Let The Ratepayers Vote & Decide

They are the ones who would be saddled with the costs of racist representation and it’s unproven – and most likely non-existent – benefits. So here’s a results round-up.

  • Whakatane

Ratepayer petition for a poll successful!

  • Palmerston North

Ratepayer petition for a poll successful!

  • Kaikoura

Ratepayer petition for a poll successful!

  • Manawatu

Ratepayer petition for a poll successful!

  • Western Bay of Plenty

Ratepayer petition for a poll successful!

To the many racist councillors who wanted to pervert the democratic process by which they themselves were elected – take that!

To any other councils with a racist councillors’ majority or a racist Mayor: take note!

The same goes for the racists cloistered in parliament. Eventually, you will not be able to sufficiently squeeze taxpayers enough to be able to bribe them – using their own money – to agree to your favoured flavour of racism!

Binding polls on Maori wards will be held in all five council areas within 90 days.

All that aside – a sterling result from all the volunteers in those council areas.

The problem with offering heartfelt thanks by name is that someone may be overlooked. But you know who you are.

Congratulations and thanks to all the Hobson’s Pledge people who laboured long, hard and stoically in the name of “we are now one people.” Well done!

The same congratulations and thanks to those 1Law4All supporters who pitched in when the rallying call was made for soldiers of democracy.

1Law4All and all its members offer to you all the society’s heartfelt thanks for defending freedom – that strange thing called democracy – something that racists brand as discriminatory, unfair, and other false labels.

Anyone want to bet that any poll result will favour racist wards?

That would be a real shame – a clean sweep is what’s needed.

Bring in the muddle-headed racist ex-Mayor of New Plymouth. He’ll set people straight!

9 thoughts on “Let The Ratepayers Vote & Decide

  1. What a marvellous result – not that I really doubted the result. My problem is that I can’t see that these people don’t see how anti-democratic their attitude is. When I try to debate it on line all I get is abuse. The concept of equality before the law is seen by some as racist. How did we as a country get to such a sad state? Any ideas?

    1. Hi Roger, the abuse that has been directed to you on line is nothing more than character assassination, an effective method of emotional pressuring and “thought control” – the biggest business in the world today. Your opponents have nothing constructive to add to the discussion, but what annoys them is that your thoughts do not conform to their thought patterns.

      I hope you can see character assassination for what it is and insulate yourself from it. These are two of the reasons why the native races remained in the stone age:
      (1) No freedom of thought, and
      (2) no freedom of speech in their societies.

  2. Hard work and perseverance has paid off. We after all are One Nation.

    Democracy has won in the end and I trust the elections duplicate that in the respective provinces, which I am sure they will.

  3. The local Maori Wairaki electorate MP Tamiti Coffee was on Facebook holding up a sign that said “Yes to Wards, No to petition” and I asked him was he against people in Whakatane district having a democratic say in what happened in our district?

    And Kiri Allen Labour list in our district claimed that the petition was being organised by Hobson’s Pledge, an outside group that should keep their nose out of our district. But those who collected signatures where just citizens from our district and where quite happy to spend their money on advertising and petrol and were motivated by their own thoughts.

  4. Congratulations to Hobson’s Pledge and all involved. Can’t rest on our laurels however, there will be a lot of undemocratic lobbying going on before the vote.

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