Five Out of Five Districts Vote Against Racist, part-Maori Wards

Kaikoura voted 80.03% against;

Western Bay of Plenty voted 78.2% against;

Manawatu voted 77.04% against;

Palmerston North voted 68.87% against;

Whakatane voted 56.39% against.

Voters in the five districts voted on whether or not to proceed with race-based part-Maori wards after affected residents collected sufficient signatures to oblige their councils to hold a poll.

Many thanks to all who helped achieve this decisive-for-democracy result.

More on this, later.

10 thoughts on “Five Out Of Five Vote Against Racist, part-Maori Wards

  1. Awesome
    This racist division Must be stopped if it’s not too late already with our successive socialist governments who have re written the Treaty and now teaching the lies in our schools.

  2. In true maori trougher fashion, they will just keep going year after year until they win. A win today for us but they never give in until they get what they want. With the education system brainwashing our youth and older kiwis dying off, it is only a matter of time.

  3. Very well done. Until 1980s, we prided ourselves on being equal in NZ. I strongly opposed racist chosen All Black trips to South Africa and I also strongly oppose the racist nonsense being paraded today by activists. Let’s also get rid of Maori seats MPs.

  4. the thing is they can have another go after the next two local body elections. The good news is it will put other councils off as this was a test case.
    But the hand wringers are now off to Parliament to try and throw out our right to challenge

  5. It good to see that five councils have rejected apartheid and it’s about time part-Maori stopped getting hand outs given to them by the politicians and stood up for themselves and move on like every other race. They weren’t the first here and their culture was taken off the people that were here before them.

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