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The current assault on the New Zealand flag by the chattering classes – the political and media elite – should not be seen in isolation. NZ’s would-be dictators know how important it is to strip citizens of their traditions and symbols so as to make them rootless, confused and unsure of their national and personal identity. That way they’re are easier to manipulate and control.

Kiwis have already had their traditional weights and measures and currency taken away by compulsory metrification. Then they lost the age-old and valuable right of appeal to the Privy Council, a court with far more talent and integrity than what replaced it. Next came the undermining of the most important institutions of all – marriage and child-rearing.

Now the same shadowy group that was the driving force behind those other attacks on NZ’s time-honoured traditions want to dispossess the nation of its flag as well. In particular, the Union Jack in the upper left quarter, which has been part of the New Zealand story ever since 1769. Then, Captain Cook landed at Gisborne on 7th October and a party of armed marines bearing the Union Jack carried it to a little bank about fifty yards from the water-side.

The Union Jack was also laid across Hobson’s table at Waitangi when the chiefs signed the Treaty and has ever been on the New Zealand flag under which our servicemen fought and died in the terrible wars of the twentieth century.


Now, a passing jack-in-the-office, Shonkey, with more vanity than patriotism, is manipulating a couple of referenda in order to strip the New Zealand people of part of our heritage. Just as he set Kiwis up to lose their beaches via the Marine and Coastal Area Act, he is also about to strip them of their rights to fresh water as he distracts and manipulates voters with his sleight-of-hand flag fiddling and political posturing. Just reflect a moment on the process of the referendum.

NZrs did not get first asked if they wanted a change of flag. No. Had that occurred and the answer was a no, there would be no need for an expensive and time-consuming process of producing alternative options to consider.

That would be a straight-forward and common sense methodology. Why then do we have the present cart-before-the-horse process? Is it possible that – if the first referendum results significantly favours one design – Emperor Shonkey will then dispense with the second referendum and declare NZ has a new flag?

Given the duplicity of Shonkey’s – trust me, I know what I’m doing – response to the referendum on the “smacking law,” cancelling the second referendum is quite on the cards. Another possible pretext will be saving taxpayers’ money.

Under the present process, the second referendum in March, 2016, will be the opportunity for individual New Zealanders to say just what they think of this latest act of manipulation by Shonkey and his government of fawning, copy-cat sycophants.

Author John McLean has written a short book, “Keep the Flag Flying; the History and Meaning of the New Zealand Flag.” Available direct from the publisher: $20 (including postage). Click here for Internet purchasing details. Also available at bookshops.

16 thoughts on “Keep the Flag Flying

  1. John Key’s insidious plan is first to change our flag. Next to change the name of New Zealand to pander to ethnic interests. Then to declare NZ a republic. Lastly, without public consultation, to declare himself El Presidente. Enter the final stage —–, Dictatorship.

  2. It all beggars belief. I just can’t believe how quickly all these changes are taking place. It almost makes me breathless with the inordinate haste. So many people have no idea what is happening.

    I won’t be voting in the first referendum but will vote not to change our flag in the second one – that’s if we actually get it. What’s the bet Shonkey will have another sleight of hand and will himself declare which flag we are to have and not bother to have the second one..

  3. We are being given a choice, to change our flag to one that represents the Independent New Zealand of today or stay with our present one which gives the impression that we are still a colony of Britain. I see nothing wrong with being given a choice nor do I think that all change is bad.

  4. Agree with you completely. Lived in NZ for 13 yrs. but now back in the UK. NZ could be a great country, but rubbish like this flag business drove me back. I also didn’t approve of the govt. giving the nations wealth to a small band of maori gangsters. Madness…

  5. Yip your right ,Next thing is country name change to Aotearoa already we are seeing it used by PC TV announcers and signage around the country.
    And the dictatorial NZ Geograhic society are pushing it as well .I have emailed them several times to question this but they never reply.
    Of course if you question anything like this today you are labelled a racist.

  6. The Magna Carta was a huge start against the tyranny of absolute Monarchs but not comprehensive and without those the American Constitution would never have been constructed as it was. It must never be forgotten that England’s philosopher John Locke, probably the most influential in the world, was the initiator and staunch defender of individual private property rights and the rule-of-law, not to be confused with legislative law which is man-made and always open to question.

    This is my deeply-held conviction as to why the British ensign should remain on our flag and left as it is.

    Unfortunately and to the ultimate detriment of all, the Western World is moving away from those ground-breaking achievements towards a rapidly encroaching slavery.

