URGENT Anti-racist pro-democracy volunteer citizens needed – Palmerston North

More people are needed for ratepayer poll signature gathering in Palmerston North. Signatures (from listed ratepayers only) are required to oblige the council to do what should have been done first! Ask ratepayers if they want racist voting wards in their area.

There are only a few days left and it is absolutely vital that the momentum is maintained to ensure one-law-for-all democracy in Palmerston North. The call is out for immediate help from those who know that racist voting is harmful and  undemocratic. Get your running shoes on and get to Palmerston North as fast as possible to help with the signature collecting.

Volunteers meet the co-ordinators at 10.30am each morning outside the small Grey Power office located on the ground floor of the Senior Citizens Club building in Main Street – just opposite the Globe Theatre (easy parking). This includes Saturday and Sunday.

Palmerston North Petition Form

Click on the link above to download a petition form. Alternatively, clip a copy from the local papers (Manawatu Standard, or the Tribune). Then visit your neighbourhood, friends and family for their signatures. Send signed forms to the P O Box or ring John McLean 027-579 1267, or Don Esslemont 021-448 769 to arrange collection.

5 thoughts on “Human Resources Urgently Needed – Palmerston North

  1. No preferential seats (and $$$) for so-called Maoris. Waitangi Tribunal panders enough to fictious claims.
    There are no full blooded Maoris left in NZ – so why is the taxpayer being forced to pay to so called “Maoris” ??

  2. The ratepayers of Palmerston North now know that they do not vote in their Councillors at their next Council election that voted to go with this separatist racism system that they are trying to implement for their ratepayers. We are one Nation!!

  3. There are I think four district councils around the country that are running the same petitions to stop this separatism. Tauranga already has the numbers to force a referendum and on Tuesday Whakatane only needed less that twenty signatures to achieve the 5% threshold.
    I have read maybe on this web-site that there is a directive coming from the Race Relations Conciliator’s office that they want all district and regional councils to have separate part-Maori wards. So all other centres around the country need to be ready to have your say.

  4. It is not in the best interests of either part-Maori or the rest of us to continue with this privileged based society based purely on who was here first.

  5. Dennis, Maori were not here first. But they were colonialists, just like our ancestors were. The rest of your comment is spot on.

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