Back in April, 1Law4All published a blog item about two-faced Shonkey & Whinlayson handing off the water rights hot potato to local councils:

PM Delegates Water Give-Away
Prime Minister John Key is moving towards granting preferential water rights to government-created tribal corporations, thus running the risk of losing the support of large swathes of voters who supported the National Party’s previous one-water-law-for-all position.

For those who were adamant naysayers, it has “come to pass” as anticipated, as reported in the Gisborne Herald.

Water WhitesWash

Giving Iwi A Shared Role
Friday, 28 August, 2015
A UNANIMOUS vote by Gisborne District Council has given the go-ahead for a joint management agreement between the council and Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou to manage the Waiapu River catchment, a first of its kind in New Zealand. After listening to a presentation from the runanganui, the council instructed staff to develop the agreement, which will come back to the council’s October meeting for final adoption.

A packed public auditorium heard runanganui presenters Amo Houkamo and Tina Porou describe a historic “win-win” agreement that will allow the iwi to be involved in resource consent applications in the catchment. The sky would not fall because of the agreement, they told the council. Amo Houkamau said this unique agreement could only happen in this district because what was presented could only happen in this region. “We believe this is a win-win situation for the council, for Ngati Porou, the Gisborne district and for the country,” she said.

You whaaaat?
Good for the country?
Yeah, right!

Bye, bye missed equality pie . . .

8 thoughts on “Water WhitesWash

  1. Gutless council allowing creeping Racism to rule our waterways.
    This is disgusting and will end in racial unrest setting part Maori against the rest of us kiwis .

  2. This government lied when it first went into power and has lied since. It will give water rights to iwi at it’s peril. Water belongs to no one, like the sea, it is for all New Zealanders

  3. The truly deceptive nature of the con is there, for all to see – if they will but look with eyes which have been de-scaled.

    Look carefully at the seductive semantics of “ownership” versus “rights,” then appreciate more clearly how you’re being suckered.

  4. The legislators must apply with intent one word – NO – to halt the never ending grievance greed of part Maori Kiwis.
    While society pays unemployment benefits to Kiwis who could be employed if encouraged or induced, then let’s have zero immigrant workers from offshore. B

  5. Soon every Regional Council or Unitary authority issuing resource consents will have, either by legislation (for example, Hawke’s Bay) or the perfidy of the Councillors themselves (Gisborne) a half Iwi – half Councillor committee that will in future, issue consents including water rights.

    It is highly likely that there will be 1 or more Iwi supporters among the elected Councillors on such a committee, thus giving un-elected Iwi a majority.

    Key has tricked New Zealand.
    He may be saying “No one owns water” but he has set up a system, obviously agreed to in his secret meetings with Iwi, whereby Iwi will be in control of it.

    1. John Key is once again dividing our country with this water rights, and there will be even more coming up before he leaves office and goes to his mansion in Hawaii and plays golf with the big boys over there.


  6. Somehow we all need to stand up and be counted by maybe organising a March on Parliament to stop this rot.
    The problem is most of us who reply to these posts are too busy working ,paying our unfair taxes so Shonkey and his mates can bend us over.
    I know the answer but I cannot for one afford to front up with the money to fight this undemocratic injustice which will surely end in strife .
    Apathy in this country is our worst enemy.
    When I bring this up with some of my colleagues I get shut down and get told too forget about it as it is too late, very worrying indeed!!!!!!!!!

  7. Our government says no one owns the water, yet is planning to pass the buck so that local councils give control of our fresh water to part-Maori tribalists. I.e. Special rights based on diluted, racist genes.

    Under the Tiriti o Waitangi, every NZ citizen has the same rights. That includes access to fresh water. What may be done is the government will invite the public to make submissions about giving Iwi fresh water rights over all New Zealanders, via local councils.

    I.e. It will appear as if the public are given a chance to have a say. But make no mistake – the decision has already been made and the submission process will be a farce that will allow the racist National government to assert that it has consulted widely. But the racist Maori party has made it clear: if they don’t get their way – control of NZ fresh water – the party will withdraw its support for the Resource Management Amendment Bill.

    Article two of the treaty says: The Queen confirms and guarantees to the chiefs and tribes and all the people of New Zealand, the possession of their lands, dwellings and all their property. Nowhere does it mentions rivers, lakes, seabed or foreshore. These became the commons – the property of the Crown that is held in trust for all the people of New Zealand. Something that cannot nor should not have its control given away to one racist group. New Zealand should have one law for all.


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