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Some members have suggested that the party expand its policies further than the core of One Law For All. Yet we are already there! Right now, there are so many racist matters going on – in health, education, local government, public access to coast and rivers, etc. – that violate the principle of One Law For All. The party is doing what it can to expose those to the people who would be affected – usually at the local level. However, getting the message across to the average, TV-infatuated New Zealander is quite a challenge.

The party’s policy of One Law For All readily expands into other related areas such as:

* support for referenda that any changes to the spelling of place names (e.g. Wanganui) must be decided by local ratepayers in a poll;

* opposing any change to the New Zealand flag on the grounds that the flag represents the nation’s sovereignty;

* exposing the insidious encroachment of un-elected and unaccountable race-based representatives on to local and regional councils.

It appears that no other party is taking up the cudgels for such things and this is an area where 1Law4All hopes to make a considerable impact. 1Law4All is a firm upholder of the sovereignty of the nation and a fierce critic of Christopher Finlayson’s race-based co-governance agreements with favoured tribes like Tuhoe which dilute NZ’s sovereignty.

To forge ahead the party is going to need more assistance from members with various skills – e.g. administrative, secretarial and IT. So, if you have something to offer the party (and the country) in those or other fields, please contact us.


07-8682262 (Peter Wood)

P O Box 177, Orewa, Auckland 0946

We always welcome suggestions from members. Unlike other parties that are master-minded by the political elite who work from the top down, 1Law4All is essentially a group of very concerned citizens who are trying to change things from the bottom up.

Our message has enormous potential because it is the right one for New Zealand. A message uncontaminated by political needs such as appeasing the race-based Maori Party (National), or trying to buy the Maori working class vote (Labour). So, please stay on the 1Law4All train and renew your membership.


3 thoughts on “Expanding The Policy

  1. I agree Barry. However, from such high hopes for 1Law4All before the last election, I felt we were badly let down at the end and had no other alternative but to give our Party votes to the Conservatives. Many were too weak to take this chance and where the Conservatives made an excellent showing anyway, if more had taken a chance and given them their Party vote, who knows but we might now be winging our way out of the racist mess we are digging ourselves ever deeper into. I know 1Law4All had problems getting a Leader – or that’s what I think the problem was – but we really need to get a strong Leader and that is going to be a big ask. Until that happens we are whistling in the wind.

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