Council Adverts Are On

In Wanganui, Hastings and Bay of Plenty, there are Council candidates who endorse one law for all and want no part of racism in Council representation, funding or appointments.

1Law4All supports all such candidates. The first shots have been fired in Wanganui.

Brougham Advert 1

Offers of help by locals in assisting these candidates is actively sought. Please e-mail the 1Law4All office.

16 thoughts on “Council Adverts Are On

  1. My Full support.

    I have already asked 3 Mayoral candidates in our region Tararua about appointing unelected Iwi to council and none knew what I was talking about.

    Two agreed it should not be allowed and the other is still thinking about it!!

    Apart from Masterton and Rotorua which councils have already appointed Part Maori iwi to council ?

  2. It seems democracy is dead in Kiwi-land. What are these people thinking?
    Of course when you point it out, you are called a racist!!

  3. While we allow government to continue to use the Treaty of Waitangi as our Founding Document, part-Maori will take control of our councils and government.

  4. Has any 1LAW4ALL member or friend asked the candidates for Western Bay of Plenty local elections their position on the appointment of unelected part Maori iwi to council?

    We are very rural and not accustomed to meeting any of our candidates in order to ask them. What is the easiest way of going about this presuming you have Internet access?

  5. I have emailed Sue Mathews and she apparently supports iwi representatives being appointed to council/committees without being voted on. I told her to read “Twisting the Treaty”.

  6. Sue, for what reasons does Sue Mathews support iwi representatives being appointed to council without been voted on? The Treaty of Waitangi makes us all one people. Maori are not the indigenous people nor are they the tangata or mana whenua. The Treaty calls them tangata maori.

    1. I know that. We should be all ONE PEOPLE. I love that quote and we should abide by it. You don’t need to preach to the converted. I think Sue Mathews has been indoctrinated just like I was when I was at Teachers Training College in the late 70s. I told her to read that book because it certainly opened up my eyes.

  7. Maybe you don’t see Maori as tangata whenua but Maori were the people who covered this land before colonist arrived. They had been here for centuries, and are still here even if they have intermingled with you lot. Moriori were also a tribe of the Maori race even if you say Maori wiped them out. They didn’t, as a matter of fact I have a good friend who claims Moriori decent. You are the ones twisting things to suit your own minds. You are not satisfied that you have taken over ninety percent of what was ours mostly by ill gotten gains. The British did not gain New Zealand by conquest but by Treaty which
    has been breached by successive governments and all Maori has asked for is to honour
    the founding document. We are the ones with a bitch, for what you took we’ve paved your way and you cry to this day, that we are always asking for handouts. We’ve set you
    up with all that confiscated land etc. Mr Brougham you are playing the race card to get into council. ‘H’ is for hate is that what you want in Wanganui? Whanganui means ‘big harbour’ There is no ‘f’ sound to be said here, Whanganui iwi has one of five dilects, in Maori.
    The British gave us the written Maori why can’t it be honoured. It shouldn’t have even gone to referendum at a cost to rate payers. Its also an official language which should be understood and spelt correctly not barstardized by letting folk have an option. That’s how deep the hate goes in this town. And who brought it out in the first place? Who’s that guy who gave the town a bad name by exagerating negatives. Mr Laws, he shone the light on what wasn’t there and our town started to die. Shops and businesses closing all over the River City. Even in England people heard of the ‘Gang Headquarters’ which is Whanganui. We need someone who accepts all cultures and is tolerant of our differences and can see the positives and inclusiveness of drawing us all in to work together.

  8. Covered this land? Hardly. There were a mere 100,000 or so Maori here at the time, and the musket wars reduced that to 60 or 70k. That’s a great deal less than a quarter of the population of Auckland, spread over the whole country in isolated pockets.

    No, we do not see contemporary part-Maori as tangata whenua. Maori are immigrants, just like the rest of us. They were not here first, there is plenty of proof of that, and they did not reside here, before the Treaty, for more than a few hundred years. Unlike the aborigines in Australia who were there for around 40K years before colonisation.

    Maori did not ‘lose’ their land, nor was it stolen. It was sold, by Maori, often several times over and some was confiscated for breaches of the Treaty by Maori. Yes, Maori breached the Treaty too. Many times. But always forget to mention that. They also do not mention that most of that land was returned to Maori very shortly afterwards.

    The Treaty is only considered our founding document by people who stand to profit by calling it that.

    Marie, you say you are the ones that have a bitch, and bitch you certainly do, but it is based on lies, twisted and half-truth and an exaggerated sense of entitlement. Look around you – almost everything from the ground up was built by the hard work, knowledge and foresight of the colonialists.

    Maori have benefited hugely from colonisation. Besides everything we have built, we put an end to slavery, cannibalism, female infanticide and gave Maori equal rights of all British citizens. Something not to be sneezed at! Yet you continue to bitch (your word).

    Contemporary part-Maori make up only, at most, 15% of the population of New Zealand, yet some among them demand a 50% share of everything, above and beyond what they already get as citizens.

