Ethnicity Anomalies

26 April 2016
The Editor
Northland Age

Many Kiwis are making valid protests about Waitangi claimants with very slight maori bloodlines (ethnicity) and looking for a formula on how to address this anomaly.  Well here’s the solution; it’s called the Ethnicity Equalisation Scheme (EES).

For openers, we must address the quixotic definition of maori in S.2 Maori Affairs Amendment Act 1974 which most sensible Kiwis consider to be farcical because it seeks to create a statutory maori race.  If claimants are going to use any level of maori ethnicity for Waitangi claims etc. then a scheme is required with authenticated certified documents to ensure whakapapas are accurate, with Birth Certificates, Driver’s Licences and Passports, etc. endorsed all showing the degree of ethnicity attributed to claimants and this must be the minimum prerequisite legal requirement prior to obtaining any payments from Waitangi claims. All this actioned at the cost of the claimant.

It follows when looking at a tribe of say 2,000 ‘members’ there must be supporting documentation and evidence for each and every tribal member with lists made available for public inspection and then the ethnicity of the whole tribe must be averaged out.

Should the perceived grievance claim  or any other claim (hard to take seriously) for some reason be successful and for example assessed at say $32 million, then if the average maori ethnicity of the tribe is 1/8th the payment out would be only $4 million and the $28 million balance would be withheld along the same lines as the ‘contributory negligence doctrine’ to the extent of 7/8th representing the ethnicity percentage other than maori and funds returned to the NZ taxpayer via the Government, i.e, not paid out.

Now isn’t that a fair and equitable outcome because Kiwis are entitled as of right to know all those who are claiming to be statutory maori are providing accurate documentary proof and word of mouth mumbo jumbo is not good enough. If citizens don’t want special endorsement there is no need to complete any details and they will simply receive a normal Kiwi passport without notation – the choice is theirs. Of course other citizens could also choose to apply for the ethnicity endorsement at their own cost. Current assessments indicate no one can claim to have 50% maori ethnicity and therefore other than by virtue of the statutory definition everyone in NZ must currently be classified as non maori.

Rob Paterson

8 thoughts on “Ethnicity Anomalies

  1. I heartily agree with Rob!! Most Maoris in this day are less than 1/8th so therefore they should only receive 1/8th of the settlement. When are these greedy rapacious settlement demands going to end???
    John Key promised a few years back that all treaty demands were closed and no more would be accepted but the Maori controlled Waitangi Tribunal is still accepting them.

  2. If the government had not changed the definition of “maori” in 1974, there would be none of this carry on. The law of the land stated 50% maori blood to be able to be classed as maori. If this was still the case then there would be none of this rorting going on, and would appear . to be going on for the foreseeable future, or more likely ad nauseam.

  3. A political party that announces and sincerely subscribes to this alarmingly accurate resume deserves widespread support from all who share my concern for the direction that has been pursued for far too long. Well done Mr Patterson.

  4. Hey, Hey ,
    At last we have someone who is telling the truth , but be careful of the backlash as we know that Maoris aren’t keen on anyone telling it as it really is. Light on the horizon – maybe?

  5. Well put Rob,
    This rubbish has just got to stop but I don’t know how it ever will as Shonkey is going to get in again as he seems to have no opposition. Even the left wing Media are now on his side.
    It appears that democracy is dead in Kiwiland and as soon as you question what is going on with Treaty settlements you are labelled Racist.

  6. A recent fact. Two respected researchers had received a Marsden grant to study Moriori DNA and genetics which is an almost infallible trace of their family heritage. The study was cancelled as the Moriori refused to take part. The Moriori have a Treaty of Waitangi claim being processed on the basis that they only ever inhabited the Chatham Islands. Maori have also made DNA an other analysis of bodily remains Tapu.

    All so obviously suspicious, but I’d put any money on this not being questioned by the Tribunal. We can’t have the truth ruin a good claim.

    Sadly it would seem that people have to resort to the old Maori tradition of violence to get fair play (conflict of terms I know) as democracy doesn’t exist. Would New Zealand benefit from a version of Trump for a term or two? Scary thought, but I can understand the peoples frustration in USA.

    It’s a shame that the radical part-Maori cast such a bad light on the many good part-Maori.

    You all probably know of Einstein’s theory of relativity, but did you know about the new Maori theory of Relativity. :My Relatives lived here once so this is all mine.

    You have to laugh, please.

    1. This is the depth that the National Party is prepared to go to maintain political power in New Zealand. Are they prepared to go even deeper? You bet!

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