Parliament’s Ohariu Harlot Blows His Trumpet

Peter Dunne appalled by ‘racist’ propaganda delivered to Wellington homes

9 March 2017

Racism is a Dunne deal as yet another pro-racist privilege supporter states his position loud and clear. To hell with equality and democracy, I hear. As has oft been repeated: why don’t the media ask such poufs the obvious question: can you please explain how seeking equality for all NZ citizens is racist?

Rumours that United Future is be re-badged as Apartheid Future are unfounded, it seems.

From the dompost. (Or should that be compost?)

Leaflets distributed around Wellington’s northern suburbs are full of disgraceful, despicable racist bigotry, and should be thrown in the bin, MP Peter Dunne says. On the pamphlet the group states contributions can be made to an Orewa bank account, and claim further information can be found in books such as One Treaty, One Nation – a recent publication from Tross Publishing, and written by Hugh Barr, Don Brash, and others.

Don Brash said on Thursday night that he had not heard of the Rolling Thunder campaign, and it had nothing to do with the Hobson’s Pledge Trust. I do, of course, strongly favour New Zealand’s being a colour-blind society, where all citizens have the same constitutional status, he said.

To see what all the fuss is about, copies of those brochures can be seen, here.

10 March 2017

And here he goes again. Newshub (TV3) ran the Media Release likely put out by anti-United [Apartheid] Future. If in doubt, fudge it out! The picture caption goes:

The Ohariu MP says two anti-Treaty pamphlets have been dropped into letterboxes in his electorate.

Two lies in one. Neither the authors of One Treaty One Nation, nor 1Law4All are anti-Treaty. The Maori-language Treaty signed at Waitangi in 1840, that is. Of course, the latter-day tainted, wishful-thinking concoctions are a different matter, altogether.

17 thoughts on “Parliament’s Ohariu Harlot Blows His Trumpet

  1. Help. Can you please explain how seeking equality for all NZ citizens is racist? Its not about Maori or any other race. Where is our media, are they cowards under government control. Come on NZ media, show some unbiased guts and gain our respect again. Please give me back a democratic New Zealand. We are one. Signed .. Darryl Gibb Napier.

  2. Moderator comment: a bit of a glitch this morning. At least one comment was lost when correcting it. Here it is:

    It is a pity that this once very excellent blog is now using less than professional language. It puts this organisation on the same level as Hone Harawira and is lot which is not where it should be.

    Why not get back to sending out postings which are powerful, and certainly humourous, but forget about the below the belt name like Ohariu Harlot which do little more in my view at least than demonstrate that the author has a very poor command of the English language.

    This is a great organisation that is speaking for many thinking New Zealanders. Please do not insult our intelligence with gutter writing.


    1. Command of English? You’ve got a cheek. “is lot,” indeed.

      Dunne has often been called a political prostitute, so perhaps you need to catch up? As for drawing a parallel with the obscenities which spew out of Hone’s mouth, from what I’ve seen and heard, there’s simply no comparison.

      Oh, BTW – a pouf is a footstool or ottoman or tuffet – very fitting, in this case.

      I thought the item was quite clever really, but each to their own.

    2. Poor PC person get a life! We are talking about Institutionalised Racism and if you want to be offended by someone calling Dunne the Ohariu Harlot, well I reckon you can be offended.

      This is far more serious than your feelings. This is about our freedom called DEMOCRACY!!!!!!

      1. I think we are generally all on the same page, but I agree with the 1st post above…and believe me, I’m not PC.
        And it’s not about his “feelings”.

        What he’s getting at is that just with the opinions we have, we are already vilified (albeit falsely) as red necks, racists or whatever, so dont give them ammo. Let’s stay above their level.
        Let’s keep our language factual and articulate.
        And you are right Greg…its about our freedom and democracy.
        Its major…

        1. Im happy to be called a redneck or deplorable or whatever takes their fancy.
          “Sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt you ”
          I always stand up for what I believe in and am never afraid to express my opinion.
          So I don’t really care because the fake news will mis report it anyway , so you may as well say what think and have comfort in yourself that you speak the truth and do not run with the sheep .

  3. Dunne’s an old has been , he should sling his hook and go out and get a real job. We dont need idiot politicians like him spouting off , maybe he should be charged with promoting racial disharmony.

  4. The author of the billboards which went: Money or The Bag & Kiwi vs Iwi refers to this problem as “niceism.” When Hone used the “white mother ****er” descriptor, he got widespread and immediate attention.

    Others have used more measured speech with carefully articulated facts and figures laid out for all to read. Muriel Newman’s epistles come to mind. What difference has that made? A number of people who are better and more fully informed, but those few are insignificant numerically, when the votes are counted.

    Dunne goes with whichever party is in power. He epitomises the rent-a-politician syndrome. And he gets used as a foot stool by those he cosies up to. In that sense, the post by 1Law4All seems to be 100% factual, even if the language is – shall we say – obliquely colourful.

    As I see it, being measured, factual and nice = being left in obscurity.

    Being pithy, pointed or acerbic = getting noticed.

    And does 1Law4All need to get noticed?

    Hell, yes!

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