Our Sneaky Anti-Democratic Dictators

new_flag[1]Accountable democracy in local government is a cornerstone of our constitutional tradition and a valuable tool in the hands of NZ ratepayers and citizens. Any tampering with this age old right – such as special race-based and un¬ democratic Maori wards – is detestable to most people and a crime against NZ’s democracy.

In the past, when a special Maori ward has been proposed for a council, ratepayers’ polls have consistently rejected race-based wards, preferring accountable-to-ratepayers’ democracy. A recent such rejection being in New Plymouth where in May, 2015, 82% of ratepayers said No to the creation of Maori wards. They feared that unelected part-Maori appointees, unanswerable to ratepayers at election time, would make huge demands on the council’s purse. That’s what happened in Auckland where special Maori appointees have demanded $295 million of ratepayers’ money for their own special, race-based purposes such as the upkeep of maraes.

Effectively, there’s been a nationwide ratepayer revolution in which all polls have shown the natural hostility of ratepayers to having race-based council appointees. Especially as they would spend ratepayers’ money on racially biased projects. Faced with those results, the all-time National Party trickster, Christopher Whinlayson, is now imposing those very same burdens on ratepayers without them having any say or redress in the matter. He’s doing it through parliamentary legislation imposing Treaty settlement obligations on local councils. For example, in 2012 National imposed a treaty settlement “co-governance” agreement on the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, which was thereby statutorily FORCED to set up a co-governance committee with the Ngati Pahuawera, to cover all natural resources in the area.

This important regional planning committee now comprises 10 democratically elected councillors and 10 unaccountable-to-ratepayers iwi appointees with two chairs – one appointed by the council and the other by iwi. All are full voting members and so the numerically small and unelected tribal representatives have an effective veto over regional resource management. The death of accountable democracy. Again, the National Government – under the evil influence of arch-racist Whinlayson – was the murderer. Just as Whinlayson stole the beaches off NZrs, so is he busy enriching his mates at kiwis’ expense by granting the tribal elite billions of our tax dollars and public resources by means of his hearsay-based and bogus – if not fraudulent – “Treaty settlements.”

And yet the victims of these thefts – blind bigots born with a blue ribbon choker – still rush to the polls to vote for that “nice,” smiling assassin, Mr. Shonkey.

24 thoughts on “Our Sneaky Anti-Democratic Dictators

  1. Traitors to the people of NZ deserve what traitors usually get universally….one bullet and a blindfold. But in NZ these two evil anti democratic maori servants ( well, they aint “public servants!!) will probably get a knighthood.

  2. I’ve had a gutsful of NZ’ers complacency. At all elections local and national the candidates need to be asked are they for or against non elected to be on councils. Weasel words or any non direct replies should be counted as for and so just don’t vote for them. Going by New Plymouths response (82%) should give them a shake up. Same applies to water.

  3. This is totally despicable and must be opposed at every turn. Can nobody reign Finlayson in? He’s destroying out country every time he opens his mouth. What’s Key doing about all of this racist and very undemocratic nonsense. ‘Maori’ are becoming more and more diluted through inter-marriage and soon there won’t be any to speak of. What on earth are we doing giving them so much say just because they have a percentage (often very small to a smidgen) of “Maori’ blood in their veins. What makes them any different to the rest of us? They never looked after things before the Treaty, marauding up and down the country fighting other tribes and wiping them out, so why are they so special these days?

    1. Helen, I think the answer to your question in your final sentence is that they are NOT special – they never were and they still aren’t and they never will be. Governments lie to them that they are special and pander to them as if they are special and some of them lap it up – it’s just governments crawling to them. For their votes I suppose.

  4. Rotorua District council have done this also, even though at public meetings people were up in arms having non elected Maori with voting rights on the two most powerful committees. These maori delegates are nominated by Rotorua Aroha tribes.

  5. I think GOVERNMENT racism – part-Maori electoral roll, for example – is the worst kind of racism and it makes NZ the most racist country in the world. These unelected part-Maori wards in your post above are another example. This kind of ugly racist garbage from both levels of government is causing more racial separatism in NZ. Now, when NZers are talking to a part-Maori they wonder which side of this divide that particular part-Maori is on.

  6. This is sickening what Key and that slimy bastard finlayson are doing to this Country in terms of crawling to this minority of half breeds that call themselves maoris. It is hard to believe that there are a big percentage of European people out there that are so apathetic that they are just sitting back and letting their freedoms being eroded by crook politicians and greedy maoris. People need to wake up and start doing something conclusive like sending e mails to the Prime Minister and asked that wimp finlayson be removed from office ASAP before he destroys the whole country. Its sad to think that people are worried about terrorists being let into the country when it is already being ripped apart by the Un-democratic performance of these traitor politicians of which we are paying their wages to represent all of NZ people, not just a few. Something has to start somewhere – if corruption is to take place, all it requires is good men (and woman ) to do nothing.

    1. “if corruption is to take place, all it requires is for good men and women to do nothing”
      Ralph is so right, but what a TV “personality” is up to is more important to New Zealanders.
      1 Law4All is a great site to be informed but it needs to be more than just a place for concerned people to read and reply with tut tuts. We need to start NOW to set up an action site. I am in my 70’s, no wordsmith or very internet savvy but can do any graphics that’s needed. Most Kiwis (see 82% of voters in New Plymouth said no to unelected part/maori wards) will be behind this campaign. This would not be a part/Maori bashing campaign because most part/Maoris (except for the part/Maori elite who are the only ones who get the cream) will agree that what Shonkey & co are doing is racist, non democratic and splitting the people of New Zealand.
      Suggestions please.

