Sweet Sue or Auntie Acerbic?

Here’s an opportunity for all you regular blog contributors to provide 1Law4All with some insights. The nub is simple.

In this election year, when campaigning against the racist policies of National, Labour, Greens et al, should the tenor by nice or strident? Should 1Law4All go for the jugular, or be measured and modest?

It matters not whether it’s words or pictures – what shall it be?

Consider the images you’ll see if you click the links below – various facebook pages. Clicking on the links will open a new tab in your web browser.

Picture No. 1    Picture No. 2   Picture No. 3   Picture No. 4

Are they over-the-top? About right? Too pussyfoot? Those images and perhaps more like them can be seen on the 1Law4All facebook page.

Most bloggers will recognise the imprimatur of John Ansell.

On another, but related matter, it’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so how does this sound for an election jingle?

Make New Zealand ONE Again

Would you wear a cap or tee shirt emblazoned with these slogans?

If so, by the end of Monday 25 March, you should see them available to buy, along with other designs, from 1Law4All’s shop by clicking here.


32 thoughts on “Sweet Sue or Auntie Acerbic

  1. Great, however could the T shirt be seen as an advert for TV one?

    As for approach, we should get our scalpels out and attack with surgical hard core precision at the very soul of the people and their twisted policies who promote a Mugabe-like authoritarian, minority-led state.

  2. Go for the jugular!
    Being nice is getting us nowhere.
    What have you got to lose?
    Where can I get the politically incorrect cap?

  3. The days of being ‘PC’ are gone – so long as what we are saying is true – go for the jugular.

    We know the tribal elite are doing very well out of the ongoing Treaty settlements but those below them are no better off – surely there is an opportunity to target this group (the majority of the part-Maori population) i.e. make them aware of what’s going on & maybe they will start demanding some answers as to where their share of the wealth is – could cause a lot of division & unrest. “United we conquer divided we fall” could be applicable??

  4. Not too pussy foot at all in fact I would tend to push for jugular, being nice and PC hasn’t worked, we need to up the anti big time.

    1. Possibly ACT, but the best option seems to me to be the reformed and revitalised Conservatives. Of course, they were destroyed last time by media, maybe supported by scared larger parties. I doubt whether that would happen this time, if they receive sufficient early support.

      1. I’ve voted ACT for many years now and wondering if NZ First would be a better option? Does that article in today’s DomPost mean the Nats and Maoris have the numbers to push the RMA amendments through?

    1. Those pictures appear on (and are replicated from) social media sites. They could not be used as adverts by anyone unless the creator agreed.

  5. Soft , gentle and, nice is just another way of saying “weak”

    I would be proud to wear one of those shirts or hats.

  6. Some thoughts on this:
    1) I think its important that this campaign makes it crystal clear that this is not “anti Maori”, but anti separatism. If that message isn’t clear we run the risk of alienating the Maori people who are not part of the elite and are being screwed by the system in the same way as the rest of the population.
    2) It should be clear that Labour and the Greens would simply continue along this dismal route, its not confined to National – so this is a challenge to all parties to come clean with their policies and put them in the open where all voters can see them instead of carrying out behind the scenes negotiations.

  7. New Zealanders are too apathetic and the message needs to be given unequivocally – clear and concise. Saying and doing nothing will see New Zealand in a much bigger mess than its already in.

  8. Under the MMP Parliamentary system, it is unfortunate that compromises are required by governing parties requiring support from other parties to implement their policies. This can mean that they are not able do what they would really do, if they had the majority vote and could implement the policy that they truly believed in.
    I believe that the present Govt, with its reliance on other parties to maintain its majority, is hampered by its lack of “own-majority” and has no option but to compromise on some of its basic beliefs.
    The honest, emphatic statements on the t-shirts are just one way of expressing the belief we all have of “1 law for all” message, but I believe much careful thought is needed to progress this important message.
    Sensible and logical thought [beyond me!] is required to suss out some sensible and logical aims to progress our message. I don’t think that the rather enthusiastic and blunt action recommended by some people will influence change. I reckon a more gentle and considered plan [maybe constructed by experts who know how to do these things] is required to make significant mind-change in many.
    I keep wondering what I can do to help, but I don’t think that wearing a “shouting” T-shirt is using my limited abilities.
    Best wishes to you T-shirt wearers, but what other ideas are there for us 73 year olds??

    1. The T-Shirts, caps, bumper stickers etc, are just one small way in which members and the general public can help get the message out if they want to. Also, the proceeds from the sale of these items go into the parties coffers, so it is a small financial help too. We get about 10% of the sale price on each item.

    2. Ask yourself (and anyone else) why does National ignore the offer from Winston, with 12 votes? Why go with the divisive policies demanded by the Party of part-Maoris, with two votes?

  9. Go for the jugular. We need to push hard about this separatism. There is no party out there who wants one law for all except the 1law4all party. People need to vote for 1law4all if they want to get rid of apartheid.

  10. National want to destroy the country with the help of the Maori party. Labour and the Greens – if they got in power – will carry on with National’s racist policies.

    1. So who should we vote for? Is the only political party who’s against these scams, NZ First? I’m not even sure ACT is standing against this amendment to the RMA are they?

      1. If there’s a point, it doesn’t matter. National and the two-cents Party of part-Maoris have the numbers to get the bill through parliament.

  11. Rayward the only party to get rid of these scams is 1law4all. Who else is there? They are all sucking up to the part-Maoris. If people don’t vote 1Law4All, this country will go down the tubes.

    1. Hi there, I’ll be very happy to vote for any 1law4all candidates but is this a registered political party? If so, how will they select candidates and in how many electorates?

      1. The present plan (subject to change) is to have one Party List candidate. That way, 1Law4All will appear on every 2017 General Election ballot paper.

        1. So does that mean you need to get 5% of the vote to get this party candidate in? No thought of electorate candidates?

          1. An electorate candidate only gets the 1Law4All name on the ballot papers for that electorate, and that electorate alone. Just one Party List candidate gets 1Law4All on to every single General Election ballot paper. That is the present goal.

            Such a plan allows constituents to vote for their local electorate candidate of choice, while their party vote makes it clear they oppose the rampant racism infecting so many aspects of New Zealand life.

            If National proceed with giving part-Maori almost total control of NZ’s fresh water – and that’s looking more likely every day – where are the protest votes to go?

            Garth Morgueman is all in favour of the maorification-of-everything, too. Plus he wants to make all home owners pay the govt. to live in their homes, based on the tax that would be paid on the income that house would earn if it was being rented.

            Insane policies seem to be becoming more normal, all too often.

          2. Sounds good thanks and I’ll certainly send my party vote your way. Yes, I concur about Gareth the cat-hater

  12. Much as I support 1law4all’s perspective I dont think there is the slightest glimmer of hope for a new party contesting the election. TOP have been running hard for a few months, policies abounding, roadshows etc, I know that GM is a flake but he is pushing hard and doing the right things although he has almost no chance of winning 5% of the vote. Another new party now will be viewed in the same way the Conservatives were at the last election. Our best option, in my opinion, is to use the growing discontent about the separatist agenda as a weapon to influence the policies of the larger parties.

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