Human Rights Commissioner’s Hate-Speech Law Idea Devoyd of Merit

4 April 2017

A group of 27 high-profile New Zealanders, including unlikely allies such as Don Brash, Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Dame Tariana Turia, have penned an open letter warning that freedom of speech is under threat.

Kneejerk calls from Police and the Human Right Commission to introduce hate-speech laws will have the unintended consequence of suppressing free speech.

Education, open debate and understanding will change racist and intolerant views – not censorship, Paul Moon said.

Freedom of speech was intimately connected with freedom of thought, he said.

“There is no inalienable right not to be offended.

It is dangerous and wrong to silence someone because you take offence or don’t like what they say.”

14 thoughts on “Freedom From the Thought Police

  1. Wow, are we finally starting to see some sense ? The consequence of hate speech law’s too close to a straight out dictator society.

  2. We have become a country of PC over corrected Idiots! We are all to scared to say anything or we may offend. Susan Devoy may have been a great squash player but she has NO qualifications in race relationships and has dug us all into a hell hole. Stupidity at its bloody best. Wake up New Zealand.

  3. Shouldn’t “Human Rights Commission” have inverted commas around it? It is laughable, and especially Dame Susan’s interpretations!

  4. We don’t have to look too hard into the Human Rights Commission of NZ to realise that it’s main purpose is to undermine the principles of the Western style Democracy of this country Mainstream values take a backseat to their agenda

  5. Devoy is a political appointment. Appointed by Judith Collins – herself prone to political accidents. Devoy’s following in Adolf’s foot steps with suppression of free speech because some one does not like what some one else says.

  6. This inclination to suppress free speech comes from the need to control others. It is not acceptable to subject citizens to this under any guise

  7. During an election campaign, in Holland a politician said something about the excessive number of Moroccans in that country. The three judges classified the designation “Moroccan” as a race and therefore the politician was convicted and now has a criminal record.

  8. Making all media accountable to existing journalistic standards is long overdue. They are not elected yet exercise too much control over manipulating the news we are fed. Remember Orwell’s warnings.

  9. The newspapers wont print anything about the truth if it goes against part-Maori, but will print anything about how the white man has supposed to have taken the land off them. The media have a racist agenda to divide our country.

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