Water, Water Everywhere
Until You Want A Drink

In a previous 1Law4All newsletter, the racist grab for the nation’s fresh water was detailed—a crime against the commons. More details of how it’s to be done are now known.

What can you do? What can be done? Presently – perhaps only a little. Until a National Party politician feels the threat of impending unemployment, no MP is going to buck Emperor Shonkey. But if enough people knock on their local MP’s electorate office doors, expressing their dissent with the racist policies of the present government, the chill winds of perhaps having to work in the real world will blow around their ankles and that might change things in Wellington.

Do not be deceived by any platitudes about balance, or redressing past wrongs, or Treaty rights, or any such huff and fluff designed to cover the real agenda. The objective is simple: if ownership is not an option, then it’s control of NZ’s fresh water by racist separatists, for the financial benefit of micro-Maori. Nothing less. There are options on ways to achieve this. One is unaccountable-to-ratepayers, race-based appointees to Regional Councils. All done in a very sly way. Take the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, likely something of a blue print for the rest of NZ . . .

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Planning Committee [HBRPC] is a permanent Committee established by Government legislation as part of Treaty of Waitangi settlement negotiations. It comprises nine elected representatives and ten race-based appointees. Several elected representatives are known pro-micro-Maori separatist collaborators, a story about one of whom will be covered in a blog post – here – in a few days’ time. For now, here’s the make up of the HBRPC:

Elected Regional Councillors (nine) representing these areas:
* Wairoa (one)
* Napier (three)
* Central Hawke’s Bay (one)
* Ngaruroro (one)
* Hastings (three)

Racially-selected Tāngata Whenua appointees (ten) representing these micro-Maori, tribal groups
* Ngāti Pāhauwera Development and Tiaki Trusts
* Ngāti Hineuru Iwi Inc
* Te Toi Kura o Waikaremoana
* Ngāti Tuwharetoa Hapu Forum
* He Toa Takitini
* Mana Ahuriri Incorporated
* Maungaharuru-Tangitū Trust
* Te Tira Whakaemi o Te Wairoa
* Tūhoe
* He Toa Takitini

Notice that—to start with—the committee has a majority of race-based appointees. The HBRPC tells the Regional Council what it can and can’t do. Once that’s done, if the elected members of the Regional Council don’t like that, they cannot change it without an 80% agreement from the HBRPC. That means the racially-dominated HBRPC has almost total control over decisions made by the Council on all Resource Management Act matters. Including the control and management of fresh water! Do you begin to see what’s going on, here? Then read on . . .

One particularly poisonous platitude is Shonkey’s repeated assertion that “no one owns the water. Don’t be fooled. Given that stance, the Maori Party, Shonkey, Whinlayson and the other racist sycophants have come up with “a workaround.”

Most will be familiar with the term “airspace.” The air above a country – which nobody owns – through which planes fly. But only with the permission – air traffic control – of the nation on the land, below. The new deal struck with the traitors to NZ’s commons is similar to that airspace concept.

Although they wont own the fresh water, micro-Maori will get to control all NZ’s “waterspace.” That’s what’s above the bed of every public lake, river, stream and creek over which our fresh water is stored or flows. Permission to swim in that “waterspace” or to use the water in any other way will only be available from the micro-Maori owners of the land [bed] beneath that “waterspace,” which we’ll call water traffic control. Doubtless involving a fee. Sorry – “koha.” Likely on the basis of no koha – no goha.

There you have it. That’s how control – ownership in all-but-name – of NZ’s fresh water is to be handed over to racially-selected, micro-Maori interests.

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