to appoint me William Hobson a captain in the Royal Navy to be Governor of such parts of New Zealand as may now or hereafter be ceded to her Majesty and proposes to the chiefs of the Confederation of the United Tribes of New Zealand and the other chiefs to agree to the following articles.

Reality Check Essential

Once signed, a contract or treaty binds the signatories. End of story. Litigation on interpretation is possible. Renunciation is possible. But changing the words is not. Nor is arguing that a word scribed in a contract or treaty hundreds of years ago should be interpreted in today’s meaning. Lexical drift is a well known phenomena. It would be fatuous to pretend today that Fred Flinstone’s fifty-plus-year-old cartoon strip jingle “gay old time” meant a consorting group of homosexuals.

Critical Thinking Needed

The Treaty of Waitangi has – in and of itself – no validity in law, whether NZ law or international law. It can be part of New Zealand law ONLY by virtue of some Act of Parliament that says that any part of the Treaty applies.

The Prime Minister has pushed his agenda in his Waitangi speech at the upper marae on the Treaty grounds.

Mr Key said while the Treaty is a formal agreement, it must be interpreted over time and adapted accordingly.

He acknowledged the challenges Maori faced in the century after the Treaty was signed, as the Crown ignored many of its agreements.

“The spirit of generosity with which Maori entered into this partnership was forgotten or ignored by many over the following decades,” he said. “But the Treaty partnership we commemorate today acknowledges the bonds that have underpinned the creation of a special country.”

“The Treaty settlement process may not be to everyone’s satisfactions, but I’m a firm believer in the current process, which is addressing the wrongs done in the past to help Maori build their futures.”

“I am confident the next 25 years will deliver more promises, passion and achievements as we work together to tackle the challenges that will be thrown at us.”

What a load of codswallop!

Wake up New Zealand and smell the dozers:



12 thoughts on “Another Wearying and Woeful Waitangi Day

  1. Keys a clown. Talk about Clark in drag. Labour lite are determined to carry on with the browning down of New Zealand. Kiwis are so bloody apathetic. ” She’ll be right “..well it wont be bloody right and soon it will be too late. Tinkerbelle Findlayson is giving us away like there’s no tomorrow. Once he is done he will scuttle back to his role as Lawyer and Negotiator for Ngai Tahu having inflicted untold damage on the fabric of our society. Should be hung with the rest of them for treason..bastards.

    1. HERE HERE we must act and act fast as this will soon escalate into a war… BRING IT ON FINDLAYSON YOU WEASEL FACED PRATT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am becoming more and more concerned at what I am hearing from so many people – politicians, journalists, so-called academics, citizens in general. What is wrong with people?

  3. One of the scary things about whole 1law4all is that Key and the national party totally embraced our policy. National could be in power for the next 20/30 years, which could then become a dictatorship.

  4. Not to worry. With the huge amount of immigration into New Zealand this whole bag of rubbish will certainly be reversed. I speak often and open to many recent immigrants and what I am hearing is a very negative sentiment towards things Maori. Most of our immigrants wont tolerate being ripped off by lazy, dishonest parasites. The downside of course is that like my father I will be dead having spent fifty years working to pay for the bludgers.

  5. Should our ‘delightful’ Mr Finlayson not be charged with a ‘conflict of interest’? How can one serve the IWI and then swap to the Govt and be paid by us?

  6. Sadly, Key is going to contribute to the downfall of this country with his appeasing policies and especially with him giving Finlayson apparent free rein to virtually give our country away. I really cannot understand why the public can’t see for themselves what is happening and stand up against it. No-one has even mentioned that before too much longer there won’t be any people left who can be called ‘Maori’ as their ancestry will consist mostly of other with all the intermarriage and dilution that is occurring.

  7. Oh, how great. I and the country have just witnessed John Key getting wound up about sending military trainers to Iraq. What a pity he didst vent his wrath on the Waitangi tribunal and create some peace and harmony in N.Z.

    1. Hey there Graham, as a huge fan of John Key I would normally go into bat for him but in this instance I totally agree with you. I would love for the politicians and media in my country to treat European New Zealanders as equals.

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