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Those Regional, local Councils & Hospital Boards postal voting papers will arrive in your letter box soon – if they’re not already there. There should also be a candidate profiles booklet. A close examination of that booklet might help you sort the democrats from the racists, as you ponder who to vote for.

To delve deeper, you may well need to make some form of direct contact with the candidates, which includes new aspirants, as well as those seeking re-election. So what are you going to ask candidates to determine if they support one law for all, or a different law for part-Maori?

Some suggested questions:

First thing to keep in mind is: KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)

Make your questions direct, unambiguous and such that a yes or no answer is applicable. And do press for a Yes / No. Don’t accept vague or conditional answers. Make it clear that a NO answer to the question about whether they totally support the concept of a one law for all democracy will result in you crossing that person off your list of who to vote for.

How does this sound?

I understand that you are a candidate for xxxxxxxxxxx Council. I believe in equality of citizenship and seek an answer from you, to the following questions:

1. Do you support the proposition that there should be one or more special Maori ward rolls on the Council, in which only those with some part-Maori ancestry can vote? Yes or No

2. Do you believe that any ethnic group or groups should – solely by virtue of being a particular ethnic group – be allowed to sit on any committee of the Council, with or without voting rights? Yes or No

3. Do you believe that when the Council has any “consultation with part-Maori / iwi” that the ratepayers should pay for the consultation meeting attendance expenses of such part-Maori / iwi representatives? Yes or No

Remember that questions about democracy are disturbing for some.

5 thoughts on “Who To Vote For

  1. Thanks that is really helpful if I had the time to ask all those losers those questions. I was hoping that you would have published the list of those 10 sheep that voted with the mayor so I could note NOT to vote for them. I do have the list previously supplied regarding those who would support not support the Maori invasion into Council administration, thank you. Any tips who to vote would be much appreciated. I had thought the Futures party sounded good but in a recent interview that party were going to apply a user pay rules, but what did that mean, costs for rubbish collection by weight, more costs to use the library, they make these grand statements without any actual info on what they propose to actually do. Any help would be much appreciated. It’s unlike the general election where candidates have to debate and I don’t think anyone really knows who these people actually are that are going to have control of our vast sums of ratepayers money …instance did we really know Len Brown? No. Thank goodness he is going, but then Goff would not agree to the questions put to him as listed by 1law4all. Good on you people.

  2. The NZCPR survey of candidates is useful but bear in mind that the three questions asked were different.
    I think you can assume that the questions were answered in the same order in which they were asked.
    Their is a fairly high incidence of candidates not answering question 3 which asks:
    “If your Council has already established unelected representatives with voting rights, will you move that the positions be dis-established? YES/NO”.
    In my mind it is safe to assume that some prospective councilors would be reluctant to stand against a decision that had already received council support in the past.

  3. Forget democracy in racist NZ – it’s had it. With MMP and ignorant councillors nothing short of massed public protest or even revolution will change the course which Key and his Maori party cronies have now set in concrete. Perhaps we could start with a drive-in protest to Wellington whereby all concerned citizens drive to the capital and stay there until the politicians come to their senses!

  4. One erudite commentator had this to say:

    However, we need not worry about the outcome of the local authority elections. It actually makes no difference who you vote for because it makes no difference who gets in. The mayor leads the city the way the bowsprit leads the boat, as do the elected Councillors. Over time, the rules have been manipulated and amended at the behest of the hired help to empower the bureaucracy and isolate those elected to supervise them.

    The way the local authority act now works is that all the elected officials are permitted to do is read reports and sip tea. Their only allowable point of contact with the council staff is the council CEO who can ignore, stall or frustrate them as he chooses – with no apparent penalty. The elected cannot pick up the phone and say ‘mend those potholes’ or ‘remove those bus lanes, my voters hate them’. We have even had the Auckland Council CEO publicly gagging the elected Councillors from discussing controversial subjects with the media and the ratepayers.

    The reality is that the inmates have taken over the asylum and are running it for their own benefit and according to their own agenda and beliefs.

    There is quite a discussion now about the low level of voter turnout, and how to improve this. The widespread disinterest in voting is actually quite a logical and rational reaction to the ratepayers eventual realization that the whole thing is a meaningless and impotent charade that will change nothing. So people just don’t bother.

    So don’t lose any sleep about your vote – because it is really just a futile exercise left over from past era when different rules applied.

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