Hobson’s Pledge Launch – The Media Aftermath

DISCLAIMER: Just in case some readers might get confused, the Hobson’s Pledge Trust was not set up by, or is any way part of, the 1Law4All political party.  That said, the two entities do share a common ideal: one law for all equality and an end to racist privilege in New Zealand.

As expected, the knives came out today (29/9/16). A few Internet sources are linked below. Click here to read the original 1Law4All blog post.

Especially note the drivel from that almost late but not lamented racist New Plymouth Mayor, Andrew Judd.

Also check to see if comments are open on any of these media items! The media? Biased? What are you saying?!

Most – if not all – responses showed that the racist rabble preferred to assassinate the messenger, instead of respond to the message. Among them being the khaki  mother-fullah-of-all-racists, John (Hone) Harawira.  And, of course, one or two succumbed to the lies, damned lies and statistics method of avoiding answering the questions and philosophy posed by the Hobson’s Pledge Trust.

And – as always – one has to wonder at those people who assert that championing democratic equality is racism. Do they ever listen to the hollow and empty sounding brass of their words?

Anti-separatist’ campaign launched against ‘Maori favouritism’ ahead of 2017 election

Trust seeks to abolish all race-based privilege

Hobson’s choice ‘anti-separatist’ campaign

Separatism by Nats looms as election issue (The media release featured in England)

Don Brash and Willie Jackson clash over Dr Brash’s new campaign against what he says are laws that favour Maori and promote separatism.

Lobby group formed to oppose ‘Maori favouritism’

Don Brash backs Winston Peters to end Maori ‘separatism’

Brash a ‘broken record’ with new lobby group – Key

Brash a ‘redneck and racist’ – Harawira (Quintessential irony from the original and genuine mother-fullah-racist.)

‘Anti-separatist’ group is modern day colonisation – New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd says

Bay Maori label Don Brash group ‘racist’

Brash’s new campaign dismissed by political leaders

Trevor Maxwell reacts to newly formed Hobson’s Pledge Trust (video)

Is Don Brash’s new Hobson’s Pledge the support group that white people need? (Comments were open [shock! horror!], but have since closed)

Editorial: Brash is wrong to claim Maori are “privileged” (Some shockingly deceptive and misleading statements in that piece)

A semi-related issue is here: NZ insulated so far against anti-immigration sentiment elsewhere

Karl du Fresne: Internationally, the anti-immigration Right is on the rise – a backlash against the liberal multicultural consensus that has dominated Western politics for decades – and the only surprise is that anyone should be surprised. It’s happened with a speed that has left the political establishment reeling and blindsided the predominantly liberal opinion-shapers in the media.

On The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews Don Brash and Louisa Wall (1 Oct 2016)

7 thoughts on “Hobson’s Pledge Launch – Media Aftermath

  1. The slow, steady insidious gifting of authority to unelected people who claim to represent Maori, does need to be stopped before the majority loses control to the minority. The philosophy of One Law for All is a powerful one, encompassing fairness, honesty and integrity.

  2. Wow, the trolls are out in force. They must know they have something to fear. They’re doing their damnedest to shut down debate on this issue and Hobson’s Pledge.

    Funny thing, they pretend they don’t have any privileges, yet they are obviously terrified of losing these ‘phantom privileges’. How ironic.

  3. So it appears that in some areas the gifted Maori council seat numbers are way beyond the less than 15% Maori population percentage. WHAT ??? That can’t be right.

    1. Gifted? You what? Grafted is more like it. Legislation based on fallacies, mostly engineered by Whinlayson – a bush lawyer who doesn’t know the difference between history and hearsay.

  4. NZ = New Zimbabwe. This country is doomed in the same way Zimbabwe was. Our schools are merely brain washing institutions where the haka and all things maori are revered and all things european are despised and ridiculed. I have been a second-class citizen for many years thanks to this evil maorification.

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