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Hastings Council Cans Maori Wards Vote Plan

A Hastings District Council Committee favours the status quo after discussion over Maori wards.

A heartfelt, emotional discussion preceded the Hastings District Council-Maori joint committee’s decision yesterday to recommend that the council not introduce Maori wards for the district at this time.

Councillors Henare O’Keefe and Bayden Barber were concerned that going through the process of a poll to decide on Maori wards could be unnecessarily divisive and damaging, and likely to be unsuccessful.

“I do not think Maori wards are in the interests of the people – we would be on a hiding to nothing going back to a referendum,” Mr O’Keefe said.

“Regardless of ethnicity you get to this table by doing the hard yards – you don’t need Maori wards for that.”

14 thoughts on “Hastings Council Cans Maori Wards Vote Plan

  1. This is on the right track to the spirit of the original Treaty of Waitangi
    as the Maori Chiefs then said ” we are now one people “

  2. Good on the Hastings Council for turning down Maori Wards if they had gone ahead with it the Maori wards the people before Maori have a right to have special wards like the descendants of the Celts, Chinese, Patupaiarehe, Waitaha, Moriori.

  3. As a Hastings resident I am well pleased with the outcome of this important discussion. Hastings is indeed fortunate to have two visionary, colour blind and public spirited Councillors of the calibre of Henare O’Keefe and Bayden Barber.

  4. An excellent decision by the people in Hastings District Council. People with some vision, who can appreciate the damage this sort of racial division creates!

    1. Where is the main stream media with this bit of rare sanity?

      Well they are living way out in the trendy left wing, blinded by the smog of Political correctness hoping the smog is hiding their white skin and minds in the mists of shame that pains them with a deep guilt that tears their souls apart as they mea culpa their way through a tortured life of shame and guilt.

      Sadly the media and Govt, both local and central are packed with white apologists.

  5. Well done Hastings.You will already have been over-represented with compulsory consultation. With the cultural concerns being economically based you need to fight for your beaches, rivers and other so called cultural sites. Thank you for being a leader Council

  6. Now here is a fact that puzzles me deeply.

    There is a raft of poll results. We have all seen them: the latest being the nude photo shoot on My Egmont where the anti-the-part-Maori uproar is again in the average of 85%. How in God’s name are we facing this sort of nonsense put before us by minority councils and Govts. Now let’s face it: we are the majority. The people that assault us on a daily basis with their PC anti-democratic posturing and lamentations are the minority, yet that same 85% keeps allowing this to happen.

    It seems to me that 1lawwAll should have a membership of 85% of the eligible-to-vote population.

    Why doesn’t it?

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