The National Government’s Iwi Enablement Bill

aka the Resource Management Act Amendment Bill

Passed into law by Parliament on 6 April, 2017

Most everywhere you look, only appalled references to that slow motion train wreck disaster Bill can be found. No one except the National Party, the Maori Party and their collective sycophants ever said anything even vaguely complimentary about the Bill.

The only good thing about it will be the end of the racist National government, come September. But even that is fraught as Labour and the Greens are every bit as – if not more so – racist as National.

As for the NZ First party, Winston will always say the things which he thinks will garner votes, but there will rarely be any implementation. Just think back to 1996 and the baubles and trinkets of power which he so loudly decried. Then, when they were offered to him, along with the title of ‘Treasurer,’ he lunged with both arms outstretched.

But, back to the RMA Iwi Enablement Bill. There was so much political smog, smoke & mirrors and distracting detail that the critical point was effectively obscured. That was that the already existing racist provisions in the Resource Management Act were being strengthened and added to.

1Law4All’s position is unambiguously clear. Only councillors elected by all ratepayers on the roll should be making decisions which affect those ratepayers.

From slippery smithy came this:

The Resource Legislation Amendment Bill will get better outcomes. The new arrangements will clarify which iwi need to be consulted, and on what issues. Some councils already have these arrangements and they are proving to work well. By agreement, large numbers of consents are not referred to iwi, as they are not related to issues in which iwi have an interest.

Whether the old arrangements were bad or the new ones are better does not matter, in the slightest. In any Council, there is no place for any political or decision-making arrangements which favour, include or involve any particular racial group not elected to that Council by all ratepayers.

Period. Finito. End of story.

16 thoughts on “Iwi Enablement Bill

  1. Passing this Act is an act of treachery against all NZrs and their way of life.
    Sadly with a pro-treaty Labour govt, things could be worse. The Act is just another step in the pathway to a Mugabe like, apartheid state.
    Goodbye freedom.

  2. I phoned that useless lap dog and traitor, Simon Bridges, to complain today and was told by his lackey that it was good for all NZ and Simon would vote for it. NZ=New Zimbabwe.

  3. MPs from the Labour and Greens party spoke against the Bill but never mentioned the Maori privilege component! A sad day for democracy and an act of treachery by the National party who richly deserve to be tipped out over this. Nick Smith is a disgrace.

    1. I am pretty sure labour did on the 3rd reading. but it seems from what i can see is that there is noone to vote for to go against this? What to do?

      nz first said they will repeal if they get into power. But i have read that they say one thing but do not necessarily do it. so who do you vote for? very frustrating!

  4. Racism ,Have emailed several ministers about this racism including the PM and just get the usual Arrogant reply.
    This absolutley disgusts me and unfortunately most apathetic kiwis will not even know its happened.

  5. We are being progressively betrayed by governmental cowardice, but the worst is yet to come. The opponents of democracy and equal rights are working right any new consnow on a new constitution that will permanently entrench both the Maori Tiriti and it’s false English ‘translation’ into our law books.
    We must direct all of our efforts into demanding that ANY NEW CONSTITUTION MUST BE THE SUBJECT OF A BINDING REFERENDUM – our last line of defence.
    The government and Maori Party will do their utmost to pass it into law without public participation in the process, but this must be fought tooth and nail.
    We have been ignored for too long. The people’s voice must be heard.
    As the rest of the civilized world is awakening to the creeping cancer of political correctness and destruction of democracy so too must New Zealand.
    The false Treaty must never be allowed to rule our lives.
    Fight for a binding referendum on any constitutional change towards apartheid or our country will return to the dark ages, ruled by taniwhas and ghosts from the past.

  6. Someone should write an open letter to Winston Peters stating that a large group of National voters would switch their vote to him if he unequivocally committed to repeling the bill if he enters any for of coalition.

    1. For what its worth Winston twice said quite clearly in parliament that it would a bottom line with any government that he was part of after the election to repeal the RMA bill just passed. Of course sticking to that in that situation is other thing – but he did say it and it’s on record.

  7. The Mod-us operand i of all socialist governments is to deliberately create social unrest and enmity between people so that they can bring in more controls and laws to control the population. In Europe the powers in control are using the Muslim situation to bring down society and in NZ they are bringing in laws like the one above to slowly but surely destroy the peace and stability of our country to bring in more laws and controls ‘for our good’. The government is rapidly enslaving the population and sadly the majority of the populace are unaware and many are even asking for it – strange but true. The end of peace in New Zealand has begun….