    You talk about ‘hate’ Marie, but I think you will find it’s not hate. People are just fed up. Fed up with taxpayers’ hard earned money being handed over for what are, on many occasions, bogus claims. Fed up with the constant ‘bitching’. Fed up with the lies told about us and our ancestors who came here and built a wonderful country. Fed up with being made to always feel that we have a huge debt to pay, which we did not incur. Fed up that everywhere we go and in everything we do, a minority culture is shoved down our throats, whether we like it or not. Fed up with the huge chip on the shoulders of contemporary part-Maori who now expect everything for nothing. Fed up with successive governments pandering to contemporary part-Maori demands. Enough is enough.

  9. Well said 1law4all.

    That is completely factual Marie, you need to learn the real history – not your version of it.

    Your ancestors wanted to sign the Treaty to get protection from the British because the marauding tribes were killing and eating your ancestors.

    In the 75 to 80 years the after Cook arrived the Maori population decreased by around 100,000, partly because Hongi Hika and followers were on a rampage killing your ancestors at will. He had travelled to England, learned the art of warfare and brought back muskets by the ship load and proceeded to wipe out other Maori tribes. He might have succeeded if it was not for the signing of the Treaty by those Maori tribes seeking protection from the British constabulary. By signing the Treaty Maori became British citizens and there were afforded protection like every other immigrant, brown, white, black, yellow, etc.

    We are supposed to live in a Democratic society in NZ. That means 1 adult 1 vote and the majority vote wins. If you lose you then don’t seek to pass a law to be appointed to a position with full voting rights because of your race!

    That is not democracy; that is racism through and through. The only one who is pulling the race card here, Marie is you!

  10. I feel sorry for you Marie as you have been mislead For starters The people who are now called Maori were never the first to arrive here there were Celts, Chinese, Waitaha, Moriori,Turehu, Patupaiarehe before maori Wanganui was originally named by the Waitaha people. according to a Waitaha paramount chief, there is a pa site about 2 km out side of Wanganui with the name Waitaha Pa they have been here over 300 years before maori. The break down of the word Wanganui is (wa) is enery, (nga) is many (nui) is large. Moriori were never a tribe of maori they were seperate. The orniginal meaning of the word tangata whenua was (the ancient ones, or the people before us) until maori changed it to mean themseleves. In 1521 30 Spanish ships called into Hao Atoll where 1 ship picked up 100 plus islanders and brought then into the Kaipara Harbour, the name of this Spanish ship was called TAI – NUI those people named themselves after that ship. you say im playing the race card to get into council all i am doing is bringing out the truth if the people don’t want the truth out then they won’t be voting for me and that is their wish. You said ‘h’ is for hate if that is so why is the ‘h’ been put into the spelling of Whanganui.

  11. Until we force Te Papa to stop misleading its 1.5 million visitors a year, most New Zealanders, such as Marie will never know our true history. Te Papa ignore the Preamble of the Treaty. A Preamble explains parts of an agreement which might be seen as a]open to interpretation. See When in doubt – Consult the preamble below.

    The Treaty was only for Britain to gain sovereignty over all the islands of New Zealand and gave tangata Maori the same rights of the people of England under the dependency of New South Wales for 12 months. From 21 May 1840 until the 3 May 1841 when the Treaty was filed away where it should have remained. Te Papa, supported by government and financed by the taxpayers is a breeding ground of corruption by omitting and/or distorting our true history.

    If only we could get people like Ian Brougham into government, then we would be educated in our true history and not a make-believe history that benefits one small group of people. A small group that owes its existence to their tangata Maori ancestors who signed the Treaty and saved them from total extinction by their own hands, pre-1840.

    When in doubt – Consult the Preamble

    The Treaty of Waitangi was between tangata Maori and Queen Victoria for Britain to gain sovereignty of all the islands of New Zealand. But, over the years, there has been ongoing debate over the meanings of some of the words. Unfortunately, people fail to read the Preamble, which in any document explains the intent behind the clauses of a document.

    The Tiriti o Waitangi uses the word, “Kawanatanga” and there has been ongoing debate whether it means “sovereignty” or “governorship”. The Preamble of the Treaty states, “To all places of New Zealand which may be given up now or hereafter to the Queen.” Therefore, this can only mean “sovereignty”. (Official translation of the Tiriti o Waitangi for the Government of the day by Mr T E Young of the Native Department in 1869).

    Modern-day part-Maori call themselves “tangata whenua” but the Tiriti o Waitangi states 3 times, twice in the Preamble and once in Article 3, that the people who signed it were “tangata Maori” and not “tangata whenua”. Over 500 “tangata Maori” chiefs acknowledged, accepted and signed the Tiriti o Waitangi as “tangata Maori”, not as the Indigenous People of New Zealand. It was the “tangata Maori” that were given “the same rights as the people of England” in Article 3.

    Such long debated questions answered by one simple document: the Treaty of Waitangi – in full! Who would have guessed it was so simple after so many years of debate and so many books written! When in doubt – Consult the Preamble.

  12. Well done Ross This is why we need people to read the true Treaty of Waitangi (Tirit o Waitangi) in article second “The Queen of England confirms and guarantees to the chiefs & tribes and to all the people of Neew Zealand” the possession of their lands, dwellings and all their property. But the chiefs of the confederation and the other chiefs grant to the queen , the exclusive right of purchasing such land as the proprietors thereof may be disposed to sell at such prices as shall be agreed upon between them and the persons appointed by the Queen to purchase from them.

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