Councillor Protests At “Tokenism”

A Whangarei district councillor has gone on strike from a committee in protest over the appointment of a paid, micro-Maori adviser, saying he has no interest in participating in meetings with “race-based appointments.”

Councillor Stuart Bell said while he was pro-micro-Maori engagement, he saw the appointment of the adviser to the planning committee, otherwise made up of elected councillors, as “tokenism” and said it was actually offensive to micro-Maori.

“I boycotted [the] meeting, and may boycott more in the future, because in my opinion there is currently very little or no benefit in having race-based appointments of non-elected members on council committees.”

Mayor Mai said she was 100 per cent proud of the new appointment, and said micro-Maori had a “whole way of thinking about the world, and the way the community was made up” that differed from Pakeha councillors. “It gives us a governance perspective from a Maori world-view as opposed to a Pakeha world-view.”

Councillor Bell said that he’d been elected to represent the whole community and he’s being told because he has white skin he can’t do that effectively? “We’ve been told about the micro-Maori lens. But even within micro-Maoridom, everyone looks at life differently,” he said.

Racially-selected adviser Julianne Chetham said that she was not worried, saying that she hoped Cr Bell would come back at some point. It’s a learning process for us, after all, she said. (But an earning process for her!)

The decision to hire an adviser followed a tense debate at December’s planning committee meeting, with mayor Sheryl Mai using her casting vote to decide the 7-7 split.

excerpted from the Northern Advocate

About That Different World View

Man Caught Taking 20 x Legal Paua Limit

A Napier man has pleaded guilty to taking more than 20 times the legal limit of paua, with all but one of them being undersized. Karaitiana James Lee Nissen, 31, appeared at Napier District court and admitted taking 266 paua from Waipatiki Beach in March 2015.

Nissen claimed he had customary authorisation for the diving which was later revealed to have been obtained by an associate of his, but that permission did not authorise Nissen to gather and take the amount of paua he was found with.

Evidence presented said that Nissen had then obtained customary authorisation after being caught, but later admitted this was inappropriate and he had obtained it to try and cover up what he had taken. The reason he gave for taking about 150 paua was for a hui.

– excerpted from Hawke’s Bay Today

9 thoughts on “Councillor Protests At Tokenism

  1. “It gives us a governance perspective from a Maori world-view as opposed to a Pakeha world-view.”
    And what was the Maori world view? And as is well known there are no full blooded Maori left, so this Maori view must be tempered with other ethnicities views.

  2. ‘Micro-maori” ? I have never heard of this mumbo-jumbo before. As for maori viewing the world differently….pre 1800’s it was basically “see it, kill it or take it”.

  3. Well Said all of you when will the PC handwringing do gooders wake.
    Racism is now fully goverenment sanctioned thanks to these spineless councillers.

  4. When are the people going to wake up to all this apartheid crap, if you want to get rid of it support 1law4all

  5. the source of all these ideas comes from ethnic pressure groups
    establishing themselves in Universities and corrupting knowledge.
    The real problem is the so called” Social Sciences” which are not
    sciences at all .
    A person gets a PHD or becomes a Professor and then state funded
    can develop any public relations propaganda theory at will.
    Their view points are not open to serious scientific question.
    For the life of me I cannot distinguish between Maori demands for
    separatism and Islamic extremists demand for sharia law.
    This is infiltrating democracy with “Maoria Law”
    The disease should be attacked at the source, the Maori spin doctors
    in the Universities.

  6. Unfortunately, it is far too late to reverse this process. Once one generation has passed through the schools, the damage is done. Ask anyone in their 20s about treaty issues and you will see them look away and mutter something about justice and compensation for historical crimes against part-Maori. Now that this level of public indoctrination has been reached, the next level of so called partnership will be demanded. Roughly speaking, 50% of any capital asset and half of government at central and local levels, unelected with full voting rights. The latter will be assisted with unquestionable rights of veto.

    Don’t laugh! The concept of equality of rights for all citizens is dead. All thanks to some grubby deal-brokering politicians and a few more educators suffering from modern missionary guilt. Either take our politicians to task before the next election or shut up. The game is just about over and the voters have let it happen.

  7. Atrout, I am constantly emailing politicians and questioning councillors but they either do not reply or you get told its not their area.
    Democracy is dead in NZ and there will be major disruption in Kiwiland when the silent majority wake up.

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