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1Law4All applied for (taxpayer) funding to assist with broadcasting its policies, as all political parties may do, subject to certain conditions.

On Friday 7 April, a 1Law4All Party representative made an oral submission in support of its written submission, to the Electoral Commission, in Wellington.

From figures available on the Electoral Commissions’ web site, you can get an idea of what 1Law4All and democracy is up against. In 2014 and 2015,  the National Party received donations in excess of five million, three-hundred and seventy-eight thousand dollars. With that sort of money in the coffers, why does it deserve any public money to broadcast its subversively racist agenda message to New Zealand?

Much the same could be said of the Labour Party which received over one million, two-hundred and eighteen thousand dollars in donations. Why does it need any public money to broadcast its equally racist agenda message to New Zealand?

Reproduced below is the 1Law4All’s written Submission to the Electoral Commission (three members).


Members of the Electoral Commission

This is an appeal to your conscience. An appeal to each of you as loyal New Zealanders to do your duty and allow the views of 80% of your fellow citizens to be heard.

As these polls and local body referenda incontrovertibly demonstrate, 80% of New Zealanders don’t want a bar of racial favouritism. And yet they are studiously ignored by their representatives.

Decade after decade, four out of five New Zealanders have been treated with contempt by every branch of central and local government, every academic institution, every judicial institution, every media organisation, and every political party. 1Law4All is the only party that can change that.

As a result, the relentless surrender of New Zealand sovereignty gathers pace every year.

This year, the National Party plans to appease the Maori Party by caving into the demands of the Iwi Leaders’ Group to control New Zealand’s drinking water and to slow down every resource consent by agreeing to give every tribe in every district the power to veto every decision.

This will be the end of New Zealand as we know it. It will mean that at least 50% of the power in every council will be wielded by the wealthy leaders of just 15% of the population.

And all in the name of a non-existent ‘Treaty partnership’ complete with non-existent ‘principles.’

Please help us to save New Zealand before it becomes New Zimbabwe. We are a small party. (Few Kiwis are prepared to put their heads above the parapet on an issue which guarantees they will be demonised as racist — simply for wanting racial equality!)

But as you can see from the chart provided, 1Law4All has a huge potential support base.

And most importantly, we have a policy that if publicised widely would prove enormously popular with the 80%, and give them hope where none currently exists.

The policy is a binding referendum. Below is the wording. We would use your money to make sure every New Zealander knew about it. 1Law4All would pressure other parties to accept it.

1Law4All believes many of those 80% would vote for 1Law4All as a result.

Your empowering legislation allows you to be flexible in your ranking of the various funding criteria.

The criteria stress “the need to provide a fair opportunity for each party that qualifies for the broadcast allocation to convey its policies by the broadcasting of election programmes on television”.

1Law4All needs that fair opportunity.

More importantly, four out of five New Zealanders deserve that opportunity to (if 1Law4All may paraphrase a certain president) “MAKE NEW ZEALAND ONE AGAIN.”

So don’t do it for 1Law4All. Do it for your friends, family and neighbours. And do it for yourself. If and when 1Law4All’s TV adverts appear and momentum starts building for the One Law For All Referendum, you will be able to look yourself in the mirror and say, “I helped save my country.”

1Law4All appreciates the opportunity to make the case for New Zealand.

5 thoughts on “Electoral Commission Submission

  1. For anyone in Tauranga; in the Poll mentioned above on ‘Close Up’, Simon Bridges was ‘ambushed’ by a roving reporter who asked him if maori were special. Poor lap dog Simon, had no opportunity to prepare his usual sterile answers and blurted out that he believed that maori were special and deserved special privilege. Please remember this and what a traitor Simple Simon really is, on voting day. These racist supporting lapdogs of the Maori Supremacist Party must be voted out for the sake of the country and our children’s future.

    BTW editor…I think that should be ““MAKE NEW ZEALAND ONE AGAIN.” Not ““MALE NEW ZEALAND ONE AGAIN.” !!

  2. i believe that you can tell if a politician is lying is if you see their lips moving. I believe all the cases you raise. I believed you when you said you were going to be come a registered party over the last couple of elections . Enough said. I still hold hopes.

    1. To be fair, it was only the previous (2014) election and 1Law4All was a registered political party for that. Despite the huge effort that involved, 1Law4All did not stand any candidates. Largely because two previous National Party people who were elected as 1Law4All Board Directors were malfeasant in their duties. Perhaps they were planted for just that purpose?

      You would likely believe that the Electoral Act is so prescriptive, that it’s easy to suppose it was on purpose. Scripted by the cosy duopoly parties to make it as difficult as possible for any new party to become a threat to them.

      E.g. Despite standing no candidates in the 2014 General Election, 1Law4All had to have an expensive audit to confirm its candidates’ expenses. (Yes, you read that right!) The Electoral Commission even set the police on to 1Law4All over that.

      Then another expensive audit was required to confirm that no candidates had received donations in excess of the allowed figure. (Yes, again, you read that right.)

      That seems like a good way for the big two to squander the modest funds of smaller parties.

      National received 4 million dollars in donations in 2014. Labour 1.2 million. For them such audits would be the proverbial parking meter money.

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