The New Plymouth Racist Mayoral Zombie Reincarnates

Below is the alleged content of a facebook post by Murray Chong (a New Plymouth councillor) regarding the part-Maori committee on the New Plymouth council.

Iwi representation debate . . .

We had a referendum last term based having Maori Wards, and 83% of the voters didn’t want it due to it not being democratic as it was a race based rule.

On Monday we debate the set up of this new committee, and I hope our councillors remember and consider how the majority of its ratepayers voted in the above referendum.

This new Iwi representation committee will not only offer recommendations to our council (which is fine) but they will also have the power to make final decisions on the items shown below without it having to go through to full council for all elected councillors to have the final vote on.

We have elections to vote for councillors to make final decisions on our behalf and many people have suggested to me that unelected committee members should only have the authority to give recommendations to our council and definitely not have the authority to make final decisions.

This ruling that they are wanting to allow in this committee is unlike any other council committee and is not the standard democratic process.

This will be a very interesting debate on how we will all vote on this, on Monday.

Read the drivel on Stuff about how exhuming racist representation for New Plymouth is somehow a fresh start!

Iwi and council launch a new governance partnership and a fresh start

From the Racist New Plymouth Council . . .

New Governance Partnership Between NPDC and Senior Iwi Leaders Created

22 June 2017

New Plymouth District Council (NPDC) and iwi leadership have created Te Huinga Taumatua Committee to bring the expertise of iwi leaders to the Council’s decision-making process.

“This is a pleasing step forward and is about iwi leaders having a seat at the governance table,” says Mayor Neil Holdom.

Te Huinga Taumatua Committee will consist of five iwi leaders and five elected Councillors to identify and discuss issues of cultural, economic, environmental and social importance to Maori in the district. Unlike the former Iwi Relationship Subcommittee, Te Huinga Taumatua will generate items for the Council to consider as well as make recommendations on Council issues.

“The committee consists of iwi leaders with strong mana and governance experience. It will focus on issues of importance to Maori and provide strategic guidance to NPDC,” says Cr Gordon Brown.

“It’s a pleasing step forward in our partnership and we’re looking forward to the future of this governance committee,” says Cr Marie Pearce.

The committee consists of:

Mayor Neil Holdom.
Councillor Gordon Brown.
Councillor Richard Handley.
Councillor Stacey Hitchcock.
Councillor Marie Pearce.
Larry Crow (Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Tama Trust).
Leanne Horo (Te Kāhui o Taranaki Trust).
Glenn Peri (Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Maru Trust).
Liana Poutu (Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa Trust).
Colleen Tuuta (Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Mutunga).

The committee’s name has two parts: Te Huinga, which has a dual meaning for a gathering of people and a gathering of leaders, and Taumatua, a place where birds gather high in the trees.*

The committee will meet every five weeks starting 17 August, pending Councillors’ confirmation of its terms of reference at their next meeting on 26 June.

It will also help NPDC meet its statutory obligations relating to the Treaty of Waitangi/Te Tiriti o Waitangi under the Local Government Act 2002.

The committee’s full terms and references are online in the 26 June Council Meeting agenda.

* From whence they can undemocratically defecate on Ratepayers, below.

11 thoughts on “The New Plymouth Racist Mayoral Zombie Reincarnates

  1. What’s the matter with these councillors in Mew Plymouth? Is it something in the water that addles their thinking?

  2. How is that we seem to have so many people in this country who have no understanding of the very basics of democracy? They lack even the most fundamental concept of what democracy means…..

  3. Once again , interesting that 83% voted NO, yet the same people voted these idiots into power. More to the point, what is wrong with these ratepayers? There is nothing new about this. The public knew the ideals of these scum before they voted for them.

  4. Typical of the losers that get onto councils these days. They think they are a touch superior and a bit more intelligent than the voters so therefore…they know best. Democracy has spoken….but they have the arrogance to overrule because they know best. I wish i had studied law because I would make a case against them all and take them to court as traitors.

  5. Not enough true history taught in schools these days so they don’t understand what democracy is and how our ancestors fought and died in two world wars so we could have freedom.

    People have been so conditioned to say nothing and tow the official line because you may offend someone!!! It’s F….. pathetic.

    Look at Britain and Europe now and the mess it’s in because the silent majority failed to stand up for their DEMOCRATIC rights.

    Watch this space – it’s already here and gathering momentum. E.g: Look at our Race Relations Conciliator to name but one.

  6. People march and protested at South Africa apartheid laws put in by the White leaders and now the white leaders in New Zealand are doing the same. What’s wrong with these scum bags? Wake up you people – it will be going around the country.

  7. Things have got to be turned around – they are are using the the racist propaganda without any evidence. maybe we should all call them RACISTS in response with with facts that will support our ideals.

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