Taniwha Tax – Notice of Appeal

It was to be expected . . .

After all, those diabolical, purple-dot-exorcising, Cultural Impact Assessments were a delightful money-spinner for the cuzzie bros and cuzzie sis’ were they not?

9 September 2016

TAKE NOTICE that the Independent Maori Statutory Board, will appeal to the High Court against the decision of the Auckland Council on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan delivered on 19 August 2016

UPON THE GROUNDS that the decision is erroneous in law.


1. Those parts of the decision (“Decision”) appealed against relate to Sites and Places of Value to Mana Whenua (“Sites of Value”) and references to cultural landscapes which were part of Hearing Topic 009 (Mana Whenua) and Hearing Topic 036/037 (Maori land and treaty and Mana Whenua sites).

For insomniacs, even the brave and intrepid, click here to read the full Notice of Appeal.

7 thoughts on “Taniwha Tax – Notice of Appeal

    1. Chris Finlayson is more responsible than the cynic Key. Finlayson wants to leave Parliament with enough brownie points to return to private practice representing his former iwi clients. He represented iwi earlier, then promoted their interests as an MP and will pull in his favors once out of Parliament. The tax payer has funded his career both ways and will again. We have been suckered both ways.

      1. Mr Finlayson will go DOWN in NZ history as the National Party’s strongest vested interest supporter and promoter of racist separatism. Shame on the National Party!

  1. I am so pleased to be back in the UK after more than a half century of Maori and mediocrity. It is unconscionable that after all these years of Maori chicanery, that an individual, or group of individuals have failed to derail the Maori gravy train.

    You will never stop it until it is exposed to a world audience. This requires turning their own fraudulent tactics against them.
    Ken R Taylor

  2. The gravy train of diabolically fraudulent claims of past grievances rolls on. Lies, masquerade as truth without probative evidential support. Successive local and National governments give ground. They fail to confront the reality, that is bound to terminate in a very serious crash. Beware. Let’s apply the brakes and see if the one person, one vote, one law for all can be applied in time!

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