  7. I didn’t word my last sentence very well, Barry. I meant to say ‘why are they treated as if they are special’. They most certainly aren’t.

  8. Three underlying basic causes are fueling this phenomena in my opinion.

    1. MMP as a parliamentary system is flawed. I don’t believe any of this would have happened under out previous “first past the post” system.

    2. An apathetic electorate in terms of the young voter who typically has no interest in politics and does not appreciate how fragile a democracy is and what the consequences are when democracy is destroyed.

    3. The movement of the Western democracies toward political correctness at all costs even if it means destroying democracy in the process.

    1. I do hope many will write in because I’ve been doing it since 1995 and have achieved absolutely nothing. However, if large numbers did, maybe he would have to take note but I’m wondering if he ever actually gets to see the letters. It seems to me from the apparent ‘standard’ letters I get in reply that his minions do it all. He may be blissfully unaware at how angry so many of us really are!!??

    2. I totally agree with you also, Peter. However, what’s the answer? How do we go about dismantling all the racist nonsense that is permeating every part of our lives.

  9. Having been a part of the hard-working ‘Foreshore and Seabed’ coalition, and still being faced with daily gains by rapacious Maori claimants, I finally had a guts-full and after fifty years of service to New Zealand, I packed my bags and returned to the UK.

    I can’t begin to tell you what a pleasure it is to be able to switch on the radio and not have to hear Maori propaganda and whingeing each day.

    And ‘yes’ – for those who would deride my pleasure – I much prefer the threat of I S terrorism than to be slowly choked to death by the undemocratic impositions and indoctrination foisted on the non Maori population in New Zealand.

    Wherever tribalism is allowed to flourish and indeed promoted, it will continue to create dissatisfaction, acrimony and recrimination. Yes indeed, the smiling assassin has once more gained a great victory on the back of the Rugby World Cup victory. My reaction at seeing his smarmy face on my British television set was nausea.

    I think a revolt in New Zealand is well past overdue.

    Ken R Taylor

    1. You are so right, Ken. I’ve been fighting this racist discrimination since 1995 and have achieved nothing. I really fear for what we are going to leave our children and grand-children.

  10. I agree Ken; I have fought with my kids school principal and teachers, written countless letters to papers, attended meetings, written letters to useless gutless MPs, argued with people who think the treaty gives maori privilege, read books and even bought spare copies to lend out, refused to perform a hongi with anyone, refused to accept my second-class-kiwi status, always turn my back and walk when a haka breaks out, told my kids the truth about NZ history, and after all that, I feel I have achieved ….well, ….not much really. In a Sheeptocracy, the noisy bully gets away with whatever they want. Now these lying phony greedy lazy overweight thugs want a public holiday for their version of an untruthful NZ history where the poor innocent maori were slaughtered by the evil europeans…never mind the fact that maori killed more maori than any other race. These whining oxygen thieves consider themselves as some sort of national treasure when actually they are a national embarrassment. I have been a victim of racism all my life in NZ, as have 85% of kiwis. Shame on this third world south pacific racist country.

  11. Well Helen and Barry obviously we can’t put the clock back on issue number one (MMP) as the opportunity to do that had already past. To give the National Party it’s due they did stick to their promise of having a referendum on this and the country voted to stick with MMP.
    That leaves the issue of the young voter and political correctness.
    With regard to these issues I’m watching the rise of the Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France which is hoovering up the vote in the regional elections in that country as a direct result of the terrorist attacks and a flawed politically correct immigration policy.
    I’d be interested to learn what proportion of their support that the National Front has garnered from the younger voter, maybe it took an attack on a nightclub to jolt them out of their complacency.
    It will likely take a thick skinned person with the determination of the likes of Marine Le Pen to brave the media criticism and racist label slurs that will surely follow when the racist discrimination we are concerned about finds an opposing voice in the political arena of our country.

  12. To begin with, as Maori I have NEVER, EVER been consulted with or involved regarding Maori Wards. As I recall it was people like New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd, a Pakeha, who was pushing for this, not Maori at all.

    An Environmental Court ruling sought against the Rotorua Lakes Council set the catalyst for the Te Arawa partnership to take form, also taking into further consideration that those Maori of Te Arawa have huge (if not more) commercial interest than any other ethnics group with full ownership of the Whakarewarewa Maori Village and adjacent attractions. And may I also add, it was not local Maori whom took the Rotorua Lakes Council to Court.

    As far as Maori Wards are concerned it is not a major issue on any agenda of Maori, and never has been. Although admittedly I recall in the mid 2000’s there was a small push for it.

    These Maori Wards have no value for Maori whatsoever, and is more likely to bring more problems ultimately ending in a small group of local Maori running the local Iwi with council support. Furthermore the 2 dollar question remains who are the Maori Ward representing?

    As far as I am aware there are like 2 types of Maori you could be representing. (1) Hau Kainga/Local Iwi or Hapu. (2) Manawhenua/Maori living in the area, but from another area or tribe. And all of these people would have different wants and aims just like Pakeha and they all aren’t going to be representative in one person as a Maori Ward Councillor.

    1. Absolutely spot on James. If only your response could be put into every newspaper because the whole thing just doesn’t make sense but will certainly benefit those who are consulted because they certainly won’t do it for no recompense.

  13. If you want to stop this apartheid in our country then support 1law4all party and join up like I have. I going to give them a go – who else do you trust?


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