  7. I think bringing ‘metricification’ into the discussion is a little bit of a stretch that the end is near!!! Spending $26m on this flag change is ridiculous, however it has now been spent (more or less) so why not take the opportunity to get a flag that is more recognizable as NZ. I don’t agree with the argument that ‘our people died under that flag’. Go look at the headstones of our fallen in Europe and what is on each one – a FERN! We are going to see the our country being called Aotearoa more and more NOT because of a flag change, but because this is what pert-Maori are pushing, and this is what this and successive governments are bowing to. It’s all just PC b*llsh*t to appease the ever demanding minority part-Maori. We need to be more concerned that journalists are not asking about the ‘real’ treaty and why we aren’t sticking to this rather than some made up version that apparently gives part-Maori shared sovereignty ie: partnership. Let’s drop the flag concerns, vote for the flag you want (the current one or a change depending on your view) as the $26m is spent .. then move on to things that are far more important to NZ as a country. Start asking your local MP why this false treaty is still being used. Ask the media why they aren’t questioning it. Make a noise about the government considering giving water rights to part-Maori. Read books that give real information and facts on what is happening in our country – go to the website of Tross Publishing for this – and get motivated and noisy about what you discover. The flag is a red herring. Laws/rules that are colour blind are far more important! Remember … One Law for All is the answer.

  8. Couldn’t agree more. We SHOULD have been asked first especially considering the process turned out to cost 25+ million and a very small number of people went to the discussion meetings around the country. Maori people wanted the British and not the French and they wanted Queen Victoria to govern. The whole treaty was based on the British government. We are still a commonwealth country with strong ties to the UK.
    I don’t mind change but not when ONE person pushes his personal barrow.

    Then there is the FRESH WATER issue which is being done very secretively while we are distracted by the Flag debacle and the Rugby World Cup. How ingenious!!
    Better put pen to paper or email some MPs and write some letters to the editor of local papers. The Wedge is being driven right in now.

  9. Keep the original flag,nothing wrong with it. The other five designs on option look as if they were made up by a kindergarten class before morning tea. AS stated by others is the debacle of the so called water rights that this Government is wanting to steal from the majority of New Zealand in order to give to some plastic Maori’s, this is the issue that all New Zealanders should be fighting hard against.Where is all this PC bullshit going to stop ????

  10. I welcome the choice about the flag, fantastic we have this debate now. For those that bitch about the money being spent, I can’t fault the process so far, poor you! It’s not wasted at all in my view, indeed it’s money otherwise squandered by bureaucrats and those beneficiaries some of whom make a life of being a beneficiary. At lease we are getting a debate about our nationhood for the money. To those that want to keep the existing flag you must have no realistic vision about the past history. Why would ANYONE want the Union Jack on their countries flag apart from the British from whence it came. Britain ditched New Zealand for Europe decades ago. Was it not Churchill and his fellow British upper class officers sitting in their armchairs in comfort away from the slaughter at Anzac Cove who sent thousands of New Zealanders to the death as mere cannon fodder to Turkish guns so as the Brits could sweep in for the glorious victory afterwards? Then the spineless pratts lost the ground covered in Anzac blood easily afterwards. Anzac men were treated as disposables there and in plenty of other fights the Brits got themselves into and you want their Union Jack on our flag? Get a life! It has no place on our flag.
    I go to sporting events all over the world and you can’t differentiate our flag from the Australian whereas everyone and I mean everyone knows you are a new Zealander when they see the silver fern. The red/blue silver fern with southern cross stars does it for me as to our heritage, our place in the universe and our identity

  11. Although the flag is not the holy grail, I question the morals of someone who has taken the Oath of Allegiance to the Crown and wants to change it! After the flag will be the Coat of Arms, and republicanism. No doubt one day it will surely change, but not on my watch. The Union Jack is the best that the world has to offer at present, so why change it for something which will be to our detriment? I look to it as an insurance against bad government, and our current bunch sure leaves a lot to be desired! Between the votes for the flag will be water rights being given to part-Maori, for which we all have to pay. Let us fight this one head on!

  12. Is this really part of a devious plan, as some suggest? Certainly, there do seem to be more pressing matters that any reasonable government and Prime Minister should be dealing with. Like the 112,580 million dollar current year borrowings that’s used (in part) to pay for this flag folly and all the rip-off (so-called) treaty settlements.

    As has often been observed, if you or me managed our household and personal economies the way successive NZ governments manage this country’s economy, we’d all be broke.

    Just as well it’s not possible to foreclose on a nation. Well, not by external agencies – at least.

  13. I totally agree, Simon. I despair for this country given the direction in which it seems to be heading. Everything based on race should be disposed of post haste and we should all proceed together as New Zealanders. Will I ever see this in my lifetime? Not the way things are going!!

  14. No Country has changed its Flag unles there has been a takeover by political , ethnic, or religious factions, even Canda, under this government are we to expect such a takeover maby Key is aligning himself with a takeover by ISIS. Who knows.

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