Masterton Gets Race-Based Council Appointees

4 May 4 2016

A Wairarapa council has approved the appointment of unelected iwi representatives, with voting rights, to its standing committees. Masterton District Council voted on Wednesday to appoint representatives from Wairarapa’s two iwi, Kahungunu ki Wairarapa and Rangitane o Wairarapa, each with speaking and voting rights, to its policy and finance, and audit and risk, committees.

They also have speaking rights at full council meetings, which ratify the recommendations from the two standing committees. P J Devonshire, general manager of Kahungunu ki Wairarapa, says giving Maori more of a voice on Masterton District Council will benefit all of Wairarapa’s population.

It was hailed as a “courageous call” by Devonshire, who said it showed the country was growing up. “It’s quite a big step . . . To me it shows the maturing of our nation.” He said while some people might label the appointments a case of Maori “special privilege,” that was an increasingly extreme and marginalised view.

Stuff story here.

Just who’s the extremist and marginalist, here?

More apartheid by stealth. Worse still, agreed to – promoted even – by elected councillors. Remember that, later in 2016, when the Council elections are due. Don’t vote for pro-racist candidates of any ethnicity. Give them the stick!

4 thoughts on “Masterton gets Race-Based Council Appointees

  1. That’s it – the council is screwed. Those guys will tie the meeting up with their mindless wailing and blabber and nothing will get done.

  2. “Democracy” kiwi style is actually NOT democracy. Shame on those Masterton morons whose limp-wristed decision racially discriminates against 85% of kiwis.

  3. This is what happens when you have no talent busy bodies trying to force their agendas on the rest of us. Unfortunately the way our education system works our young people are being fed a pack of racist swill and grow up thinking maori are special and we have some sort of obligation to give them breakfast in bed and a chauffeur limousine to take them to KFC and the pub. The good people of Masterton need to ensure these racists are named and shamed and booted out of office at the upcoming elections, how dare they put this garbage in motion just before the next elections, knowing it will be in place before the public can do anything about it. Democracy is suffering a terminal illness in NZ but it is dead and buried in Masterton.

  4. So the Masterton District Council will be having two iwi representatives joining council meetings as well as speaking and voting rights.
    Doug Bracewell said there was no voice for Asians. Councillor Johnathan Hooker stated that Asians are not tangata whenua. Even Mayor Lyn patterson stated on radio that maori are tangata whenua. Those people on council who support the myth that Maori are tangata whenua do not know anything about our history they are deceiving the public.
    The true meaning of the word is “the ancient ones or the people before us” until Maori changed it to mean themselves.
    Even the late professor Ranginui Walker past head of Maori studies had stated “the traditions are quite clear on one point when ever crew disembarked there were already tangata whenua (prior inhabitants) the canoe ancestors of the 14th century merged with these tangata whenua tribes”, in the treaty Maoris are called tangata Maori.
    Lyn Patterson said council plan is to promote partnership with Maori as required by the treaty, what a load of rubbish. it doesn’t say anything about partnership in the treaty, she doesn’t know what she is talking about.
    it seems that around the country people who are promoting separatism/ apartheid are our white leaders who are in power, not the Maori people. I hope the people of Masterton will vote for a clean out of some of their councillors and Mayor. Don’t let them deceive you. The treaty gave Maori the same rights as everyone else.


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