Those Brochures.

Here they are! For all to see and read!

Spot the deplorable, despicable, bigoted, racist, anti-treaty bits – if you can!

If anyone can point out any parts of those brochures which contain “disgraceful, despicable, racist bigotry or nasty, racist drivel,” then 1Law4All will give Peter Dunne a one year’s free 1Law4All Party membership.

5 thoughts on “Those Brochures!

  1. Asher’s book is good evidence of China’s policy toward Pacific nations. We are not singled out at all, just part of their regional initiative.

  2. It’s good to see the full brochures on the web site. It shows what an idiot Peter Dunne is and he is a member of parliament. If the other MPs are like him, then the country is in big trouble.

  3. Peter dumb is an expert at misinterpreting reality. The idgit is unaware that failing to register is a totally different thing from being de-registered. The PC whipped fool is probably one of the knee trembling pack that thinks all white people are racist.

  4. Great to see these brochures! It just proved what a bigoted twit Peter Dunne really is! I will write a letter to the DomPost highlighting this!

  5. Well done, 1Law4All. It is time these truths gets spread around New Zealand and act upon by us New Zealanders who have Democracy and Equality at heart.

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