  8. Appeasement of the embedded, racist, part-Maori iwi elite continues. It worked to keep Hitler & his NAZI party in power for over 10 years. But longer term? Appeasement policy doesn’t work long-term. Gotterdammerung will be preceded now by worsening continual petty tribal extortion, bribes, coercion for ‘cultural koha’ to approve any project or water use. And everyone knows that there is no ‘trickle-down’ effect to the poverty-stricken criminals, and it will NEVER be enough to satisfy all of them. === And on a related note, not only is a corrupted, ‘colonizing’ Christianity being forced into our allegedly & supposedly secular schools & all government levels, but part-Maori are demanding & getting increasing koha to ‘bless’ every council, government or QUANGO project. From re-digging a ditch from the Kaituna River to the Maketu estuary to individual ‘blessings & karakia’ for each new Tauranga Harbourmaster rubber-dinghy. At an individual fee, which will soon be over $1,000/hour consultancy rate hidden in the BOP Regional Council bulk miscellaneous account. All tax-free, so if GST is demanded in addition to those ‘koha’, when is that passed back to central IRD? Yeah, right. Like the written-off rates on all church & Maori property. And how many racist Maori seats are on the BOP Regional Council? And how many racially-selected votes are cast in each of those seats? Why do we allow so few ‘brown’ votes for a guaranteed seat to equal so many thousand votes for a ‘mixed-race’ seat on Council or central governments? Who will try to stop the extra next 7 ‘Maori electorate’ seats in Parliament? Why stop at 14?

  9. I totally agree with the above comments. The whole fiasco is an utter disgrace. We all wish National to be now gone by lunchtime but who and what will take their place? The Labour/Greens are equally worrying. Winston has had ample opportunity to do ‘the right thing’ for New Zealand but it’s been all talk and no do. My only vague hope is that because this could be his last chance to make a difference he just might do the right thing for us all if he gets enough votes to make a difference. New Zealand is in a very sorry state politically and racially. I’m utterly disgusted with Nick Smith. One really does wonder at the thought processes of those who have passed with disgraceful Bill.

  10. I’m gobsmacked at how little coverage this legislation has been given by our media/journalists all round NZ. What ever happened to asking the hard questions and digging deep to find out what all this means to us as a country. I have never once heard a TV network mention this, let alone in the daily papers. It’s actually quite frightening this legislation has passed so quietly into law. I am truly afraid for democracy in our country.
    I must have emailed 15 MP’s of reasonable standing on all sides of parliament, but mainly National. Our local MP basically said “noted”, the rest said “not our area but we will pass on to Nick Smith”. Bill English’s staff member even said he would pass it on to Nick Smith as it was his area!!!! I replied saying as he was the PM surely he should 1) have a comment 2) note three in our family eligible to vote WON’T be voting National if this passes in to law. Needless to say, three in our family won’t be voting for National this election.
    Labour, ACT and United Future said they would be voting against it but didn’t say it was due to the anti-democratic problems with it!!!
    I worry for our country ….. :0(

  11. I am glad that so many are voicing their outrage and rightly so over this pernicious bill but the reality is that when I raised the subject with my neighbour she had heard nothing and really had no strong opinions. I suspect our other neighbours would be the same -possibly even less interested. Both would watch the regular TV1 or TV3 news which of course would tell them nothing either. Neither neighbour gets a newspaper and anyway there is next to nothing on the subject in them anyway. The media are making sure that no word of disagreement-no word of anything gets to the public.

  12. All of Ngai Tahu’s objections will be settled with money. What iwi most want is to be able to clip the ticket on every single thing that happens in the country from water to broadcasting and beyond-endlessly-10% of activity is a start! Then of course it will grow and grow. There are many who are quite willing to submit to this sort of corruption and see no harm in it. Completely delusional of course but they are all around.

  13. Point England Development enabling bill Select Committee Report is out
    Passed, Without 1 single amendment as well. crazy. disgusted.
    National selling to iwi as right of first refusal, very freightening where this is going to end.
    report here

    Stop the Pt Eng Dev Bill!

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