The Hoohah at Auckland University

and the Political Cliquette Brigade

You can have a Maori or Chinese or Pasifika student association but you better dare not have a European one!

Auckland University has a Maori Students Association, a Pasifika Students Association, a Chinese Students Association and many other student associations including a Muslim Student Association.

But the creation of a European Student Association has caused outrage amongst the snowflakes and Susan Devoyd who has said she will be watching this group very closely indeed.

from the WhaleOil Blog.

12 thoughts on “The hoohah at Auckland University

  1. What were, or are, the qualifications, if any, that Susan Devoy had to have to be appointed Race Relations Conciliator? Surely just being able to whack a shuttlecock across a net is not enough???

  2. We have come to this stage in New Zealand because of our corrupted “education” system
    which only teaches lies and UN-truth and the sheeple allowed this to happen
    [e.g. allowing using the wrong version of the Treaty of Waitangi]

  3. The only party to stop this racist stuff is 1Law4All. No other party will do that as they want all the racists to vote for them.

  4. Have we actually had any comment from anyone that thinks that this is OK?
    I would be interested in hearing their reasons…..

  5. Susan Devoy was appointed by Judith Collins She didn’t bang a shuttle cock across a net she banged a squash ball inside four walls She was very good at that but has proven to be hopeless as race relations commissioner out of her depth and completely under the control of the one eyed unbalanced Human rights commission .
    I for one would live to know what Judith Collins was thinking and what she thinks of her appointment now

  6. We need to throw out our Politicians after 1 term as they get established in the system and find all the perks without having to do a lot except set themselves up for when the leave parliament on a pension no matter what their age is.

  7. The possible issue of saying “I am proud to be white” is that, unlike the majority of those in the picture, whiteness has a strong association with colonisation across the globe. Consequently, people with white skin have long been associated with the subjugation of other races/ethnicities – many of those are pictured above. Also, when one looks at the reasons for being proud of their culture/ethncity/race, it is often for reasons where they have been told otherwise. For example, african americans endured centuries of being treated abominably. Many experienced cultural/racial shame i.e. they didn’t actually like who they were. A positive way to counter these effects is by identifying positively with a culture/race ethnicity with statements like “im proud to be black” etc. For a white person, although they may be proud of who they are (and rightly so) there needs to be recognition of the fact that actually, there isn’t much to be ashamed about, and therefore, any need to exert pride. I mean, if you look at statistics related to wealth, income, employment, education, health etc. the overall picture, when compared to other ethnicities in NZ, is that, white NZers/Pakeha/New Zealanders have a better life experience. FACT.

    1. I disagree. White people in NZ are constantly being told we should feel guilty and ashamed about colonisation and what it supposedly did to Maori. But I call BS on that. Maori have benefited hugely since, and because of, colonisation, whether they will admit it or not. And they won’t, because there would go the whole grievance industry.
      If NZ had not been colonised, Maori would more than likely be extinct by now. Their population was dropping dramatically because they were constantly at war with each other and because of female infanticide and cannibalism. No matter what fairy story they try and spread about being a well functioning society, the real truth is quite different. Each tribe may have functioned, to a point, within itself, and possibly even with other friendly tribes, but they were all constantly on guard against attack from unfriendly ones. Not much of a life really. If you didn’t die in battle, and your tribe lost the fight, you were likely to be taken to be a slave until the victors did decide to eat you. Colonisation rescued them from all that. From being eaten, from slavery, from female infanticide. It gave them so much more than they would ever have achieved on their own. The methods may not have always been as we might do them today, but the ‘white’ people back then did what they knew to do. They didn’t have the benefit of our hindsight. So I am proud to be white. For many reasons. And in saying that it’s not meant to offend anyone, or to imply that other ‘coloured’ people should not be proud of who they are. I am proud that my people, if you want to look at us all seperately, are the most advanced civilisation on earth. Our culture was hugely advanced compared to that of the countries that were colonised. We had huge buildings and railways, and industries and any number of things that we associate with a modern civilisation. We had long ago left our primitive lives and behavious behind. Maori and some of the other colonised civilisations were still living in grass/mud huts, and wearing primitive clothing, using primitive tools. They had not got around to inventing the wheel or the bow and arrow. They have not had to go through the struggles that ‘my people’ went through to get where we are today. They were colonised and handed all the advantages on a plate.
      This may be an inconvenient truth, but it is the truth none the less.
      I’ve often heard Maori people complain that ‘pakeha’ think they are better than Maori. It’s not that we think we’re better, it’s because we know we are just that much further along the evolutionary timeline. That our way of life and our culture is massively more advanced than theirs. So it’s not that ‘we’ are better, it’s just that our way of living, our way of doing things, we naturally see as better, because it is so much more advanced.

    2. If you really believe that, them perhaps comment is superfluous. There is a large number of poor, disaffected white folk in NZ, and it would pay to remember that most Maori and Pacific folk are out there, doing their jobs, raising their children and in every way being model citizens.

      Colonisation is traumatic for any people, as MY ancestors knew very well, having had it happen to them several times, and having also got a much rougher time of it than anyone in NZ could possibly imagine. That doesn’t mean that I consider myself “special” and that I should be treated better than anyone else because of my racial heritage. I believe in the principle of equality, but of course that is not the way of the tribalist. It took my ancestors a long time to work it all out. The benefits should be obvious, but to some in NZ, it is obvious that they are not.

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